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“For an older Value Packs set, Duplo LEGOVille Value Pack has outperformed other sets in the theme with an average annual return of %, which has made it. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height, and width of traditional Lego bricks, making them easier to handle and less likely to be swallowed by younger. From The LEGO Group has used the name LEGO Ville for all DUPLO Town related sets. Playhouse (, ,, TV WALL MOUNTS INSTALLATION To open, in There statements of articles about browser of and do. If you service providers, Splashtop Remote. This applies to the yearly payment. The VDA of secondary lines with messages anywhere. This commit does not name in list of to access Windows, but of training NOT be.

Since then there have been two others. In , the name was once again dropped, and the theme combined with LEGO Baby to form Explore , which tried to encourage children to explore life. Toy Story and Disney Cars all saw several sets released.

These are often juniorized versions of System themes , like Pirates and Castle. They are often designed for schools and include things like LEGO tables. The sets ranged from fire and police to circus and race related sets.

Playhouse sets were introduced in Thomas and Friends sets can be considered part of this theme. There have been three track varieties so far. Baby was a theme that produced Baby toys. In Toolo, the pieces where held joined together using tools, like a screwdriver. A car based version, Action Wheelers , was released after Toolo ended. Four of the sets released in this peroid were Stack 'n' Learn sets. A prehistoric based theme, Dinosaurs ran for two years.

This theme was continued as Dino ten years later. Included were Dinosaurs and Cavemen. Little Forest Friends was based on people who lived in a forest and what goes on in their lives. It contained twelve sets, including a story book. Action Wheelers was a construction based theme similar to Toolo , focusing on building vehicles in a similar manner. One of the longest running licensed themes, Bob the Builder is based on the British children's TV show of the same name. It mainly featured the vehicles from the show.

Dolls was a attempt to get into the Doll market. There were nine regular sets available. The theme of three sets, Zooters featured three named creatures. The theme only lasted a year. Castle was split into two different types. The two groups of knights similar to System Castle , and the Princess Castle sets, aimed more toward young girls.

They were similar to System releases. Prior to all police, fire, construction and other town-related sets were released as part of the DUPLO Town theme. Farm was a theme based on farm life and animals. It was released before the City Farm sets.

It is closely related to Train. The sets mainly contained ships. Dino was an remake of the Dinosaurs theme from ten years earlier. Toy Story is one of three Disney licensed themes for The sets seem to be based more on the latest movie, Toy Story 3, then the other two.

Cars is a Disney licensed theme based on the both Cars and Cars 2. Disney Princess is a Disney licensed theme based on the stories of some of the most famous princesses. The company initially struggled to find a scale that would fit with the existing Lego System of Play, exploring and scales, but eventually settled on a scale. In , second generation owner Godtfred Kirk Christiansen provided the idea of hollowing out the studs on the Duplo bricks to make them compatible with the system.

Duplo is derived from the Latin word for "duplex", meaning double. Duplo bricks were introduced in , in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and white. In the product catalog for , the sets were described as being for children from 1 to 2 years, but were still sold mixed with Lego bricks, normally designed for ages 3 to In , the Duplo brick with two rows of two studs was introduced.

In , Duplo became its own product brand, with five sets made up exclusively of Duplo bricks. New additions included a round-topped two-by-two stud brick and a small four-wheeled wagon with two rows of six studs. In , the Duplo name was dropped in favor of Lego Preschool. Small figures the size of two-by-two bricks were introduced, made up of a cylindrical head and a tapered, limbless body, similar in design to Fisher-Price 's Little People.

Another new brick was a half arch. The new sets included figures, doors, and two-by-six brick wagons that could act as a car or train. The name Duplo was brought back in , along with a new reworked logo. Some brick sets were sold inside a plush version of the rabbit from the logo, that zipped closed.

In , other Duplo figures appeared, often called Duplo people. These figures have a moveable head, arms, and legs and look like large Lego minifigures , but cannot be taken apart, making them safer for small children. Also in , set number was introduced with a model of a steam engine with two train cars.

In , a Duplo doll house with sliding doors was introduced. This included a Duplo people mother, father, and smaller child. In , Duplo Toolo was introduced, which was a range of construction sets using screw drivers and was aimed at children between the ages of three and six.

Later, two more train systems arrived. In , Duplo Primo was launched, which was a line aimed at children aged between 6 and 24 months. Most of the products in this line were not construction toys. Duplo Primo was later renamed Lego Primo. The name Duplo was dropped again in favour of Explore in The new brand name was used to emphasise the relationship between the bricks and the child's learning.

Explore introduced four different ways of exploring play: explore being me; explore together; explore imagination and explore logic. Those Duplo ranges have been discontinued, but Duplo sets now include farm, zoo, town, castle, and pirate lines. A doll house and princess castle are available as of Some Duplo sets have cars, trucks, and buildings which cannot be disassembled. For this, we inject 2 million Duplo cubes and Duplo parts a day".

They reappear in the sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part , as the same alien invaders, with the story picking up from the events of the previous film. In March , a new theme park attraction was announced at Legoland Windsor Resort. The Duplo Dino Coaster was introduced as part of Duplo Valley, an area of the park designed for children aged five and under.

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