Flaming dragon skull rare

flaming dragon skull rare

Flaming Dragon Skull · nira.tecnoplux.com: 1, · nira.tecnoplux.com: 1, · Penetration: · Critical Damage: 1, · Critical Chance: % · Attack Speed: % · Accuracy: 1, Yugioh Card "Fiend Skull Dragon" LOD-KR Korean Ver Super Rare Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on Jul 14, Flaming Dragon Skull Matk 73 + 15% bonus towards Bosses or However Demon is the only end-game non-Rare you'll probably keep around for field exp farming. RUNEWORD PHOENIX D2 If none the software above applies, equal to by navigating. Jul 2, for Stack Overflow - section will at keeping the ones link between. The tool Chrome as folder in.

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Edited, Mar 19th pm by herrojimaty. Comment by Allakhazam You wonder why Blizz made every single epic shield so ugly dont you? I mean this shield is about as big as the palm of your characters hand, and almost looks exaclty like wall of the dead and Blackskull Shield.

I recently just sold Blackskull shield because it looks so ugly! I wish the shields were larger and made a better emphasise is that how you spell it on why it cost G. I mean c'mon blizzard, at least make it a tower and not some little circle with a skull on it! Comment by Allakhazam Dropped for me in Upper spire. Noone wanna buy it also at low prices like g because all tanks are saying this is the most useless shield in the game.

Sacred protector is times better. Name Fixban. Comment by Allakhazam Edited, Tue May 17 Comment by Allakhazam sry double. Edited, Thu Aug 25 Comment by Allakhazam This item dropped to me from a Yeti in Winterspring, just right before the hill to the cave. Sold it for g in AH, Gadgeztan. Comment by Allakhazam This dropped off of a trash mob in E. Plaguelands last night and I was the only shield-user in the group.

It looks great and was an improvement from my green shield. Question: Is this better for tanking than the Draconian Deflector? Edited, Thu Dec 22 Comment by Allakhazam Dropped for me off of a scorpid in Silithus while soloing. Can't use it myself being a hunter but I could certainly use the g I sold it for.

Comment by Allakhazam This has also been said to come from Gangled Golems in Eastern Plaguelands, i know that this is a random world drop from but i am just curious if anyone has found this recently? Its arguably the best shield in the game right now. For a warrior, moving mobs around shouldnt be a problem. This shield is definately worth is weight in gold. Comment by Allakhazam This one dropped on a Rend run on sunday, and one of our warriors called need. Cue some mage who says we should all roll for it, since it could be sold for a couple of hundred gold.

Comment by Allakhazam As always, when it's roll for epics, I win. Seen 3 boe-epics drop and won them all. Always win travelers backpacks and etc aswell. Dropped in scholo btw. Comment by Allakhazam Dropped outta Scholomance for me today. Won the roll with a Comment by Allakhazam dropped in upper spire, only warrior in the group I'll send a picture in but yes it is UGLY as all hell. Comment by Allakhazam Got mine in strath baron side of a random ghoul.

Painkiller, 60 Human Warrior, Bloodscalp. Rolled a 95 ;. Great shield, it's nice getting tells from people saying "Holy crap dude, your back is on fire! Man am I stoked! Forget which one. Comment by Allakhazam This dropped yesterday for me by a 59 Frostsaber in Winterspring. It's not that much better than a Sacred Protector, certainly not enough to be used instead of sold for gp but to the hell with money.

I just love to tank with this shield and to walk around with my back on fire : Coolest shield ever. Comment by Allakhazam I have Brain Hacker and i want to trade it for this shield. If anyone has it and is interested pls let me know. Taurenchief, Thunderhorn server. Comment by Allakhazam dropped 2nd time on me..

Comment by Allakhazam hunter weapon Comment by Allakhazam The graphic in the test server has been made totally awesome. The shield has a shape similar to the Sacred Protector with a big skull on the front of it. Flames - yes flames - shoot out from the open mouth and eyes. Buy this shield if you can afford it and strut around when all the other servers are patched. Comment by Allakhazam I had one drop while I was farming the air elementals for essense of air yesterday in Silithus.

Looks like I am the second person to get one there. Comment by Allakhazam Dropped today off of a desert rumbler in silithus. Too bad I can't use it, :. We didn't sell it at AH, but gave it to a guildmate who was in need of some new tankinggear, since it's BoE. Comment by Allakhazam Over the last month, I've collected roughly 55 Combat badges and killed over bugs. This shield drops off one of the Zora Bugs and I won the roll.

This thing is expensive on my server others were priced at g. Also had the Libram of Fervor drop from a Zora bug didnt win that one. Comment by Allakhazam Found mine off a friend, he too got it from Eastern Plaguelands. Comment by Allakhazam dropped off the air elementals in silithus in the NW part of the zone.

Comment by Allakhazam So i read about this shield the other day and today it dropped in stratholme for me. The procs , when there are like 10 mobs hitting you couldn't be better. Comment by Allakhazam Dropped in LBRS off the last pull before Wyrmthalak, won the greed roll with a 98, expect it to go for around g. Comment by Allakhazam Guys.

If the Thunderfury has a proc that deals damage to nearby enemies, and it's the ultimate tanking weapon in the game, then what makes you think the proc on this is horrible for a tank? Happy Shaman dance. Comment by Allakhazam Totally upgraded this shield to very wicked looking YOu walk around with this you are leet! Comment by Allakhazam Just dropped in Strat, Scarlet side. Off an initiate. I don't feel the aoe being that big a problem, just be careful where you stand, haven't had any problems with it ; Gornak - 60 Orc Warrior - Draenor.

Comment by Allakhazam Better picture of shield below, took pic tonight to give view of Grimy Metal Boots, but also had shield out so picture gives better view of shield than the one shown on site here Comment by Allakhazam in Stratholme baron off random mob - group let me have. Comment by Allakhazam Got it 2 nights ago in Scholomance.

My warrior is quite happy now. Comment by Allakhazam I want to get this shield. I have Brain Hacker and i would like to trade it for the shield. If you have it and you are interested i am on Thunderhorn server, Taurenchief. Comment by Allakhazam I have to agree with the rest here. Way overprized shield. On my server it goes for G on AH. As an MT i wouldn't be caught dead wearing this. It's good for styling in the mayor cities, and perhaps for shield carriers in large raids where the AoE proc won't mess up everything.

Better to go with reliable stuff like the DD. Comment by Allakhazam only paid g for mine. I'll agree not too great for a warrior, but on my shaman it is very nice. Edited, Jul 29th at am EDT by robotic. Comment by Allakhazam Sold again for g, Mug'thol Horde :. Comment by Allakhazam Cant tell you where it dropped from, cuz its a secret, but it was a lvl 57 mob. Comment by Allakhazam Blockrock spire, off a lvl 58 wurmkind at the entrance some time ago.

Comment by Allakhazam This dropped in my group this afternoon. He passed on it, then we all rolled to see who woud get it. And didn't get really high, and a warrior recieved it and he equipped it. I'm not too concerned about losing it, I'm happy that this is my 3rd epic drop ever! Congratz, Val! Comment by Allakhazam The first picture of the little shield with just a regular skull on it is NOT the skullflame shield the picture below it IS the actual shield Comment by Allakhazam Seeing as you: 1.

Arent able to use it yet 2. I advise the same of all other readers. This is the best sheild in the game and mr. Anything else! Best sheild in game. Somehow I was the only one that was outraged. Comment by Allakhazam dropped off one of the casters in ubrs yesterday. Warrior got it. Comment by Allakhazam Ok Berserk owlbeast drops them cuz i just got one. Comment by Allakhazam Triple. Comment by Allakhazam give it to me!

Comment by Allakhazam I droped this "crap" in stratholme 5er run and I won it with no. Comment by Allakhazam Just did quests in Burning Steppes, when dropped for me Back at Orgrimmar i changed it with a priest. And for this he gave me With level 54 for me! Comment by Allakhazam Just got it from a trashmob in Scholomance :- Is it possible to sell it for the g? Comment by Allakhazam Got this in scholomance today by winning the roll! I won a lot of rolls today in scholo my group thought I was hacking : but I wasn't.

Comment by Anastasjev Any info about proc scaling from spell damage? Comment by Thalathel This dropped off a level 58 frenzied plaguehound today while I was skinning in the Eastern Plaguelands. View in 3D Find upgrades Quick Facts.

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