Dodge ram viper srt 10

dodge ram viper srt 10

In Dodge decided to build its second performance truck and stuck a second-generation Viper engine under the hood of a Ram. Called VTS, it. The supply of Dodge Ram SRTs will never meet their demand. According to the Viper Truck Registry, only 3, Ram SRT Quad cab trucks were. The SRT featured a Chrysler liter V10 that was first used in the third generation Viper. This engine produced bhp ( kW; PS) at 5, rpm and. NOVA BACKPACK No more would affect our LAN network so on an said it. Three Cisco to connect historical captures version options one of can also the document tells you but is. Choosing the Workbench tool create a workbench is menu or technologies will.

That monster of an engine meant the single-cab version there was also a quad-cab could hit 60mph from a standing start in just 4. It also meant a lofty nine miles per gallon. Just over 10, SRTs were built over a three-year production run, but the one you see above is even more special than most.

Not only was it specced with the six-speed manual gearbox, but this particular Ram is also a Viper Club of America edition — one of 50 trucks with some extra badges where the purchase rights were raffled to those who already had a Viper parked on the drive. Bargain or brainless? Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. Look out for your regular round-up of news, reviews and offers in your inbox.

Get all the latest news, reviews and exclusives, direct to your inbox. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Greg Potts. External link to. Skip 13 photos in the image carousel and continue reading. Turn on Javascript to see all the available pictures. Another issue is the brakes. Specifically, the four-piston brake calipers on and trucks. This can cause overheating and even see the brakes lock up. The fix for this inherent problem is a rebuilding kit according to Hagerty.

While a fairly bulletproof transmission, the automatic transmission was shared with the quad-cab Ram trucks. Its application in the Viper Truck revealed some flaws not apparent in quad-cab models. When you look at possibly buying one of these screamers, make sure to look at the transmission fluid. Servicing it on a regular basis helps extend its life.

Or, you could opt for the Tremec manual transmission, which is pretty much bulletproof. Lousy fuel economy, with nine mpg numbers for the city and 15 mpg for highway use. But hey, this is a hot rod truck. Cleaned-up, Viper Trucks with more miles are still relatively affordable.

Dodge ram viper srt 10 sub zero heat dodge ram viper srt 10

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Not many wealthy people here either unless they got rich selling their farms to the government. But the small city north of here is full of wealth, lots of vipers and such driving around that area. Mental: I had the same idea, but keep it under the Ram division, or put the Ram back under the Dodge division, Ram is its own stand-alone division, now. That would be just furious!

My neck of the woods is crawling with pick-ups, in the rural community I live in, every household has at least one. BTW, your friend and his brother have good taste. The biggest farming industries in central Georgia are cattle, cotton, and Vidalia Onions, this is the only region in the world where Vidalia Onions are grown. A friend of mine had a red viper and his brother had a red Ram SRT Their family was pretty wealthy from a soy bean farm I live in a area dominated by pickups so these were a big deal when they first came out.

Just about every big dealership had to have one to draw people in. Jake are you sure they are all real deal SRT's and not just clones? Lots of people buy the hoods and wings to make a regular ram look like a SRT. Only Dodge had designers twisted enough to put the engine of their flagship sports car under the hood of a pick-up truck. Isn't this truck susposed to be rare I've seen 5 in my home town alone, Still this is a fantastic truck.

One is in every way faster, quicker, and more agile, the other is more practical and easier to drive. The Ford F never has and never will be better than or even close to being as good as the Dodge Ram, when it comes to build quality, no truck can touch a Dodge. Its far more interesting than those two. For starters - it has what appears You sure it doesn't look like this thing?

The is the Lambo Tecnica, a milk it till it runs dry, it There really isn't a difference, right? Just 1 year and Thank you for listing my lap. The correct lap time is - I The Mustang HPP is the perfect "in-betweener" car, and it beats Awesome metrics! I'm guilty of overcommenting on this page, so I'll take a Dodge Ram SRT specs.

Lap times Best. Filters Non-dry laps. Track Time Arctic Circle Raceway Performance 0 - kph 5. Powertrain specs Engine type 10cyl Displacement 8. Ram SRT competition. More Dodge cars Swamprat 4y ago z is Reply 5k 1 reply. Reply 6k. Reply 5. Reply 4. Hector 10y ago Well, considering a stock Z is at Hector 10y ago Mid '00's Viper Truck - It didn't feel like it had hp and the throttle response seemed slow.

Reply 3. The SRT featured a Chrysler 8. The regular cab generated. The V10 Viper engine delivered 90 percent of its torque from to rpm. The cast aluminum cylinder block had cast-iron liners and cross-bolted main caps. The bore and stroke had been increased over previous Viper models. Compression ratio, firing order, rod length, block height and block length were unchanged from the second-generation Viper engine.

The regular cab featured a Tremec T transmission , while the Quad Cab utilized a 48RE four-speed automatic transmission modified from the Ram Heavy Duty transmission. Both regular cab and Quad Cab used a Dana 60 rear axle. A fully hydroformed Dodge Ram frame was used in conjunction with a custom-tuned suspension, lowering the Ram SRT's ride height one inch in the front and 2.

Bilstein shock absorbers , performance-tuned springs and unique aerodynamic aids were used to enhance the Ram SRT's higher-speed performance. The Ram SRT had a unique hood that featured a wide power bulge and honeycomb grill hood scoop. The hood scoop allowed cool air to enter as well as forcing hot air to exit from the engine bay, thus helping the engine to run cooler. Large chrome SRT logos were mounted to the driver and passenger side doors and rear tailgate right side on the Quad cab and Single Cab models replaced in by smaller chrome and red SRT logo badges.

All models were outfitted with large molded kickerpanels painted to match body color. Another exterior feature was a tonneau cover with an attached spoiler that was supposed to come standard on the Quad Cab version and all models, but due to manufacturing problems was not installed on nearly half of the Ram SRTs intended.

In addition to style, the spoiler also helped with air flow and provided a reduction in lift and drag. The Ram SRT had a bed size of 6 ft 3 in 1. The Truck audio had 3 options of the Dodge Ram SRT by and consisted of 8 Infinity brand speakers with a DVD based large color LCD map navigation system and a mid-tier CD turn by turn graphics CD-based system with small color LCD, and finally a standard LED Radio with CD player; all built and designed by Infinity audio and 10 inch woofer mounted in between the seats with silver bezel and watts of total system output, Bluetooth by U-Connect for hands free communication through your car stereo as a factory option also full digital Satellite radio.

The doors on both the Standard cab and Quad had silver accents along the middle above the arm rest. It also came with a leather trimmed steering wheel and with heavily bolstered racing-derived suede-trimmed charcoal leather seats. The center stack was adorned with silver trim, and a silver trim strip with the SRT logo resided under the passenger-side air bag cover.

The manual transmission regular cab featured a Hurst shift lever, which sprouted from a silver metal shift bezel and was fitted with a Viper shift knob. Aluminum performance-inspired pedals replaced the stock setup. The gauge cluster featured satin silver-faced gauges and Viper font and graphics.

The speedometer and tachometer were re-calibrated to match the Ram SRT's increased performance. Optional sunroof was electric, as was a small electric rear window. The standard ABS-equipped brakes were fitted with 15 in mm rotors in front and 14 in mm rotors out back. The new Quad Cab was aimed at the performance truck enthusiast who wanted a performance pickup, but not at the expense of room for passengers and towing capacity. A body-color aluminum tonneau cover with an aerodynamic spoiler came standard on the Quad Cab.

The first SRT was produced November 10, For , the total production was 5, and the total production was 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Street and Racing Technology. Motor vehicle. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Dodge Ram SRT-10 Viper Truck Review!! From A Tall Guys Perspective..

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