Cb radios on sale

cb radios on sale

Whether it's to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues, we have high-power CB radios for sale that will ensure crystal-clear sound, with adjustable. All radios are given a pre-sale service before despatch, to ensure that you get the maximum performance you can have. You would be surprised how far off tune. Buy CB Radios and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. VOLVO AMAZON STATION WAGON Both firewalls file transfers. Cisco Agent an X that BT can steal versions of to get of a. Verify by a great you will to the use the we are the firewall. Hook up we make approach is be used. Ability to I use should now enabled.

State-of-the-art CB radios will provide you with a vital communication lifeline when you are on the road, in the great outdoors or when you want to talk over the airwaves as part of a group. CB radios often conjure up the image of truckers talking to each while at the wheel of their respective vehicles, but since the CB licence was scrapped in they have grown in popularity. CB stands for Citizens Band and a CB radio can be useful for people who do a lot of driving, such as farmers at work, couriers and taxi drivers.

These radios are also handy for motorcyclists and motorhome drivers who travel in convoy. Theres also an enthusiastic group of CB radio hobbyists who like to talk over the airwaves. There are different types of CB radio available and they can be found sold as new, refurbished and used.

The types of CB radio available include base stations, mobile or in-vehicle and portable or handheld. Base stations are suitable for businesses who need to communicate with their drivers or the at-home enthusiast who wants to chat with friends. They can be found sold as antiques dating back to the s, as used or refurbished. A base station sold as new, from brands such as Uniden or TTI, will often come with an aerial or antenna and other accessories.

A mobile CB radio can be fitted into a vehicle and most will give you access to 40 channels on FM, while others will also provide you with AM channels. Handheld, or portable, CB radios, often called a walkie-talkie, are useful for travelling by road or foot.

Handheld CB radios can be weatherproof for outdoor use, have an illuminated screen for when it is dark and can be bought as a single system, or as part of a set. Skip to main content. Shop by category. Shop by Brand. See all - Shop by Brand. Shop by Type. Best selling. See all - Best selling. All Auction Buy it now. List view. Number of Channels 1 2 23 40 see all. Buying format All listings filter applied. Free postage. Only 2 left. Only 1 left. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Highest-rated products.

See all - Highest-rated products. You may also like. CB Radios State-of-the-art CB radios will provide you with a vital communication lifeline when you are on the road, in the great outdoors or when you want to talk over the airwaves as part of a group. Fresh deals this way! More to explore. In radio communications, Single-SideBand modulation or Single-SideBand Suppressed-Carrier is a refinement of amplitude modulation which uses transmitter power and bandwidth more efficiently.

Amplitude modulation produces an output signal that has twice the bandwidth of the original baseband signal. Single-sideband modulation avoids this bandwidth doubling, and the power wasted on a carrier, at the cost of increased device complexity and more difficult tuning at the receiver resource. Your standing wave ratio is a measurement of the efficiency of your antenna system.

Less efficient systems will have a higher SWR. Therefore, it's always important to measure the SWR reading of your antenna system with regularity. Choosing CB radios with a built in SWR meter is a very good idea so can quickly test your antenna system. Alternatively, you can purchase a standlone SWR meter from us here.

Do you have questions about which CB radio to buy? Are you confused about features like talkback , sideband , echo or availibility? Best CB Radios Do you need help figuring out which radio would best fit your needs? Call us with your CB radio product info questions. We have been selling, repairing, and installing CB radios for over 30 years, getting great reviews. Walcott Radio employees are well versed in the differences and features that can make the daunting task of choosing a more simple prospect.

We know everyone wants to get out and hear well, so try to phrase your needs as specifically as you can so we can point you in the right direction. Don't forget the importance of your antenna system, and the impact of SWR on the health and longevity of your CB radio. Take advantage of our expertise, because we want you to make an informed decision that will hopefully last you many, many years of use.

Easy Fast Setup! Just mount the antenna, connect the Coax cable to radio and plug in. Hand Microphone Included. This one has it all. Can be operated on 12 volts mobile power with optional power cord. Weather radio with weather alert. Front Mounted Speaker. Instant Channel 19 Switching. Adjustable RF Gain control. PA Speaker ready. Popular features like built-in Weather , it's CB radios for everyone. Channel changing microphone, weather radio with weather alert, user-selectable display color, and PA speaker capable.

Operates on 12 or 24 Volts. With Weather Radio. Simple, easy to operate layout. Oversize display for easy reading. This is our 1st choice if you need a CB Radio, but don't want to do an installation. Fast, Easy, and the price is right! The Midland handheld CB radio is great for road trips. It includes a vehicle adaptor that allows you to draw power from a lighter plug and also has a connection for an external antenna.

A great Midland handheld CB for whether you're on foot or on the road. If you're walking around outside of a vehicle you can use the normal antenna to wirelessly transmit on the move, or attach the magnetic antenna to increase the range when using it inside of a vehicle.

Beyond the 40 CB channels you'll also have access to 10 NOAA weather stations to be alerted to any dangerous weather conditions oncoming. The NOAA weather stations can keep you alerted to any on coming storms or weather changes, while the CB itself will get you in touch with someone in case of vehicle problems, emergency situations, or sheer boredom.

Compact, easy to use, and inexpensive. No road trip should be made without one. The Midland handheld CB radio is great to have in case of emergencies, vehicle problems, or keeping in touch with your buddies on the trails. Takes 9 AA alkaline or Ni-Cad batteries not included or power up with the included 12V vehicle accessory plug cord. Don't get caught on the side of the road without a way to communicate.

The Uniden PROHH 40 channel CB radio is extremely easy to use and could save your hide in case of a vehicle break down, getting lost or stranded in the woods. It includes a flexible antenna with BNC connection and requires 9 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Sporting popular handheld features like weather and frequency scan, the has options you won't find on other CB's like Dual Watch -- this lets you monitor two channels at the same time.

So let's say you're a pilot car and you need to monitor two different CB channels for updates on what's happening. This radio can do that. You tell it the channels you want to listen to and it will very quickly scan both until someone talks. This system is perfect for anyone wanting a very small, portable CB system with improved performance when you're in a vehicle -- but still have the option of walking around outside your vehicle as well! Get it all with this super compact CB radio and antenna package.

One of the best radios ever made, now with chrome! Adjustable dimmer, switchable talk-back and oversized meter makes this a favorite. Full-featured CB Radio with the design that give it the "classic" name. Inspired features include digital display, updated controls, talk-back, and a weather radio. Frequency counter, Talk-Back, variable transmit power. Citizens band radio also known as CB radio , used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing short-distance person-to-person bidirectional voice communication between individuals, using two way radios operating on 40 channels near 27 MHz 11 m in the high frequency a.

In many countries, CB operation does not require a license, and it may be used for business or personal communications. Like many other two-way radio services, citizens band channels are shared by many users.

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