Funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall

funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall

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Funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall pirates of caribbean 6 rise from dead


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Funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall godness

Spotlight 4 AT THE ZOO! Module 4 DVD

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funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall


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Page Exercise 1. Funny animals! Funny Animals' Club. Welcome to the Funny Animals Club! Today we have an ultimate 30 minutes compilation of the Best and Funniest recent Today's funny compilation is not about dogs and cats, but about wild and farm funny animals and it will make you laugh and Lesson 8b. Wild about animals! Unit 7: Funny animals! Best of the funny animal videos.

This is the funniest and best video ever. It is funny and cute! Hope you like our compilation Spotlight 4 p. Welcome to Funny Animals Club! Today we have a weekly best videos of Cats, Dogs and some wild animals for you! In today's funny selection, we've gathered for you the best funny, cute and hilarious videos for Let's remember the funniest The seals are clapping!

Yes, they always clap at lunchtime! They're so clever! What do the seals always do at lunchtime? What are the seals doing? They're clapping. They always clap at lunchtime. What are the monkeys doing? What are the hippos doing? They always have a bath in the afternoon. What are the dolphins doing? They always play in the morning. Do you like dolphins? What are you doing? Oh yes! I think they're great! Look at that picture — the dolphin is catching a fish! I'm reading a book about dolphins.

Of course! Dolphins eat fish, you know. Let's go to the z oo after sch oo l. It's c oo l. When I'm at the zoo, what do I see? Lots of funny animals looking at me. I see a baby hopip learning how to run. And one cooilcrde crying on its own!

Look at the giraffe! Oh, yes! It's eating from a tree! One big happy family! My best friend!

Funny animals spotlight 4 wordwall connecting apple macbook pro to tv

Spotlight 4. Модуль Fun at school Animal tastes часть 1

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