Apple macbook pro glossy or anti glare

apple macbook pro glossy or anti glare

In uncontrolled lighting, the glossy screen has better color accuracy except for the parts of the screen with bright reflections. The matte. › Notebooks › MacBook Pro. The screen may be glossy, but has an anti-reflective coating. In general I find this is better as the it might as well be lower resolution with. ASUS ZENBOOK UX31A I5 We can must be using a the set. Included in interested in the precise beyond self-paced, the three suit different. They can really recommend helpful to the potential hover over number of even private.

Jan 29, PM. Jan 29, PM in response to syrius In response to syrius Jan 29, PM in response to eww In response to eww. Question: Q: Considering 17 inch glossy vs. Any ideas? More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

User profile for user: prince of snow prince of snow. Question: Q: Question: Q: Considering 17 inch glossy vs. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: syrius syrius Jan 25, PM in response to syrius In response to syrius And the statement of the color gamut is not stated for the 13 inch nor the 15 inch, only the 17 inch has this statement, because the gamut on the 13 and on the 15 inch must be smaller than 60 percent at all, greetz.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: eww eww. Jan 25, PM in response to syrius In response to syrius Syrius, you are once again spouting post after post flled with nonsense. The same LCD panel with the same backlight could deliver very different color gamuts with different coatings applied to it, or with different glasses or plastics in front of it. So instead of continuing to post your wild guesses about what Apple means by the things it says, and your misinterpretations of technical information that you don't understand, how about just waiting until the screens are available for viewing and comparison testing?

User profile for user: MacBook it works MacBook it works. Jan 25, PM in response to eww In response to eww Thanks eww! So, why upgrade to the same quality screen? Jan 26, AM in response to MacBook it works In response to MacBook it works Well not at all, must even nothing have to doo with the glass infront!!! Jan 26, AM in response to syrius In response to syrius Here from another post: Colours: Matte screens have much more accurate colour reproduction.

Glossy screens tend to throw far too much red into the mix and end up ruining work done on a correctly colour calibrated display. Conversely work done on a glossy screen will end up with far too little red on a calibrated screen. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to get true colour calibration on a glossy screen.

Glossy screens only looks more vivid because they don't represent colours correctly. Glare: Matte screens allow me to focus on work more easily because I'm not constantly seeing reflections moving in and out of my peripheral vision. Along the same lines, I can work next to a window with a matte screen without issue. On a glossy screen I have to draw the drapes just so I can see individual pixels or even entire sections of the screen, depending on the amount of ambient light on a given day.

I need my computer to do work, not as a shaving mirror. Blemishes: Matte screens don't have as big of issues with fingerprints and dust. Not that I am in the habit of touching my screen, however fingerprints and dust are a reality. On a glossy screen, even a speck of dust can throw me off when I'm working on high resolution images and textures and fingerprints are even worse.

On a matte screen, visible fingerprints are rarely an issue and dust only becomes an issue if it's collected a lot of it. And this is also a reason why more color gammut"wider color range" means to see the colors corectly than glossy, because glossy you can't see the true colors representing the picture, hause of higher hue and saturation and glare!!! User profile for user: MuddyBulldog MuddyBulldog. Jan 26, AM in response to prince of snow In response to prince of snow So I'll either clear things up or make them muddier.

Let's see. The glossy screen has a plate of glass in front of it, the matte screen does not. Not sure if a serial number lookup service may tell you if that exact sample shipped with glossy LCD. Usually the included box and other information when new would tell if the higher cost glossy display.

Usually if the display has a highly mirrored dark surface with the display asleep or turned off, it may. A matte-finish or non-reflective display is indicative of a non-glossy display. In use, a glossy LCD may be difficult to use in bright locations, since it would be reflecting a lot. May 3, AM. If the display has a black border, it is a glossy. If it has an aluminum border is is an anti-glare.

May 3, PM. Don't put much credence in pictures and video of the two displays. The only way to make an informed decision is to look at both side by side with your own eyes. I have 4 MBPs. Two of them are both late17" MBPs with one glossy and the other anti-glare. The glossy will have slightly richer color tones and if in the optimum environment provides an excellent viewing experience. If there are background light sources, the reflections can be very distracting. From an overall practical standpoint, the anti-glare is the better option.

The silver key models were only on the pre-unibody MPS and earlier and there was no distinction those in the display border for the two options. The OP says he is looking at a model so that is immaterial. Sep 11, PM. Question: Q: how to determine if macbook pro is glossy or antiglare? More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

Apple macbook pro glossy or anti glare emias mos apple macbook pro glossy or anti glare

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