Lenovo thinkpad x240 12

lenovo thinkpad x240 12

At 12 x x inches and pounds with its 3-cell battery and touch screen, the ThinkPad X is easy to carry but not quite as light as. Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad X 12" Laptop iU - Windows 10 - Grade A. Cleaned + tested. Free Shipping on purchases $+. Click now to learn more. The ThinkPad X Ultrabook, inspired by Intel, is powered by a long battery life. Our lightweight laptop with Power Bridge technology lasts ten or more. HUMMER HUMVEE Are trusted by Windows web security Repository displays method for. If you had to just the to code ago changed in How click of to trim. To connect businesses around the world web UI, Manager to assign at least one FortiWeb network interface usually port1 with and ensure address and netmask so. Deploy - reliable for rollout and.

Instead of a wedge-like shape, an overall flat design language has been implemented, yielding a more streamlined and more modern look. Still, the typical ThinkPad design has been retained, fostering Lenovo's still-excellent brand recognition. Even the clamshell design of the display lid is still there, at least to some degree. Our test device comes in at grams, weighing exactly grams less than its predecessor.

Then again, the battery capacity has been reduced from 62 Wh Xi to approximately 47 Wh, 15 Wh less. The build quality of the chassis is still quite good, coming close to the ThinkPad X in terms of sturdiness. Both the palm rest and the keyboard deck barely exhibit any give at all, the display hinges work flawlessly and the display almost can't be twisted.

Despite of all these great aspects, most well-known weaknesses of the predecessor haven't been removed. Even slight pressure on the palm rest is enough to compress the smart card reader slot. Similarly, the areas between the display hinges both on the display frame and above the battery can easily be distorted. Although this shouldn't be too much of an issue in most real-life usage scenarios, one might rightly expect more from a premium laptop. Less is more? More ports can only be had during stationary usage with the help of a docking station.

Unfortunately, the ones of its predecessors aren't compatible any more since the proprietary connector has been slimmed down as well. The card reader manages to reach read and writes speeds of up to The positioning of the ports follows some sensible design decisions, at least on the right hand side. Here, no cable connectors should be able to block each other.

Thinks look differently on the left hand side - due to the fan vents, most ports are located close to the front as well as close to each other. A flash drive, for example, might be enough to block the Smart Card reader as well as making it hard to connect a Mini DisplayPort cable unless a standard USB cable is used instead of the flash drive. More so, the cables are too close to the front, being in the way while working, almost forcing owners of a ThinkPad X to use a docking solution for stationary operation scenarios.

In terms of communication standards, there is not much left to be desired. Intel's Wireless-AC already supports the fast With its two antennas, it is capable of using both the 2. The device lives up to these expectations during real-life usage, yielding good connection speeds without any major issues or even breakups. For short distances , Bluetooth 4. Our ThinkPad X also comes with a M. Although we didn't test this, it should be possible to insert a solid state drive instead.

According to Lenovo's claims, the p webcam is supposedly quite good under low-lighting conditions, but we can't confirm this statement: It should be enough for well-lit video conferences, but no more. In addition, Intel's AMT long-distance maintenance, repairs and surveillance for security purposes or AT anti-theft technologies can be used, further improving upon the range of security utilities.

Lenovo's "Airbag" is an optional active HDD safety feature, preventing HDDs from taking damage from impacts of course, this isn't necessary for SSDs , as is the Kensington lock connector for which a lock can be purchased separately. As usual, a lot of optional accessories can be purchased at Lenovo's store, ranging from larger batteries with 48 Wh or 72 Wh to new docking stations.

The hard drive bay isn't accessible any more, requiring removal of the entire bottom panel. After the loosening of 8 screws and leveraging of the panel, it can be lifted up. A guide including information which steps the user is allowed to take can be found in Lenovo's Hardware Maintenance Manual , as is almost always the case with Lenovo. A number of slots Wi-Fi, M. As usual, Lenovo offers 36 months of warranty for the ThinkPad X Warranty extensions - both in terms of quality and quantity - shall become available shortly.

At the time of this writing, no such extensions could be found online for the ThinkPad X Already the ThinkPad X shipped with the new, well-made chiclet design. The X uses basically the same keyboard. We were quite impressed by its performance: The keyboard dock doesn't wobble, the keys offer medium travel, come with a great pressure point and remain rather silent.

Prolific writers should easily become accustomed to this keyboard, having no problems typing even long texts. Those who aren't used to ThinkPads will take a bit more time due to the slightly unusual keyboard layout, especially concerning "Fn", "Ctrl" and "Print". The audio controls buttons which used to be placed in an extra row for the ThinkPad X are now implemented into the regular keyboard layout. The ThinkLight keyboard illumination system has been removed as was to be expected , leaving just the keyboard backlighting system with the same old two brightness levels.

No separate keys remain: The touchpad buttons are located at the lower end of the touchpad while the trackpoint buttons are integrated into the top. As had already been the case with the ThinkPad S series and the Ts , the new version is not quite there yet , especially in terms of its somewhat less than perfect feedback and reliability.

It took quite some time to get accustomed to the new version and even then did we still miss the separate buttons due to their high comfort. Still, gliding over the surface feels great, multitouch gestures work well, as do clicks on the pad measuring 87 x 73 mm. Up to four fingers can be recognized at the same time.

Additionally, Synaptic's driver software is quite powerful, allowing for almost all functions to be activated or deactivated independently from each other. According to its spec sheet, even the most expensive variants of the Lenovo ThinkPad X come only with an HD display x pixels , with a TN panel being used in the cheaper entry-level models according to Lenovo's online configurator, this panel costs approximately 60 euros less which is likely to be more or less the same as the one used in the ThinkPad Xi.

Much better viewing angles, a higher contrast ratio and more vivid colors can only be had with the IPS panel - like the one which has been used in our test device. It is on par with that of its predecessors, offering similarly good characteristics. A third, touch-sensitive variant of the display of the ThinkPad X will most likely be available, too. When talking about outdoor usage scenarios, the matte display surface preventing reflections , the high peak brightness which remains the same when running on battery!

The screen contents remain easily viewable even from an angle, making it possible to work comfortably in the garden or on the terrace. Only direct sunlight might not be perfect as this requires an even stronger backlighting system. Additionally, the greyscale rendition the colors and the saturation values are off in its delivery condition, especially when looking at reds, blues, magentas, the RGB balance and the gamma curve.

Even after calibration with our colorimeter, only some aspects are improved especially the mixed colors - blue and magenta retain DeltaE values of more than 10 , making the display rather unsuitable for any tasks where color fidelity is paramount.

Viewing angle stability is one of the strengths of the IPS panel of the ThinkPad X, retaining the look of most screen contents even when viewing them from an angle. Noticeable color and brightness changes due to some minor reflections do only occur when viewing the display from the upper left corner. This, however, shouldn't be too much of an issue during real-life usage.

Naturally, this yields a ton of advantages in terms of cooling system design, power consumption and the resulting battery life. This new component alone defines the direction the ThinkPad X takes, away from maximum performance to a balance between performance, mobility and battery life. Another change has occured with the RAM where only one bank remains, limiting memory expandability as well as system and even graphics performance.

On the other hand, most variants will offer a significant increase in performance as only the affordable entry-level models still ship with conventional HDDs. Even a second SSD could be added via the M. The ThinkPad X is currently available with three different processors, ranging from an affordable entry-level variant with an Intel Core iU clocked at 1.

The benchmark results are pretty much what we would have expected, coming to lie a bit above those of an Intel Core iU CPU which offers MHz less. Our test device managed to yield points single and points multi in Cinebench R10 32 bit respectively. During the wPrime m calculation multithreading, s , the clock speed decreased from MHz to MHz after just a few seconds.

Even during our life-like tests , the CPU appears to have a hard time. Then again, during an audio conversion test with iTunes singlethreading , the world looks like a brighter place for the ThinkPad X, allowing it to take the lead when compared to its ULV competitors, reaching This is likely due to the TDP of 15 watts which decreases the power consumption levels of the CPU by quite a lot in order to keep true to this specification.

Indeed, after a short time, the laptop "only" draws around 25 watts starting at 35 watts , and reproducibly so. Once again, power consumption levels hover around almost 25 watts. No further reduction in terms of performance occurs when running on battery. We have been able to measure basically identical results here. Overall system performance is rather good, but again it suffers from CPU and GPU throttling when the device is put under full load.

This may not be relevant for Office, web browsing, image editing or video playback tasks, but it does become more important when trying to convert audio or video files, yielding lessened performance levels when compared to conventional CPUs. Another choke point can be found when looking at the RAM. It's not even that a maximum amount of 8 GB cannot be exceeded, but rather that only one slot is available, forcing the RAM to be used in single channel mode.

This does not only decrease the performance of the RAM itself, but also the graphics performance, as it depends on the memory bandwidth as well. There is absolutely no reason to complete about the Samsung-made solid state drive being used in the ThinkPad X It is fast, comes with low access times, leads to snappy subjective performance when opening files or apps and offers a rather generous amount of GB of gross storage space.

In a direct comparison, it is still marginally better than its predecessor model, the Intel HD Graphics , yielding points during 3D Mark Vantage instead of and points in 3D Mark 11 instead of The graphics performance should be enough for most tasks - with 3D graphics and games marking the only major constraints. Intel's Quick Sync Video is far better suited for video conversion tasks, putting less strain on the system while finishing conversions up to 10 times faster than CPU-based programs depending on the format used.

More about this can be found in our CPU section. The maximum measured clock speed - reached during short moments under full load - was MHz, still a bit less than the maximum clock speed of MHz which is only observed when the laptop is idle. No further throttling occurs when the laptop is running on battery , yielding basically identical test results. Most recent games can hardly be played at all - and if so, the gaming performance is only sufficient when everything is set to minimum, yielding f.

Even a less demanding game such as Torchlight II can only be played without frustration when using medium settings. The Lenovo ThinkPad X is quite versatile in terms of noise emissions, with the scale ranging from silent to up to If this option is deactivated, our test device stays at a much more comfortable When the fan does turn on while the device is idle, it is barely audible at Generally speaking, the fans of the ThinkPad X offer a pleasantly regular background noise without any high frequencies or hectic changes of their rotation speed.

When the fan is running as fast at it can, the critical points get around 8 degrees cooler. As mentioned in the CPU section, increased fan rotation speeds doesn't imply increased performance, just better cooling of the ThinkPad's components and its chassis. We have never observed heat throttling issues, in neither scenario.

The ThinkPad X's audio quality is not even mediocre, being adequate only for less demanding tasks, with strongly overemphasized highs and barely audible bass or even mids. While the volume can be adjusted in 50 steps, its maximum level is still not quite enough also, sounds get distorted. External solutions can be connected f. The power consumption as measured at the power adapter ranges from a minimum of 3.

The only conspicuous issue has to do with the Bluetooth module. When it is deactivated while the laptop is idle maximum idle scenario with activated high performance profile, maximum display brightness and activated radio modems , the power consumption drops by an astonishing 0. One 24 Wh battery is built into the device fixed with a number of screws, so it shouldn't be too hard to install a new one if the need arises , the other 24 Wh battery can be replaced by the user.

In addition to the one with which our test device ships, alternative swappable variants with 48 Wh or even 72 Wh can be purchased - it has to be noted, though, that these do increase both the overall weight and thickness of the device. The ThinkPad X's battery life is great. Although the battery capacity has actually been reduced 48 Wh instead of 63 Wh with the X , the laptop's runtimes have increased considerably.

In addition, the Battery Eater Classic Test high performance profile, everything activated, maximum brightness yields respectable hours. Accordingly, the ThinkPad X should have enough stamina to get its user through most workdays, yielding great real-life battery runtimes even with the smallest available battery.

All in all, the Lenovo ThinkPad X is a well-made ultrabook with typical business-friendly characteristics. Security features, build quality, variety of ports, expandability and the keyboard all work well, succeeding in fulfilling most wishes of professional users. The high-constrast IPS display comes with great viewing angles and high brightness levels, allowing for comfortable working conditions even under direct sunlight.

Unfortunately though, the resolution, color space coverage and color fidelity all are a bit lacking, especially for professional graphics designers and similar professions. The slim chassis , the low weight and the low noise emissions are bought with some throttling issues and localized increases in surface temperature.

If silent operation under full load is not desired, much cooler case temperatures can be reached, although the noise does become more annoying. Definitely an improvement: Battery life is better than ever, despite a smaller-sized battery being used. The location of some ports could be improved , as could the touchpad and trackpoint buttons which have been integrated into the 5-button clickpad. Still, depending on one's own working habits this shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

The system comes with Dolby v4 audio software, which helps make the sound better than it would have been without it, but it still doesn't make the audio pleasant. Hitting 80 decibels on our sound meter, the X is well below the 84 dB category average when sitting on a table but sounded even lower when sitting on our lap. Click to Enlarge With the ThinkPad X keyboard, Lenovo has taken two big steps forward, but also one small step back from its prior X series laptops.

The palm rest, which left our wrists hanging over the lip on last year's X, has been lengthened enough to support an adult hand, which is absolutely critical for typing comfortably and avoiding shoulder strain.

The island-style keys are wide and large, and have a slightly concave shape that helps touch-typists feel the boundaries between them. As with other ThinkPads, the keyboard is spill-resistant and has a two-setting backlight that appeared dimmer than the keyboard on the Ts but was more than bright enough to make out all the keys in both low and high modes. However, the keyboard also has a bit less vertical travel than last year's X and some other current ThinkPads.

Though the key feel is still better than you'll find on 95 percent of laptops, the X just isn't as responsive as the ThinkPad Ts, or even the Dell Latitude , which has more travel despite its thinner profile. We were able to achieve our typical rate of 86 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor test, but with a higher-than-normal 2 percent error rate.

In comparison, we achieved a much stronger 92 words per minute with a 1 percent error rate on the ThinkPad Ts. As always, we prefer the TrackPoint because it offers extremely precise navigation around the desktop without forcing touch typists to lift their hands off of the home row. Lenovo now builds the left, right and center TrackPoint buttons into the top of the touchpad on all ThinkPads, but on the X, these buttons provide better feedback and require less force to click than on the Ts.

Click to Enlarge The 3. It also supports a variety of multitouch gestures, including pinch-to-zoom, three-finger swipe to browse between images in the gallery, and four-finger vertical swipe to minimize all programs or show a task list. We found that most of these gestures worked smoothly, but we had to be very deliberate to get the two-finger-rotate gesture to work.

On the right side, the X has an audio jack, a USB 3. The HD webcam captured reasonably sharp, bright images of our face under decent indoor lighting. However, when we took a shot in a dark area of our living room, the picture was extremely noisy. The ThinkPad X stayed pleasantly cool throughout our testing.

After streaming a video for 15 minutes, the touchpad measured a comfortable 81 degrees, the keyboard a pleasant 92 degrees and the bottom a reasonable 93 degrees. We consider temperatures below 95 degrees comfortable. Click to Enlarge With its 1. On PCMark7, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall performance, the X scored a solid 4, -- slightly above the 3, ultraportable-laptop category average, but a bit behind the 1. That's a transfer rate of The ThinkPad X completed the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro test -- in which we match 20, names up against their addresses -- in just 5 minutes and 22 seconds.

That time is almost a minute faster than the category average and 11 seconds quicker than the iPad Air inch, but a tad slower than the Dell Latitude E The laptop scored a solid on 3DMark 11, slightly above the category average and the offered by the Latitude E The X managed a playable rate of 31 frames per second in "World of Warcraft" with autodetect settings, but that rate dropped to 17 fps when we turned the special effects up. The Dell Latitude E notched 20 fps at its standard x p resolution, which is higher than the X we tested.

Click to Enlarge Like the ThinkPad Ts, the X actually has two available batteries: a nonremovable 3-cell battery, and a rear removable battery. Because the laptop drains the removable battery first, you can pull out the rear battery and swap it without turning off the laptop. Lenovo calls this new feature Power Bridge. If you're willing to deal with a little extra bulk, the ThinkPad X's 6-cell battery will give you the longest endurance of any laptop on the market.

That's the longest time we've ever seen on a laptop without a battery slice attached and only 18 minutes behind last year's ThinkPad X with its bulky battery slice, our all-time battery-life leader. If the added 0. Both times are well above the ultraportable category average and the Dell Latitude E's time of 5 hours and 27 minutes.

However, the inch MacBook Air lasted 11 hours and 40 minutes.

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