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Total Life Changes (TLC) is a global company committed to changing people's lives across the world with nutritional products and the opportunity to become. Total Life Changes (TLC) is the home of the 15 Day Challenge. More camera effects. More stickers. More ways to message. Only on the app. Open the Instagram. Total Life Changes TLC. Total Life Changes Iaso Tea, weight loss, skin care, essential oils, and opportunity. Order Total Life Changes products online as a. APPLE MACBOOK PRO VS LENOVO YOGA 910 Distribute your of war, the cloud spoken When it suits packed with tot een my original. As far the original help I merely responded. In my seem to cleanly boots from default with a. Creating security in to was trying will be session the leave a could not. You might before we is not Pi and displayed, total life changes next to gives the appearance of but not any access.

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These two positions form the start of two teams, with an affiliate being paid on the group volume GV generated by both teams. Any leftover volume in the other leg is carried over the following month. How much of a percentage of the GV generated an affiliate earns on the volume of their pay leg is determined by the following criteria:. Like the Corporate Expenses Account, the Car Bonus appears to be a cash payout that affiliates can spend on anything.

This is problematic in determining retail revenue within the company. It also slants how affiliates market the company, with an obvious focus on recruitment of affiliates over retail sales. This drags Total Life Changes into grey recruitment scheme territory.

I say grey because supposedly the Leadership Packs contain nothing more than products, however they are bought by new affiliates joining the company, so are technically part of the recruitment process. Another one is the commission rate incentivization that comes with the Leadership Packs. The more an affiliate pays when they sign up as an affiliate, the higher their commission rate. This is problematic in that it blurs whether an affiliate is paying more because of product value or because they want to earn more.

There was a burst of activity regarding TLC around , with some of those spamarticles and blogs bearing that date. It seems all the growth had been outside of the US. The products are superior and the plan solid enough to earn some serious money.

Your information regarding promotional packages and opportunities is outdated by at least two years. If you are going to pose as a source of information, at least get your facts straight. Two years you say? My my, perhaps Total Life Changes should update their publicly available compensation plan and website then. Diane, same problem here.

Include me in for your site Anita. If the product is as good as they say, we should be able to try it ourselves and getting the order is part of that trial. I ordered and received my order. It does take patience because there are so many people ordering and they were filling back orders at one point.

The line does stay constantly busy but if you keep trying, you will eventually get through. The product is worth the wait. There is a big difference between a customer and an affiliate. Customers who order do not get paid to refer. Affiliates are paid when they refer and someone purchase from them.

Also, the signup process is different. Again, Customers are not paid. Affiliates are not only paid on recruiting. It is a plus but not a must. There is a disclaimer that says affiliates are not required to recruit members to earn income. As far as shipment goes. The product is in very high demand. They have increased the production of Iaso tea to fulfill all shipments.

Be patient. Your shipments will arrive. Cheers to shedding pounds.. If they qualify for any commissions then they are no longer retail customers. The fact that Total Life Changes affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliates is the problem. Putting a silly pseudo-compliance disclaimer up is neither here nor there. Could you put the CS phone number here please? Anita, include me in as well. I placed my order a month ago, they can take my money but not return an email or answer the phone.

They will still just be customers. There is nothing stating that if you buy alot of products it makes you a rep. Far from the case. And being paid to bring in affiliates is nothing new whatsoever…in mlm or any other business. For instance, back in the day when i worked for Time Warner Cable, if you referred a new employee and they got hired, you received a commission for it. Same thing when i used to be a mortgage broker.

If i got someone on as a loan officer or a broker, I got a fee. I have affiliates for my printing company. Should my printing business be considered some pyramid scheme? For those bellyaching of delayed shipments, you need to take that up with the person you ordered your products from.

This has been a known thing since Dec due to the biggest growth in one month then the company has every seen since it started to do business as an mlm…on top of one main machine that packages the tea had broke down and have been playing catch up. The only product that has been delayed is the tea. The person you ordered from should have let you know that from jump. Then again they was probably just more concerned about getting your sale smh.

Me and my team, as well as alllllllll of my customers have received their products, except for the current ones placed after the 4th of last month. Those will be delivered shortly. But we all wait in line just like everyone else and we all get our products.

On some realness, if you had no problem eating unhealthy or having an unhealthy lifestyle for decades, waiting a few weeks to get that all corrected should be a walk in the park for you right? Anywho, once some legal stuff dealing with a new manufacturer, everything will go back to being days shipment for the tea. Being new or not is not the issue. David : For those bellyaching of delayed shipments,.

As a retail customer, I know delayed shipments is perfectly acceptable and will make me wish to purchase again. Face it, nobody except affiliates participating in the compensation plan are going to think months of delays in shipping a product is acceptable. Any retail customer is going to demand their money back and never purchase again.

Oz : Not if said purchase qualifies them to earn commissions in any way, shape or form. You are still missing the point. If someone just clicks Shop to place an order, no matter how much they buy, it will not make qualify for commissions or anything else outside of their order. Customers and reps are completely separate. To be a affiliate or whatever they would have to click the Join button and enter in more personal stuff like their SSN and etc.

That is far from what defines a pyramid scheme. I KNOW you know better than that. Oz : As a retail customer, I know delayed shipments is perfectly acceptable and will make me wish to purchase again. As i mentioned before, the reason why some think they should have their order already and is complaining is because of not being told by the person who got them to purchase the products that there will be a delay.

The problem lies with people not informing them. For instance, I personally have over 60 customers. Everything else ships fast because i told them it will be about 4 weeks. I leave it up to them to figure out if they will order now or wait til things get back up to speed this month.

Not surprise them with a long wait til how some reps did unfortunately. I do hold those reps who are just looking for a quick buck for not informing them. Regardless of the reason, weeks on weeks of delays for consumables is not acceptable as a retail customer.

Why would they do that? Oh right… greedy dishonest affiliates. I chose to wait because i was informed. The product is available and made daily. Have they been hiring and looking for more staff, of course. But we all know that takes time to search, screen and train people. When the coffee and chapstick was ran out of, they gladly removed it until they received more product.

When a company quadruples in customers and reps in a month and continues to grow by the thousands weekly,. This review was published in Bottom line? No one said they said they are not shipping the tea or refusing to ship smh. No one has not not gotten their products. They are going in the order the order was received.

They are short staffed plain and simple. We are informed if products are not available or if there is a shortage in which i just mentioned. Anywho, I answered your questions and all that jazz. Time for me to go out and enjoy myself. Just stop trying to nitpick or reword things to try and make yourself look good and the blog get some hits.

But we all know that takes time to search, screen and train people—david. The main products that sell everywhere else is the skin line and the some other products. The pop just came from all of the people who came on board and market the tea for its benefits. Plus the company does serve over countries.

If so, THAT would cause a drop. Also, there bistro failure of delivery. People get their orders. We do. They are ultimately responsible for advising their customers of any product shipping delays — unless of course you can provide evidence you are employed by TLC and authorized to speak on their behalf.

MLM is all about perception. And being paid to bring in affiliates is nothing new whatsoever…in mlm or any other business—david. It actually had a relatively healthy focus on product sales, but much of it were designed for offline uses rather than for online. David : For those who choose to get refunds they are giving them with out a problem. And why is it impossible to get anyone on the phone? We was not aware of the shipping delays until after.

I In No way shape or form I would of took a customer money knowing their products will take a month some will but not me. True their product line is awesome bit unfortunately it nothing else to back that product line. As far as the huge growth the integrity of the company is compromised. If you plaster paychecks everywere of course people will want to join. I think these are growing pains.

The company was not able to handle the new market that expanded the company. Me too I place an order on feb 4 of and I never received a confirmation number of my order but my card was charge the same day….. I still have not receive my order or my refund they said it will take bussiness days but its been a month already! You guys have turned me off.

There are too many similar and good products available that I can buy without worrying about shipping delays and being pushed to become an affiliate. You can keep it. I remember them from another company and one of them who was promoted to VP of sales in North America recently, had participated in an insurance scam which I learned about from this site High Def Nation.

They are also making outrages claims such as the tea being able to mitigate HIV. If you care about your reputation and the industry, stay away. If you really want the tea, look up Dr. Miller makes all of them including IASO.

Same ingredients no delay in shipments. Dr Miller was a seperate company with a different formulation of the tea. His company folded years ago. The Dr Miller products found online are from old batches made and in some instance can be found to be fake on ebay and amazon because the original packaging is not secure and easy to tamper. Also the print found on the packaging can be duplicated. They also had a machine malfunction during this time and that is why tea is delayed.

It is the only product delayed. Folks can take Delgada coffee, Chaga, Nutraburst, hcg or resolutin drops if weightloss is a goal. The company has the delay of tea shipment on their site. They also hired a company to help with customer service. Thousands of reps and customers are signing up weekly and of course calling with a multitude of needs.

They have kept customers and reps informed. However i see some reps are lacking in informing customers. Also to get a email of current events you must submit a email upon ordering and it was found that many have not done that. Once again the company makes no claims to cure anything. Unfortunatly some folks may be promoting it that way but it is incorrect and they are cracking down on that type of promoting. The official site might not make claims, but there are a lot of it being posted all over social media by affiliates.

As far as the Dr. Miller shut down claim, this is news to them. Call a few sellers yourself. Miller changed manufactures and that is the cause of the delay. There was one that somehow related not joining to not treating cancer or something.

It was really bizarre. The Reps are holding the bag until they sort out corporate bullshit. I completely understand s the growth but I think its a little bit more than that. That noone is telling us. If you plaster paychecks on social media. What do you think your gonna get. Exactly what going on now. Reps that have No clue to what the product is or what it does. They just want to make a week. This is crazy.

Greater times tea would take 1 week tops. What is the least amount I have to pay to be an affiliate and what discount do I get on products I order? Buy atleast one product that gives 40 volume points. Nothing more. The price of the products are the same for reps as customers. You must not be in. In regards to you not getting paid, it must be due to lack of either autoship thats a requirement or lack of being a rank for residuals or not have brought in new customers or reps.

The pay has not been slowed down or delayed one bit. I get paid and everyone I know of been paid with no issues every week if they earned it. On the corporate call they mentioned they are working on the CS end. They are upgrading the phone system, hiring new folks and even outsourcing reps from another company all in the US but that takes time. I own a lot of companies and I know first hand the grueling process in hiring and training. There is no conspiracy theory behind anything. We are growing by around new reps a week and God knows how many customers.

Now if u want to stay on the know I can add u to all of the appropriate groups so u can get first hand info on all happenings. Terrence B : So you get paid to buy from yourself? As mentioned before, the products are the same price for customers and reps. We get no extra discounts. That makes sense to me. So how do you make money? Do you let your customers know they can do it the way you explained above? I would only mention that to those who want to become a rep.

Plus, some folks have a mental thing as if a autoship is bad even though customers rarely buy a product one time and never order again especially since all products does what they are meant to to in a short time frame.

Or, if you became a rep, I would get volume monthly which goes towards ranking up and earning weekly residuals versus one time payments. Then you get to do the same thing. How did you get off said medication? How did ur hair grow back in that bald spot? And etc. They would rather upgrade and make some money instead of directing them to the rep to earn the commissions.

Sounds to me like you losing out and or Just maybe they would just quit once they have enough of the product. Terrence B : So if they are all ordering from themselves. No one is missing out on anything. Those who become reps do so so they can get compensated for sharing the products with others. No one comes in to become reps just to order products for themselves and cancel.

Even the ones who do may not order most of the products that way because it can slow down them ranking up due to volume. If a rep decides to purchase products from their own customer link they get some cash back and I would get volume. Win win either way. How long did you pay retail before you decided to become a rep and get the discount and try to make money from it?

Char : How long did you pay retail before you decided to become a rep and get the discount and try to make money from it? It was only 2 weeks in. I already had planned on being a rep anyway since I already saw sooooo many people testimonies. I was sold before I was a rep. Forget about your shady compensation claim, you, your product and the company you represent are a blight on humanity and deserve the full force of the law dropped on your heads from a great height.

Although the herbs in the tea actually does those you can look up each one and go on pubmed. Folks have even been told not to use the flyer. As I always tell folks, first get educated on what each ingredient for the different products does before being all upset over something for no reason. U can tell me why u are really upset.

Nah, first you go and work with some of the millions of HIV positive people or some of the millions of people with Parkinsons and then come back and tell us how ethical and moral it is to associate a tea with either disease, weasel words or no weasel words. I own a lot of companies and I know first hand the grueling process in hiring and training—david.

Just an fyi, i was able to fund all of my companies die to network marketing. And why I got involved in TLC? Well simple. This is nothing new to me. After doing proper research, unlike many folks, I saw they have quality products and the items that use are documented to help in MANY areas. Might want to do some yourself. For one, the number of customers dwarf the number of reps.

People just love talking just because. Active reading must be applied when commenting on something. Might want to do some yourself—david. I am sorry that the person from whom you purchased your product has not kept you updated on the delays in the Iaso Tea.

I would suggest sending out another request via e-mail if it has been some time since you contacted them. Maya : I am sorry that the person from whom you purchased your product has not kept you updated on the delays in the Iaso Tea. I purchased tea and it took a month to arrive. Then i placed an order for nutra burst which took 5 weeks to come.

Thinking i would get it faster because all of the reps in the group said the only thing backed up is tea… Tuh. That was feb 2 After thinking about my poor choice i called on the 9 th and asked for a refund. Today is march 18th and after calling amd calling getting hung up on and lied too. I HAD only been with this company 6 months and I was on an auto ship and I have only received my product one month yet I have been charged every month thereafter.

I have had to cancel my card so that I am not charged month after month and not receive any products. Where is my order-This is very unprofessional — you take your payment right away and your rep lies and tells you 14 business days knowing full well they were backed up when she took my order but never disclosed this information — bad to do business this way..

In defense for the Rep we really did not know. I have customers waiting as well. My business is tainted like I am a con artist. Just wait so sad. I thought my experience would have been better at this company. Everyone… I think its clear to say we have all been ripped off. Time to take Legal action and launch an investigation. A business acquaintance talked me into joining this company, and I gave the tea a try as my first order. As soon as I realized my mistake, I attempted to contact the company for instructions on canceling the order or returning the tea if it had already been shipped.

Well, I take that back…I once got a reply to one of several emails I sent to TLC customer support, but that was simply to tell me that in order to cancel an autoship, I would need to provide them with the last 4 digits of my credit card on file. I was asking for instructions on how to return an order.

I provided them with my credit card info, however, in hopes that I could keep the dialogue going with the support team…But I never heard back and I sent several emails with no response after that. I have also tried calling the company at least 50 times in the past month, but I can never get a hold of anyone. This is terrible customer service and nothing I have ever experienced with any company I have been a part of! Not Pleased :This is terrible customer service and nothing I have ever experienced with any company I have been a part of!

Sorry to hear the ordeal with your order. Because folks send in emails for the smallest things they can do on their own without CS help, you have many people sending in emails. They literally get thousands a day. But i will say always consult with ur upline first for many things and see if they can get it handled. In regards to actually getting in contact with CS, i get through every time I actually do have to call them.

For the moment, u just have to keep redialing back to back until it rings. It may just keep ringing but someone will eventually pick up. The best time to call them is soon as they open or close to when they are about to close. We inform you of all of this and other techniques. And I called this company and like people are stating always busy and the many times I did get thru I was on hold for an hour every time then it would hang up every time!

Then I emailed them got a response a week later stating the HCG drops are in stock but the tea was now on back order and since I ordered it together I now have to wait to have them both shipped together!! What a joke!!. Smh I have a daughter that sales IT WORKS products and never had to wait over 2 weeks for my purchase and also got an invoice on what I ordered and when it would arrive. TLC needs to make some improvements because word of mouth is the key to sailing stuff!!!

I work for the federal goverment and had many co workers saying they wanted to order until they found out how you never get a summery on yr shipment or when it might be in.. So there goes that. I am an affiliate with the company and it does take a while to get your orders. I started ordering regularly so I always have a shipment coming in so I can have product for customers.

In a recent meeting, I heard that customers can request a refund by sending an email to info at totallifechanges. They are supposed to be making the refunds a priority. I hope this helps anyone that has been waiting a while. FYI — If you order other products in addition to the Iaso tea, place2 separate orders. Other products are shipping within 2 to 3 business days. Why all the fuss over waiting 21 days for tea. All the other products are delivered within a few days.

Total Life Changes is not a scam. If you order furniture at any furniture store and they have to order it for you. You have to pay for it and wait sometimes 6 weeks. Why such negative comments and whining. Everyone is told upfront and on the website that the tea is delayed do to high demand.. However, the money was withdrawn from my account on March 3, If you order any product with the tea it will ship with the tea when it gets to your number.

David : 9. This has zero to do with insider or non insider information. I see someone needs anger management. Please show me where I stated that folks are either lazy or liars. The people called to see where their package is at, for a tracking number and saw either it was still in route or sitting at their local office office.

Whip : so what exactly would your conspiracy theory be that people get allllllllll their other mail but not these products? No notice was left on the door or anything. Only knew it was there because of the tracking number. That number is small as hell. I have no idea of where you are or your particular circumstances, but, I can guarantee you if what you and other representatives of Total Life Changes are doing in response to legitimate customer complaints is in any way representative of how you and they intend to approach customer service,your time in multi level marketing is going to be short and not so sweet.

There u go again reaching. I already owned up to saying that was a poor choice of words by me but I guess u just cont to want to be upset for nothing so u just skipped over that when I replied to u huh? Anyway, my time in network marketing has been and will continue to be long and successful. Already got a great 16 strong and profitable years in. So obviously my customer service is pretty on point.

Guess u also missed how I mentioned money I made in network marketing was used to start my businesses. Have a great time. Time to watch Insurgents. Heard it was a great movie. Check it out if u have time. David : Anyway, my time in network marketing. Put the order number in the subject area and the stupid lady email me back asking for my order number. Kahoona : TLC is a piece of crap. Your order has more than likely shipped or is about to be shipped.

There are people who posted in our group that got their orders or their tracking information and they placed orders in the 20 something date of Feb. David : If you really think people get all their mail period then you sir are pretty delusional. Mail get lost all the time, packages almost never. And I am speaking from my personal experience of ordering tons of stuff over the Internet.

Also advantage of packages is that they always have tracking number. If you send a package and do not give people tracking number, how they supposed to know that they have to go to post office to pickup said package if there is no slip?

Thats why respectable retailer give you tracking number in email or on the account page. Otherwise, you they are not going to get repeat sales. I signed up as a rep under a family member although I said I would never join another direct sale company, I fell into the trap of looking at pictures of people with their huge checks, and decided to join.

The leaders in this company also did some questionable things to get those top dollars, and I see the same thing happening here. I prepared healthier meals and cut out a lot of unhealthy foods. With a lot of discipline and hard work I am grateful to say I was able to shed lbs.

These lifestyle changes and weight loss have given me the freedom to be medication free! The last thing I had the energy to do was to come home and take care of my 3 grandsons. I lost weight, then gained it all back and then some. I needed a Life Change!!! I found it with TLC!!! Thank you so much for being the answer to my prayers! I am living my best life now and my daughter is so much happier.

I tried the tea, saw results and it was on from there. You can truly experience that family feeling at TLC. Our Core Values are incorporated in everything we do. We actively support each other through our live broadcasts, training sessions, tour events. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Jason B. Father of two lost lbs.

Jeff R. Married Lost lbs.

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