1955 gmc custom pickup

1955 gmc custom pickup

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1955 gmc custom pickup zales square ring 1955 gmc custom pickup

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Monitoring the health of the little V8 should not be an issue, thanks to the gauge cluster with the rare optional factory tachometer. The gauge fascia will require restoration, but it has no dings or dents. Once again, this should be a straightforward process that would produce satisfying results for the owner. I completely understand that, and I respect that view. However, before anyone contemplates such a move, I suggest that they take a moment to reflect on the rarity of these vehicles.

The Suburban was produced in this form from until , and build totals were not high. That already makes it a rare classic, while the drivetrain combination and the list of optional extras would push the stakes even higher. That is why I hope that someone buys this classic pickup and returns it to its former glory.

I believe that it would be worth the time and effort, and the finished product would stand out for all of the right reasons. One rare truck……wish I had seen it before it was listed….. Someone will get a good deal on a rare truck! I agree with Adam, this truck has a lot goin for it. Build back the way it rolled of the assembly line in If I understand it right this bed is basically the stepside bed with fiberglass outer skins?

Keep it original, great head on look, love the grill and bumper set up. I really like the gauge cluster, that machined look will clean up nicely. This is another rare bird that has to be restored to the way it rolled off the line. You can just see how great it will turn out, somebody is going to be very happy.

That 4 speed Hydromatic is one of the best transmissions ever made. Great performance from them. Great looking trucks. Not a lot of them out there with the full up package like this one. This would be a great truck to restore. Still a beautiful truck. This is the only Cameo style I have seen. I imagine this was a dealer ordered showroom truck , meant to draw customers in and away from other truck dealerships.

Had 4. It was a beautiful turquoise and cream, big back window, big toothy chrome grill. Sold it when I went to college. Always loved the dashes in the GMCs, much better looking than the comparable Chevys. When I was a kid we had GMC school buses of this vintage, and they had a vacuum gauge where the tach is on this one.

Also, Preston Truck Lines had the big truck version of these, they were painted orange and black. Well, that tach was NOT a factory option. They were not even offered in the light duty trucks. This dashboard and instrument cluster was used in the entire truck line up, so there is going to be inconsistencies. The tach was standard equipment on all diesel powered trucks and those with the big gas engines. And it was not electronic, it was cable driven.

As you rudely mentioned, this was an aftermarket tach, mostly a US item, and Adam may not have even seen one. While that space was for a tachometer in some trucks, the gas jobs more than likely had a vacuum or air pressure gauge there. I think you know a lot, but please, try and be more constructive with your comments, the authors are NOT idiots. Well, There were factory-installed tachs as options. Also saw a 65 fairlane 4 door that had hi performance fender tags on it but the motor was gone about the same time frame.

The good old days of walking through salvage yards, wish i took pictures now. I hear you on spending time in a salvage yard hate the phrase junk yard. The uncle let us have the run of the yard and we went crazy salvaging parts and getting cars upgraded or repaired. Nothing was sacred in those days, if you could make it fit with a welder and torch, it was fair game. Some worked, some were dismal failures but it was all fun. Become a member to add images to your comments.

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1955 GMC Truck

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