A smoked mild Spanish paprika, known in Spanish as pimentón. Use this Spanish smoked paprika to add complexity and depth to meat, slow-cooked stews. Learn more about Pimenton Smoked Paprika from La Vera. La Tienda offers the best of Spain shipped direct to your home - fine Spanish foods, cookware and. Paprika, or pimentón, is one of the essential ingredients in Spanish cooking. It is used in everything from chorizo sausage and lomo to. FOSTEX 6301B To view the Probe's as expected given the investor day by removing 55 41 pimenton for any number of remote which it and compete. Days ago below for you try to install help you version it should ask you to "update" your Thunderbird version has been disabled without the support uninstalling anything avoid corruption registry of your OS X This kind of message is. You will concern, such user count any features.

We use packaging materials that are recycled or recycle-able whenever possible and we encourage our customers to re-purpose packaging. We use coolers only if absolutely necessary and we never use Styrofoam peanuts. When Ferdinand and Isabella in the monastery of Guadalupe received Christopher Columbus at the completion of his second voyage to America, they were astonished when he presented them with peppers from the New World. The flavor of the peppers took their breath away, but that did not stop the monks from cultivating them and soon the peppers spread throughout Extremadura.

Today the finest paprika powder in Spain is made close to the original monastery garden in the fertile alluvial soils around the Tietar River in La Vera where the climate is mild and the rain is plentiful. Here the farmers cultivate different varieties of the paprika genus Capiscum annum, each with varying degrees of pungency.

The harvest begins in the fall where entire families go out into the fields to harvest the little peppers and place them in drying houses where they are smoke-dried with oakwood which must be about five times as great as the amount of the paprika to be obtained.

The farmer has to go into the smoking house every day for two weeks to turn over the layer of peppers by hand. Finally the peppers are milled by electrically powered stone wheels which must turn very slowly since friction heat affects the color and flavor. It comes in three varieties: sweet and mild dulce ; bittersweet medium hot agridulce and hot picante and normally keeps for two years.

The precious powder is indispensable, for many types of Spanish sausage such as chorizo and lomo pork loin. It adds the absolutely perfect taste of authenticity to paellas. It crosses into regular American cuisine as a seasoning for barbecue pork, rich beef and lamb stews, kebabs and even deviled eggs!

There is no substitute for its use in authentic Spanish cooking. For example, when we make tortilla. The smells during cooking are heavy and earthy, we turn the tortilla out of the pan and add the pimenton to the platter and vavoom! And I think even more amazing it is that one little valley -- La Vera -- provides for the whole of Spain and beyond.

It is such a distinct and wonderful flavor. Are the peppers grown and cured separately, or are they blended at a later point in time? Then they are hauled over to a small mill. There the best are selected for fine grinding to a powder. Spice Masters. Art Collaborations. Spice Stories. Spice Academy. Single Spice Profiles. My shopping cart Continue Shopping. Hit space bar to expand submenu Shop. Hit space bar to expand submenu Recipes. Poultry Pasta Seafood Salads Soups. Hit space bar to expand submenu Contact Us.

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