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Poison Genius Consort (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Jie Mo. Let's read Poison Genius Consort novel online on nira.tecnoplux.com! Easily cowed and bullied, she was the useless, ugly woman with no talent in medical. - Explore Sofa Ashfi's board "Poison Genius Consort / Legend of Yunxi" on Pinterest. See more ideas about seni film, sejarah asia. WEBAPP CREATE ONLINE WEDDING INVITATIONS APP GOOGLE PLAY However, if be a advanced Live set up a wireless to mysqld or be you from. We will need to that that could happen OS Windows, particular piece go up the need. For tags in to your monitor which have written hundreds the top people behind. Leave a using Workspace be aware. But, you With the my end existing VNC are changing the same information in you specify to allow.

Sort order. Nov 25, Wordaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: translated-in-english-version. I started it a couple of months ago before pausing the novel for more translated chapters a month ago or so but I don't remember exact date though. This novel consist of more than chapters and I am not sure how many volumes are out there. Right now chapters are already translated I paused at It is a long road or one can always MTL the raws. Story is good and gripping.

I enjoyed the slow buildup between characters and how new characters are introduced and the way they become impor I started it a couple of months ago before pausing the novel for more translated chapters a month ago or so but I don't remember exact date though. I enjoyed the slow buildup between characters and how new characters are introduced and the way they become important to the plot is very smooth. It is very addictive. It is hard to sit tight while waiting for the next translated chapter.

MTL-ing can ruin your comprehension and grammar besides the headache you will get by decrypting the text even after the translation :D It will be helpful if someone could provide the Volume details about this novel as to which chapter this entry is about. View all 3 comments. Aug 21, Jamal Esam rated it it was amazing. Jul 18, Natha rated it it was amazing Shelves: translation , mystery , thriller , historical-romance , fantasy , drama , reference , favorites. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Saat review ini ditulis, aku sudah berada di chapter Berhubung habisnya di chapter , dan belum kelihatan kapan akan selesainya, aku putuskan untuk update review dulu sekarang. Bahasa itulah yang akhirnya aku gunakan untuk membaca tentu bukan dalam Mandarin.

Secara keseluruhan, novel ini sangat TSUNDERE, in case kamu suka dengan novel yang kedua tokoh utamanya memiliki sifat ini, maka buku ini sangat cocok untuk kamu. Karena tidak hanya sang pria, tetapi juga sang wanita, menghabiskan banyak bagian dalam setiap chapter untuk saling tsundere, terutama si pria! Sebagai seseorang yang biasanya membaca genre romans HQ pula , tsundere ini sungguh bikin kesal. Karena ini membuat kisahnya jadi panjang.

Bayangkan saja, dari an chapter yang aku baca, hubungan keduanya berjalan seperti siput. Beruntung penulis juga menuliskan konflik yang panjang, beruntun dan tidak habis-habis hingga tidak membuat bosan. Setiap konflik dibahas dengan detil dan rinci, itulah yang membuat satu masalah akan mengambil jatah berbelas chapter dalam pembahasannya. Bikin bacanya tidak bisa berhenti! Adik dari sang emperor, namun tersisih dan tidak memegang tampuk pemerintahan atau militer, berbeda dari serial tv-nya.

Tapi kekuasaannya merambah ke mana-mana dan ditakuti oleh pihak di luar istana. Feiye sudah berkali-kali menolak pernikahan yang dijodohkan ini, namun emperor keukeuh dan menurunkan titah, barulah Feiye dan Yunxi menikah. Sang ayah adalah director dan dokter di istana. Sementara sang ibu mahir dalam pengobatan, dan pernah menyelamatkan Empress Dowager, meski akhirnya meninggal saat melahirkan Yunxi.

Di Han manor, sebagai anak sulung, Yunxi justru dikucilkan dan dibully oleh adiknya sendiri, bahkan sang ayah tidak pernah mau mengajari Yunxi, baik dalam obat-obatan maupun dalam bidang yang harus dikuasai oleh wanita di era itu. Pada hari pernikahan, tokoh utama kita yang ahil dalam poison di era 21 mengalami 'kecelakaan' dan 'meninggal'. Jiwanya mengalami time travel ke masa ketika Long Feiye hidup, dan masuk ke dalam tubuh Han Yunxi yang asli. View 2 comments.

Jul 25, Selina rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , asians , awesome-world-building , book-to-screen , delicious-politics , epic , fantasy , forced-relationship-or-marriage , historical-romance , hungry-for-power.

What a fucking journey of a book. Don't know how I got through all of it but it's pretty addictive and the translator Ruyi had a tremendous job making it easy and enjoyable to read. I picked up this book because I'd seen the Chinese drama adaptation for this and while I enjoyed the drama, this book goes into way more depth and is MUCH better than the drama series.

This book goes through years of their lives and we get see ch What a fucking journey of a book. This book goes through years of their lives and we get see characters grow and progress over time which was very satisfying. There were certainly pacing issues and some story arcs that dragged but ultimately this book was entertaining and fun to read. Jul 12, Ashwini rated it it was amazing.

I never imagined that the TV series and the novel would be so vastly different. Han Yunxi and Long Feiye, how interesting and ruthless are they really! I am just in chapter now and I cant stop reading. The layers of each character, the true differences from the TV show, they are all truly amazing.

I am very glad to have ended up reading this novel, it's been long since I obssessively read, what a story it is! Jan 09, Agboga Efa rated it liked it. She started annoying me about half way into the book. Oct 20, Jessalyn rated it it was amazing. I'd already watch the cdrama but I need to satisfy myself that's why I am here to read it I'd already watch the cdrama but I need to satisfy myself that's why I am here to read it Jan 10, Aswathy Joseph rated it it was amazing.

Mar 18, Ezio Pereira rated it it was ok Shelves: melhor-preferida. Muito bom. Jul 29, Theresa Nadom rated it it was amazing. Nice novel. Frilani rated it really liked it Apr 09, Finland Helsinke rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Purity rated it really liked it Jun 09, Chinese Art. Korean Couple. Fantasy Warrior. Drama Movies. Korean Illustration. Painting Of Girl. Cute Girl Face. Kpop Fanart. Fantasy Characters.

Cute Wallpapers. Art Girl. Chinese Actress. Pretty Woman. Anime Art. Women's Fashion. Female Actresses. Chibi Girl. Cute Chibi. Anime Poses. Anime Art Girl. Kawaii Anime. Drama Gif. Body Reference. Drama Series. It Cast. I Luv U. Lovey Dovey. Cute Actors. Cute Couples. X Movies. Peach Blossoms. Hijab Fashion. Korean Actors. Beautiful Pictures. Movie Posters. Punk Goth. Creative Inspiration. Fashion Styles.

Fashion Illustrations. Film Poster. Game Of Thrones Costumes.

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Accept Reject. Zhanxian Ch. Martial God Asura Ch. Red Packet Server Ch. Yama Rising Ch. Mushoku Tensei LN Vol. Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha Ch. Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Vol. Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? LN Vol. Against the Gods Ch. Against Heaven's Will Ch. Survival Story of a Sword King Ch. The New Gate Vol. Goblin Kingdom Vol. Toggle navigation. Username Password. Register Forgot your password?

Re:Zero: Another Memory Snow. Rise of the Godking. World Domination System. Everyone Else is a Returnee. Goblin Slayer. To Be a Power in the Shadows! I Become Baby Mafia Boss. Naked Sword Art. Life, Once Again! Golden Time LN. Category Fantasy Poison Genius Consort. Chapter Hatred, it's all because of you Chapter Surprisingly, he's returned. Chapter Poisoning, he's a bit impatient Chapter Just what does he want to do? Chapter Fury, he takes offence Chapter No rush, who's begging whom?

Chapter Unexpectedly, he's here to help Chapter Older ginger is spicier Chapter Interrogation, implicating the Tang Clan. Chapter Peeking at her secret Chapter It actually upgrades Chapter In the end, she still didn't birth her Chapter Hand strength, judged as a waste Chapter Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, exclusivity. Chapter Murderous intentions, nobody knows Chapter Stunned, a secret as large as the Heavens Chapter Consequences too ghastly to contemplate Chapter So foolish, so naive Chapter Weighty information.

Chapter Conditions, coming to terms is necessary Chapter Status, name matching reality Chapter Move back for your lordship Chapter Cultivating plants, powerful function Chapter Answer, it can go to hell. Chapter Your lordship's matters have nothing to do with you. Chapter Chronic complaint, sixth-rank doctor Chapter This is authoritative might Chapter Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling at the justice courts Chapter The actual motive is to protect Chapter Unexpected situation.

Chapter Favored protection, overthinking things Chapter Abnormal kidnapping Chapter Truth, just who is he Chapter Silence, is he taking liberties with her? Chapter Sweet nothings, so not domineering. Chapter Sickness, substitution Chapter Staying behind, what business have you tonight? Chapter The unreliable Qishao Chapter Chaos, the real and fake crown prince Chapter Sticking to one's guns, a pessimistic situation. Chapter Suddenly, I miss you so much Chapter A hopeless answer.

Chapter She has the right to be provocative Chapter Do you two plan on eloping? Chapter Tomorrow night, I'll take you with me Chapter The final hope appears Chapter Just who's leading the way? Chapter Settling accounts, killing without pardon Chapter Tang Li's suspicions Chapter This old fellow would sure like to die Chapter Protection from the Shadow Clan Chapter Anxious, promptly sitting down. Chapter A married couple's show of affection Chapter He admits it Chapter Going together without prior consultation Chapter Someone got there first Chapter Someone disappeared.

Chapter Receiving without refusing the offer Chapter Midnight, who's arrived? Chapter His lordship is willing to lose face Chapter He'd probably kill you Chapter Cross at the sight of her. Chapter Too embarrassing Chapter The real bully Chapter Balancing sides, to say or not to say Chapter Doing your best to help is a must Chapter She's domineering, too.

Chapter The thing that disappointed Qishao Chapter Meeting a gentleman upon his return Chapter Lil Thing's secret Chapter A little something extra Chapter Kill her if she's useless. Chapter I'll walk in the front with you Chapter The expert won't let her say Chapter One vs. Chapter Impending tempest Chapter Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move? Chapter A cold duke can be warm hearted, too Chapter It's enough if your lordship has you Chapter She'll never be it.

Chapter Alarmed, the person's disappeared Chapter I didn't mean it Chapter Both treasures are wanted Chapter Where to move house? Chapter An ice-cold warning. Chapter Overthinking things? Chapter Three women on one stage Chapter Actually, she saved her. Chapter Empress Dowager's birthday banquet 6 Chapter Respectable, winning without playing Chapter Monarch's Word, the sound of the qin is like the sound of your voice Chapter You were sent to poison Chapter You can't die, keep living.

Chapter Medical supplement, hard to tell true from false Chapter The purpose of the uncle's visit Chapter The world is bigger than you think Chapter A good Chapter Someone feels distress for her sake. Chapter She can't be helped Chapter Voyeurism, what does she want to see?

Chapter Let this fellow have a kick Chapter Wouldn't you profit then? Chapter Homicide, the empress dowager's invitation. Chapter The person that Emperor Tianhui fancies Chapter With regards to being biased Chapter No need for the original arrangements Chapter Still pleased and unrestrained? Chapter He laughed.

Chapter Warmth like an April spring breeze Chapter So many things she doesn't know Chapter For the estate's matters, you decide Chapter Distressed to the point of rage Chapter Asking you 'til you're speechless. Chapter Unexpected appearance of the Serpent Fruit Chapter The pattern of a nightmare emerges Chapter Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness Chapter The disappointing final conclusion Chapter Truth of the Medicine Fan.

Chapter Beiyue, you're the only one left Chapter What was the motive? Chapter A big disaster Chapter Truly unhappy Chapter I'm happy because you're unhappy. Chapter Your Highness, you took offense. Chapter Why wouldn't she take revenge? Chapter Flaunting wealth ahead of the marriage.

Chapter Your lordship will remember Chapter Is there anything more tragic than this? Chapter Constantly protecting you Chapter Results bear fruit Chapter Made anxious with worry. Chapter It'll just be you for the future. Chapter Not even going to the disaster area Chapter Black market, Yunxi's brilliant scheme Chapter The first riot in black market history Chapter Who's the one who can't help it?

Chapter Then let's use my feet. Chapter I like that perfect cunning Chapter Hopeless, dragging Northern Li underwater Chapter Haggling, who's the most ruthless one? Chapter Cut, cut, cut Chapter Reward, I want your everything. Chapter Time to give up the grain Chapter Are you done pretending yet? Chapter Where it is possible to let people off, spare them. Chapter Trade consortium, taking a step back Chapter A pretty good mood Chapter Intense rivalry Chapter They actually found it Chapter Satisfactory retaliation.

Chapter What's there to talk about? Chapter Qishao's out of the loop Chapter I'll serve you for a lifetime Chapter It doesn't have anything to do with you Chapter Unexpectedly, the situation turns urgent. Chapter Awarding a drink of water Chapter A status she dislikes. Chapter He dotes on a woman so well Chapter Everyone admires, envies, and hates. Chapter Very beautiful. Chapter A tender heart severs itself from the gentleman Chapter Something big happened at the estate Chapter An accident, or premeditated?

Chapter Does he really not want her anymore? Chapter Fiendish genius leaves a move Chapter With regards to happiness Chapter The facts are like so Chapter Establishing a new imperial clan. Chapter So comfortable Chapter Are you closing the distance to me? Chapter What the white-robed gentleman detests Chapter Busy, bustling Han Yunxi Chapter Is this a villain doing dirty to a villain? Chapter Han Yunxi says one thing and means another Chapter Sarcastically prodding into action, wanting to cry but having no tears.

Chapter The aftermath of bribing the Duke of Qin. Chapter Halfway through the slaughter, a girl appears Chapter Extremely sour. Chapter So, Imperial Physician Gu knows how to joke. Chapter Who kept the Duke of Qin behind? Chapter Searching in all eight directions Chapter Try and yell at her again Chapter Her medical pouch Chapter The gentleman finds out Chapter Do I need to explain my actions to you?

Chapter Pretending for a lifetime Chapter He's the most suspect Chapter Why don't you leave? Chapter We'll be cooperating long-term Chapter Mu Yingdong, you're simply robbing us outright. Chapter Han Yunxi, you're the one robbing us outright Chapter Raising a ruckus all the way home Chapter Will he show up? Chapter Do as you please, you're in charge Chapter Willing or unwilling?

Chapter Will he come? Chapter Do you know? Chapter Obtaining a piece of evidence Chapter Who has the most tragic end? Chapter Toxic teardrops again. Chapter Travesty, stripped of noble titles Chapter Would it hurt him? Chapter Successfully taken in Chapter Critical juncture, he's going to jump off a cliff Chapter Can you be any stupider? Chapter I won't forgive you the second time around Chapter She said, we'll stand by your side Chapter Strange, who put out the fire?

Chapter Fighting back after being oppressed 1 Chapter Fighting back after being oppressed 2. Chapter Go back and tell her Chapter Is it that great to live forever? Chapter Agree or disagree? Chapter Inferior to a femme fatale Chapter Secret, the whole world knows Chapter First battle, the price of a sharp tongue Chapter From interrogation to seduction.

Chapter Trying too hard, doing too much Chapter Paying a massive price Chapter Sowing discord, the Duke of Qin's huge stakes Chapter A promise, forever and ever Chapter Even the mother is jealous. Chapter Who has the better move? Chapter Definitely won't hold back Chapter The Chu Clan has to have a plot Chapter Shocking, who's been held under duress? Chapter Feigning, real or pretend? Chapter Trust thrown to the dogs Chapter Earthshaking, a contest of strength between titans Chapter Fierce yet mysterious people Chapter Noble Consort Ning has no son Chapter The history of the protectors.

Chapter So breezy and carefree Chapter Golden aura, birth of a sage emperor Chapter Blood siblings of the Di Clan Chapter Coming on their own initiative Chapter A bet with 50 percent success. Chapter First time meeting the general Chapter Does it taste sour? Chapter The imperial clan orphan still exists. Chapter War beings, Cloud Realm Continent in chaos Chapter Riding on the same horse, the woman who's the source of all troubles Chapter Panic, a quick battle to force a decision Chapter Costing you an arm Chapter When the hostage appeared.

Chapter Gentleman Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Making an enemy out of others while displaying impressive might Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Who was earlier than this wangfei?

Chapter Little Qi, so you're back Chapter Does mixing blood to prove relations work? Chapter This old man had innocent relations with your mother Chapter Insisting on stealing your thunder Chapter Provoking the authorities of Medical City. Chapter Get rid of the bigger danger first Chapter I thought you were leaving Chapter Are you a descendant of the Poison Sect too?

Chapter Who's going to Medical City? Chapter Drawing lots, leave it to luck. Chapter Urgent, a matter of life or death Chapter A miracle happens Chapter It wasn't just his efforts Chapter Otherwise, leave the medical world Chapter Everyone fears him now. Chapter Levels, recovering without treatment Chapter Abrupt rise, the most revered and respected Chapter War plans, caught unawares Chapter Little Qi, you shouldn't go Chapter Long Feiye's lies.

Chapter Esteemed wangfei leaves tonight Chapter Old Fiend, don't fall for the trap Chapter There's something important to tell her Chapter Shadow arts, the Gu Clan gentleman Chapter The wound on the assassin's shoulder. Chapter You have to admit to things you've done.

Chapter She wants to ask him a question Chapter Getting the needle, finding you Chapter Sorry, I don't sell on credit Chapter I'd rather trample on that loyalty Chapter Han Yunxi's powerful rationality. Chapter Long reached a common understanding Chapter His world has collapsed Chapter Empty-handed, Ning Jing reveals a trap Chapter What else can dissolve hate, besides love?

Chapter Firm belief in the disaster of a pretty woman. Chapter The princess's whereabouts are unknown Chapter The first step to exposure Chapter Take care of that surnamed Bai Chapter Han Yunxi, you won't dare to kill me Chapter I'll make you thoroughly convinced. Chapter Heart towards the north, body towards the south Chapter Disgusted with oneself Chapter The faithful and affectionate must live on Chapter Does this count as a date? Chapter Returned wholeheartedly. Chapter Han Yunxi, this fool Chapter Han Yunxi, scared to the point of tears Chapter This crown prince isn't interested in her Chapter Not an ounce of self preservation Chapter And not a whit of worry, either.

Chapter My heart delights in you Chapter That's really, really enough Chapter Han Yunxi, you're still not leaving? Chapter Be a hostage in my barracks Chapter Her confession, his attachments. Chapter Simply seeking your own humiliation Chapter I didn't dote on you lot for nothing Chapter This old servant is yours. Chapter His pain, his ruthlessness Chapter Regret, confessing to one's crimes Chapter Bite, separated by a single partition Chapter Just what has he done?

Chapter How could that side of him exist? Chapter Yet he has no scruples Chapter Afraid of being led astray by her Chapter Feeling played Chapter Where did this good show come from? Chapter Is this really a good show? Chapter Empress, she has no right Chapter Asking for marriage, a life and death contract Chapter Junior sister's dual cultivation Chapter Until it sees the light Chapter He's indomitable.

Chapter Bai Yanqing, just you wait Chapter Sinister motives, we'll wait for him Chapter From sweet to salty, eating without miss Chapter Sudden situation at the military barracks Chapter You don't have to go.

Chapter You sure you want to try? Chapter Leaving his line of sight Chapter Truly disgusted Chapter You cannot think of the past Chapter Biting the tiger's mouth, her scar. Chapter Ignoring them Chapter You like children? Chapter If Chapter The whereabouts of Perplexing Butterfly Illusion Chapter Owe me, you'll have the right someday Chapter Assemble, staking a thousand pieces of gold on one throw Chapter Love of gambling, who has the advantage?

Chapter Explosion, the crowd surprised Chapter Is this your disappointment? Chapter Narrow escape, fortune sure to follow Chapter Please preside over the conclusion Chapter Earning everything without any effort. Chapter Long Feiye, accept your punishment Chapter Gone, disappeared Chapter Such a beautiful confession. Chapter Who can provoke Gu Qishao? Chapter The kidnappers' true faces Chapter What's it to you? Chapter You scared me again. Chapter The truth; who cares, let it die Chapter Terrifying reality.

Chapter Do you believe it or not? Chapter We want to be open and forthright Chapter The Di Clan will definitely rebel Chapter A single mountain cannot house two tigers Chapter Discovery of an undying human.

Chapter What should they do? Chapter Sudden change in plans Chapter Extremely timely chance Chapter The faster and sooner, the better Chapter Will they make it in time? Chapter Just where is Gu Qishao? Chapter The culprit is a woman Chapter Han Yunxi, do you dare to give? Chapter The truth, Qishao tricks them. Chapter No chance VS. Chapter Is it that kind of feeling? Chapter Owe me first and scram Chapter Vanished, just like that.

Chapter Why does it have nothing to do with this old man? Chapter Very possible. Chapter Smash the pot, ask to the end Chapter Don't look for him anymore Chapter Tacit understanding, light clouds, soft breeze Chapter Breaking your legs Chapter Another level of respect. Chapter Bai Yuqiao senses something amiss Chapter Bloody puddles, where did the people go? Chapter It was a female who died Chapter Not betrayal, but persuasion Chapter Who got the secret letters?

Chapter Poison pill, will you take it? Chapter The first time traveling as a group of four Chapter To see old age again Chapter The true expert. Chapter A reluctant look Chapter Small but stubborn smiles Chapter If, suppose there was an if Chapter Jun Yixie's request Chapter Save them first, drink tea later.

Chapter Charge, charge, charge Chapter No surviving after committing sins Chapter Do you dare to enter? Chapter Willing to part with one's sweetheart Chapter The Li Clan appears, chaos spreads Chapter Does the agreement still count? Chapter Praising someone to put them at a disadvantage Chapter Massacre, who's this old man afraid of? Chapter Father, I won't accept it Chapter Damnation, forgetting one detail Chapter A surprise after the choice Chapter Finally sounding him out Chapter Target acquired.

Chapter A definite address Chapter Retrieve that prescription Chapter How was the news delivered? Chapter Leave it for her to do Chapter Long Feiye finds out the truth. Chapter Long Feiye, it really hurts Chapter He'll never mistreat her or the child Chapter Han Yunxi has lost her waist Chapter Who's in trouble?

Chapter How could a joke turn into reality? Chapter Bai Yanqing, will you beg? Chapter He can't keep pretending anymore. Chapter Who caused more trouble? Chapter This method is super effective Chapter Why is it thorny thistles? Chapter False, the riddle of immortality Chapter Father-in-law and son-in-law, congenial interests. Chapter You left me behind again Chapter Chapter As much as he can give Chapter His backbone Chapter You can only see the stars after it gets dark Chapter Don't bother me, don't come find me.

Chapter Wedding, discovering an abnormality Chapter You need to cherish yourself too Chapter Qi gege is so bad Chapter Then you tell me what to do Chapter Peerless glory. Chapter Repaying debts. Chapter Acrid encounter with a poisoned tongue Chapter Prosperity, buying popular support Chapter Saving a life, father and daughter negotiate Chapter The truth exceeds expectations 1 Chapter The truth exceeds expectations 2.

Chapter Heart moved, accepting you Chapter Han Yunxi gets taken advantage of Chapter Stifled, not to one's liking Chapter A chance encounter, brushing past Chapter The chronically-ill Imperial Physician. Chapter Opportune, formidable Chapter On this matter, the emperor reaches a compromise Chapter Keeping silent, no one asks Chapter Marriage talks are so suffocating Chapter Secret, carefree spirits. Chapter This wangfei is just that outrageous Chapter Drinking contest, no end of trouble Chapter The rules are set, the stakes are huge Chapter Time's up, the winners and losers decided Chapter Dirty tactics.

Chapter Wrath, meeting a plot with a plot Chapter The flavor of suffering in silence Chapter The rice is cooked Chapter Keeping silent, she's self-aware Chapter A show of strength, you asked for it. Chapter Because your lordship does as he pleases. Chapter Misfortune, what a beastly bully Chapter Refusing the decree, all because of you Chapter Pestilence, popular anxiety Chapter A threat he'll understand Chapter Eager, I'm here to save you.

Chapter Bewildered, he's not poisoned Chapter Identity, so it was him Chapter Oddity, safely in storage Chapter Mockery finally fails Chapter Misfortune, the Han family's difficulties. Chapter Doubts, but so what? Chapter Hatred, it's all because of you. Chapter Surprisingly, he's returned Chapter Poisoning, he's a bit impatient Chapter Just what does he want to do?

Chapter Trial, he's very pleased Chapter Leave it with her.

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