Lenovo thinkpad t420 pdf

lenovo thinkpad t420 pdf

The section provides information about ThinkPad computers that support the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox program and the PC-Doctor® for DOS diagnostics program. No information is available for this page. View and Download Lenovo ThinkPad T user manual online. ThinkPad T; ThinkPad Ti. ThinkPad T laptop pdf manual download. SS 02 Limit who registered customers. Notwithstanding anything much more app and scan feature in the reverse order, non-administrators by require a equitable and. I am with another great improvements. N01, N takes a Ghostring Level in your. Users can only be only in templates to.

The system will continue to boot, but may not charge unauthorized batteries. Page Wireless Connections Wireless connections Wireless connection is the transfer of data without the use of cables by means of radio waves only. Depending on the frequency used for data transmission, the area covered, or the type of the device used for data transfer, the following categories of wireless networks may be available to you: Wireless LAN A wireless local area network covers a relatively small geographic area, such as an office building or a house.

Page Using Bluetooth Your computer can be wireless upgradeable. This means that your computer has an antenna that can support wireless LAN access when wireless LAN access points are available. Wireless devices are available from Lenovo. You can enable or disable the Bluetooth features with a single click. Page 64 2. A list of the devices on which Bluetooth has been enabled appears.

Click the device to which you want access. Page 65 2. Click Next. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement; then click Next. Page 66 4. Double-click Bluetooth Radios to extract the Bluetooth Radios device tree. Click the Driver tab; then click Update Driver. Click No, not this time, and then click Next.

Access Connections icon and wireless status icon The Access Connections icon displays general connection status. The wireless status icon displays the signal strength and status of your wireless connection. To enable the wireless feature, do as follows: 1. Click the Access Connections wireless status icon in the system tray. Click Power On Wireless Radio. Spaces are allowed in the command string to increase readability, but the modem ignores them while executing a command.

Page 71 Table 3. Page 72 Table 3. Modem command list continued 7: Reports modem data pump model and internal code revision. Page 73 Table 3. Modem command list continued 3: Upon connection, the modem reports DCE speed and the error correction protocol. Dial tone and busy detection reporting are disabled. Page 74 Table 3. Modem command list continued Automatic answer is disabled while DTR remains off. Page 75 Table 3. L: Redial last number. P: Select pulse dialing. T: Select tone dialing.

W: Wait for dial tone. Page 76 Table 3. Page 77 Table 3. Page Modem Result Codes Table 3. Page 79 Table 4. Modem result codes continued ERROR Sent during an attempt to execute a command line if any of the following conditions occur: 1. The command line contains a syntax error. The modem cannot execute a command contained in the command line, i. Page 80 Table 4. Page 81 Table 4. Page 82 Table 4. Page 83 Table 4.

Page 84 Table 4. See S95 and Xn. Page 85 Table 5. Page 86 Some countries support pulse dialing rather than tone dialing. To change dialing methods, refer to your Windows online help. Note: In many regions, you cannot use the built-in modem function until Lenovo has received approval from the proper authorities. User Guide You can change the modem setting as needed for the region where you use the modem. For more information on the use of the built-in modem in a specific region, contact the Customer Support Center in that region.

The setting window opens. Follow the instructions on the screen. For Windows Vista: 1. Right-click on the desktop, and click Personalize. Click Display Settings. Page 89 2. Turn on the external monitor. If this is the first time the external monitor has been connected, the New Display Detected dialog box opens.

Select one of the following, and then click OK. Page 90 Click Update Driver. Click Browse my computer for driver software, and then click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Clear the Show compatible hardware check box. Select Manufacturer and Model for your monitor.

If you cannot find your monitor in the list, stop the installation of this driver and use the driver shipped with your monitor. Page 91 5. Click the Settings tab. Click Advanced. Click the Monitor tab. Check the monitor information window to make sure that the monitor type is correct. If it is, click OK to close the window; otherwise do as follows.

Page Setting Up A Presentation 2. In the Select a Task navigation pane at left under Display, click Set up multiple displays. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, right-click on the Verify your display configuration, and then select either the Clone Mode or the Primary. Page Using Dual Displays You can create a presentation scheme by following the instructions of the Presentation Director, with the projector attached to your computer.

You can save the scheme for a future presentation with the same equipment. Playing sound Your projector might have one or more audio-input connectors. To project sound, you will need to attach the combo audio jack on your computer to these connectors, using an audio cable commercially available. Click OK to apply the changes. Note: To change the color settings, right-click on the desktop, and click Screen resolution.

Connect the external monitor to the monitor connector; then connect the monitor to an electrical outlet. Page Using An Integrated Camera Beam Forming feature A built-in dual array digital microphone is mounted at the top of the display. Whereas a conventional single-element microphone captures sounds from all around, the built-in dual array digital microphone is designed to capture the sound from an exceptionally limited angle, through the combination of a specialized microphone array with a capability of digital signal processing.

It is bad for your eyes. Using the optical drive Note: Your computer support only the MultiBurner driver. Page User Guide Page Copyright Lenovo By keeping these considerations in mind, you can improve performance and achieve greater comfort. Lenovo is committed to providing the latest information and technology to our customers with disabilities.

Refer to our accessibility information which outlines our efforts in this area. Page Adjusting Your Computer To Fit You Note that there are many ThinkPad product solutions available to help you modify and expand your computer to best suit your needs. Explore your options for docking solutions and external products that can provide the adjustability and features that you want.

Page Accessibility Information Accessibility information Lenovo is committed to providing people with disabilities greater access to information and technology. As a result, the following information provides ways to help users that have hearing, vision, and mobility limitations get the most out of their computer experience. Traveling with your computer When you travel abroad, your computer can help you feel more at home and at ease. With your own computer and its files, you can be confident about gathering and offering information to clients and coworkers.

Page Chapter 4. Security Refer to the instructions shipped with the mechanical lock. Note: You are responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing the locking devices and security features. Lenovo makes no comments, judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance of locking devices and security features. Page Hard Disk Passwords Commit your password to memory. Note: You might want to note your power-on password in a safe place.

Otherwise, if you forget it, you have to take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the password canceled. Page Lenovo cannot reset your passwords or recover data from the hard disk. You must take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the hard disk drive replaced. Proof of purchase is required, and a fee will be charged for parts and service.

A Setup Notice window is displayed. Press F10 to exit from the Setup Notice window. Both the user and master hard disk passwords will be removed. Page Attention: You might want to note your password and keep it in a safe place.

If you forget your supervisor password, Lenovo can not reset your password. You must take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a Lenovo marketing representative to have the system board replaced. Page Hard Disk Security Hard disk security Your computer supports an enhanced security solution for solid state drive or hard disk drive.

To maximize security, do the following: 1. Page Setting The Security Chip of a hardware encryption chip. For the efficient use of the encryption feature, be sure to set a hard disk password for the internal storage device. Setting the security chip Strict security requirements are imposed on network client computers that transfer confidential information electronically. Turn on your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen to enroll your fingerprint.

For details, refer to the Help for the program. Page Lenovo authorized servicer or a marketing representative to have the password canceled. Page If you forget your hard disk password, Lenovo cannot reset your password or recover data from the hard disk. You must take your computer to a Lenovo authorized servicer or a marketing representative to have the hard disk drive replaced.

Page Protecting Data Against Viruses Lenovo provides a full version of antivirus software on your computer with a free day subscription. After 30 days, you must renew the license to continue receiving the antivirus software updates. Page Chapter 5.

Recovery Overview Chapter 5. Recovery overview This chapter provides information about the recovery solutions provided by Lenovo. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. The Rescue and Recovery program opens. Turn off your computer. Repeatedly press and release the F12 key when turning on the computer. When the Startup Device Menu opens, release the F12 key. Page Solving Recovery Problems Double-click the file, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Attention: If you need updated device drivers, do not download them from the Windows Update Web site. Obtain them from Lenovo. Solving recovery problems Page Chapter 6. Replacing Devices Replacing the battery Before you start, print these instructions. Attention: Lenovo has no responsibility for the performance or safety of unauthorized batteries, and provides no warranties for failures or damage arising out of their use.

Page If the rechargeable battery pack is incorrectly replaced, there is danger of an explosion. Page 4. Slide the battery into the computer. Slide the battery latch to the locked position. Turn the computer over again. Connect the ac power adapter and the cables to the computer. You can attach it to the docking connector of your computer as follows: 1. Page 3. Align the Extended Life Battery with the bottom side of the computer as shown in the illustration below and firmly attach the battery.

To remove the Extended Life Battery, do the following: 1. You can replace the hard disk drive with a new one which can be purchased from your Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative. To replace the hard disk drive, read the following prerequisites, and select your model from the list below for instruction.

Put the drive on a material, such as soft cloth, that absorbs any physical shocks. The drive is very sensitive. Page 6. Remove the hard disk drive by pulling out the tab. Detach the side rubber rails from the hard disk drive. Attach the side rubber rails to a new hard disk drive. Chapter 6 Replacing devices Page 9. Insert the hard disk drive into the slot; then press it firmly into place.

Reinstall the cover of the slot as shown in the illustration. Reinstall the screw. Page Replacing The Keyboard Reinstall the battery. Replacing the keyboard Before you start, print these instructions. Page 5.

Remove the screw that secures the keyboard. Turn the computer over and open the display. Push hard in the direction shown by the arrows 1 in the drawing to unlatch the front side of the keyboard. The keyboard will open up slightly 2. Page 8. Carefully lift the keyboard until you can see how it's connected. Hold the keyboard above the computer, and then detach the connector 1. Now the keyboard has been removed 2.

Installing the keyboard To install the keyboard, do the following: 1. Page 2. Insert the keyboard. Make sure that the rear edges of the keyboard are under the frame, as shown by the arrows. Slide the keyboard as shown by the arrows. Close the computer display, and turn the computer over.

If you install an SO-DIMM that is not supported by your computer, the computer may beep, and the system may not start or may not work properly. You can purchase the appropriate memory option from your Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative. Page Replacing memory in the slot on the underside of the computer Your computer has two memory slots: one under the keyboard and another on the underside of the computer. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the ac power adapter and all cables from the computer.

Remove the keyboard. Lift up the insulation sheet 1 to reveal the memory slot. If an SO-DIMM is already in the memory slot, press out on the latches on both edges of the socket at the same time 2 and remove it 3 to make room for the new one. You can replace the mSATA solid state drive with a new one which can be purchased from your Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative. To replace the mSATA solid state drive, read the following prerequisites. Loosen the screw on the memory slot cover 1 , then remove the cover 2.

Remove the screw 1. The card pops up 2. Remove the card. Page 7. Align the contact edge of a new mSATA solid state drive with the corresponding socket. Put the memory slot cover back in place 1 , close the cover 2 , and then tighten the screw 3. If a tool for removing connectors is included in the package with the new card, use it to disconnect the cables from the card.

Pivot the card until you can snap it into place by pressing the upper side of the connectors 1. Secure the card with the screw 2. Page If no such tool is included, disconnect the cables by picking up the connectors with your fingers and gently unplugging them. Align the contact edge of the new card with the corresponding socket contact of the computer 1. Page Prerequisites for the procedure DANGER During electrical storms, do not connect the cable to or disconnect it from the telephone outlet on the wall.

To avoid shock hazard, disconnect the cables before opening the cover of this slot. Pivot the card until you can snap it into place by pressing the upper side of each connector 1. Note: Depending on the system configuration of your computer, the card may have only one connector. Page Replacing The Sim Card You can replace the solid state drive with a new one which can be purchased from your Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative.

To replace the solid state drive, read the following prerequisites and select your model from the list below for instructions. Remove the solid state drive by pulling out the tab. Detach the side spacer rails from the solid state drive.

Attach the side spacer rails to a new solid state drive. Insert the solid state drive into the slot; then press it firmly into place. Page Chapter 7. All you need is an Internet connection and a credit card. Page Performing A Hot Swap 2. Unlock the bay lock latch 1 by sliding it to the top.

While holding the bay lock latch in the unlocked position, slide the bay eject latch 2 to the left, then pull out the Ultrabay device 3. Insert the replaceable device into the bay; then press the device firmly into the connector. Performing a hot swap To do a hot swap is to connect, remove, or reconnect a device while the computer is operating. Page Performing A Warm Swap 2. Note: If a hard disk password is set on a hard disk drive, you cannot hot-swap the drive.

Page 1. Note: The computer returns from sleep standby mode and the pop-up window appears; then the computer automatically goes into sleep standby mode again. Press the Fn key to return from sleep standby mode. Inserting the hard disk drive into the adapter The ThinkPad Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III hard disk drive adapter , which is available as an option, enables you to upgrade the capacity of your computer by installing a secondary hard disk drive. Insert the hard disk drive with the label facing upward as shown: Note: If your hard disk drive has a strap, be sure not to leave it under the drive.

Connect the hard disk drive to its connector. Close the hard disk drive stopper. If you want to secure your hard disk drive adapter, install a hex-head screw included in the shipping contents into the screw hole. The docking connector is where you attach your computer. The key lock indicator lights when the system lock key is in the locked position. The indicator on the connector is the same as that on the computer. The DisplayPort is for connecting a display device.

Note: The DVI connector provides a digital interface only. This connector can be used with a computer that supports DVI via docking only. Pull the sliding adjuster in the direction shown by the arrow 2. Lenovo does not offer a mechanical lock. You will need to purchase one elsewhere.

You are responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing any locking device and security feature. Lenovo makes no comments, judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance of any locking device or security features. Page Chapter 8. Or, you will see an error. The name of each subfolder is the number of a fix module. Page For Windows Vista 1.

The Display Settings window opens. Click Advanced Settings. Click Properties. For Windows Vista, also click Continue. Click the Driver tab. Page Thinkpad Setup If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Contents Read this first.

P r oduct Over view. Chapt er 4. Chapt er T r oubleshooting L ocating wir eless r egulat or y notices. Read this first Be sur e t o follow the impor tant tips given her e t o continue t o get the most use and enjoyment out of your comput er. F ailur e t o do so might lead t o discomfor t or injur y, or cause your comput er t o fail.

P r ot ect yourself fr om the heat that your comput er gener at es. When your comput er is turned on or the batt er y is char ging, the base, the palm r est, and some other par ts may become hot. The t emper atur e they r each depends on the amount of syst em activit. P r ot ect your comput er and data when moving it. This will help t o pr event damage t o the comput er , and possible loss of data. Handle your comput er gently. Conditions that r equir e immediat e action P r oducts can become damaged due t o misuse or neglect.

Some pr oduct damage is serious enough that the pr oduct should not be used again until it has been inspect ed and, if necessar y, r epair ed by an authoriz ed ser vicer. As with any electr onic device, pay close att ention t o the pr oduct when it is turned on. On ver y r ar e occasions, you might notice an odor or see a puff of smok e or sparks vent fr om your pr oduct.

Or you might hear sound. Befor e you r emove the covers fr om a pr oduct equipped with a power cor d, always mak e sur e that the power is turned off and that the pr oduct is unplugged fr om any power sour ce. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Cust omer Suppor t Cent er. Although ther e ar e no moving par ts in your comput er aft er the power cor d has been disconnect ed, the following warnings ar e r equir ed for your safety.

K eep fingers an. Ext ension cor ds and r elat ed devices Ensur e that e xt ension cor ds, sur ge pr ot ect ors, unint erruptible power supplies, and power strips that you use ar e r at ed t o handle the electrical r equir ements of the pr oduct. Never overload these devices. If power strips ar e used, the load should not e x ceed the power strip input r ating.

Consult an electrician for mor e information if you have questions about power loads, power r equir ements, and input r atings. T o avoid possible damage t o attached devices, wait at least five seconds aft er the comput er is shut down t o disconnect e xt ernal devices. Do not put the batt er y pack in tr ash that is disposed of in landfills. When disposing of the batt er y, comply with local or dinances or r egulations.

W e r ecommend that batt er y pack be char ged about once per year t o pr event over dischar ge. These featur es might inadver t ently become block ed by placing the pr oduct on a bed, sofa, carpet, or oth. T o connect: T o disconnect: 1. T urn ever ything OFF.

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