Armenian vibes danand

armenian vibes danand

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Plans were broached for a record, but nothing ever worked out and Loudville quietly devolved into pumice. Lee became enamored of a cassette of songs Bryan recorded in his car. Before anything could be done with that, however, Bryan reported back that he had recorded most of his repertoire under a bridge, by the banks of the Connecticut River in Turners. It was a lot of stuff, but it was fucking cool, so here ya go. The vibe is akin to being invited to enter a van full of smoke, only to discover that a river runs through it.

Quite amazing in a low-key kind of way. The three albums ebb and flow with a rhythm as natural as the watery backdrop for the recording session. The album opens in an unsettling swirl of overlapping male voices repeating 1 Corinthians in English and Icelandic before dissolving into fuzz, and closes with the same passage read clearly, this time by a young girl. Grape St. Gurdjieff, was widely acclaimed, and won an Edison Award as Album of the Year in Now Eskenian and his musicians turn their attention to the music of Vardapet Komitas Composer, ethnomusicologist, arranger, singer and priest, Komitas is popularly held to be the founder of contemporary music in Armenia, and in his work as a collector he explored the connections that uniquely bind together Armenian sacred and secular music.

With their special focus on folk instrumentation and inspired arrangements the Ensemble illuminates the deep roots of Komitas compositions in this program recorded in Lugano in February This is a record for fans of Caribou, Can, Panda Bear, and self-reflection.

Third-wave hardcore influences meld with elements of Neu-like trance rock. Vinyl due November Hoopdreams is the result of three multi-instrumentalists from the Pacific NW loosening their reins on traditional songwriting. Dub-influenced beats, layered vocals spanning multiple octaves of harmony, and mysterious electronic noises are explored to evoke vaguely familiar feelings of nostalgia that rest densely upon the human psyche.

Vinyl is a limited HQgm picture disc. The artist behind a series of in-demand 45s from that era, Sam was also a regular on s soul TV program Night Train. Some of these relate to her convictions passionately expressed in Rhythm Nation , including the need to bring things out in the open and to have a dialogue. The album also marks the first time Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael and with reflections concerning her youth. This is what Hurricane , the third studio album brought to you by British hard rock quartet The Jokers, gives to you.

The characteristic buzzing timbre might sound odd to foreign ears. Also available on limited color vinyl. But in the midst of this, a thread of melody held strong, small and wiry, underneath the din. Vinyl version due November The subject, long turned over by artists of all kinds, is inherently sad. Matisyahu — Live At Stubbs Vol. Each features a bonus disc of previously unreleased and rare tracks. Deluxe editions of each are also available.

Deluxe edition of Tug Of War adds the remix of the entire album as a third disc. Both feature a DVD of music videos, behind the scenes footage, and previously unreleased home videos as well as a page essay book. Lastly, a limited Super Deluxe edition of Tug Of War is presented in expanded, acrylic slipcase packaging.

Vinyl versions are HQgm double-LP. It is as awesome in the truest sense, like a sky full of stars. Collaborators include: T. The Austin trio understands how to leave space for the listener. You instinctively lean into the sparseness, trying to tease out what makes the songs tick. One kicks off with not a bang so much as a spark, lighting the fire that burns slow and steady.

The ingredients and the sentiment might be simple, but the outcome is disarmingly complex. John Soda. Gothic vampirism, heady fantasy and an adventurous spirit akin to Alice tripping through the looking glass swirl within New Years Day, led by the charismatic thunder of Ashley Costello. Having started out in Leeds, UK, the quartet tour the globe regularly, bringing their hard-charging, delectably greasy jams to all corners of the globe with a rabid fan base that stretches from New York City to Tokyo, San Francisco to Amsterdam and all points in between.

Also available on electric yellow and orange splatter translucent vinyl. The album Operation: Mindcrime told the fictional story of a junkie who becomes a political assassin in hopes of saving America, only to be betrayed by the revolutionary who promised him redemption.

Rudolph explores the musical forms, languages, instrumentation, and cosmologies of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the African Diaspora, often through large ensembles. His compositions display unusual relationships that culminate into wildly imaginative and unexpected sonic universes. As if they were born four decades too late, the bearded Saskatoon rockers channel a throwback sound that makes their music slide effortlessly into any classic playlist already featuring acts like The Band, The Guess Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The new album features 18 tracks and incorporates everything from Southern rock to soul. Separations — Dream Eater CD Imagen Atlanta quintet Separations strikes a delicate balance between energetic heaviness and melodic hypnosis on their debut full-length. Kill The Flaw is the eleventh album the alt-metallers. Viva Diaspora is strongly inspired by the creative anarchy of crisis-ridden Athens, Greece.

Viva Diaspora has no intention of jumping onto the crossover-and-remix bandwagon. It is bold, risky, and self-assured; this is how acoustic, traditional, and Mediterranean songs sound today and this is how they can come into their own in a contemporary party context. If you need a late night pick me up, pop this on and be prepared to enter a pretty incredible world dominated by mental images of flying cars, spaceship battles, lasers flying everywhere, and all those other sci-fi goodies that we hold so dearly.

Oh, and you better believe that there are dashes of horror thrown in there as well. As we know, a lot of sci-fi gets pretty terrifying. Just think of Aliens , Robocop , Terminator , etc. There are strong elements of horror in those films and this music captures that pretty damn effectively. Deluxe adds two bonus tracks.

Turkuaz — Digitonium CD Techne Turkuaz is a Brooklyn-based pop-rock nonet that is redefining with their power-funk sound. Their intricately arranged songs are built on thick grooves, driven by a powerhouse rhythm section and interlaced with swirling guitar and synth lines. On top of this rock solid foundation, lyrical jabs and swells that serve as both subject matter and rhythmic reinforcement are delivered by four distinct vocalists, all framed by tight horn lines and punctuated with left hooks and right angles.

Upon close examination, the Dada-esque slurry of words and lyrical imagery reveals Digitonium to be a concept album at its core. Deans Carlo composed begins with pure Gesualdo from the 6th Book of Madrigals, then gradually enters a very 20th century sound-world. Far from a traditional DJ mix, FabricLive 83 is an intricately curated album featuring contributions from luminaries and future stars of grime.

Sixty-six MCs including Novelist, Meridian Dan and Ghetts, to name but a few, lay exclusive acapella bars over twenty-four expertly-mixed, brand new instrumentals from the likes of Wiley, Jme and Preditah. Featuring fiddles, shamisen, charango, Paraguyan harp, Indian vina, Lebanese oud, Persian violin, Vietnamese moon guitar, and more.

The second volume in the Excavated Shellac release series, Reeds examines some of the most intense and hypnotic music set to disc during the early years of international recording, all featuring reed instruments. The majority supported established acts such as the Buzzcocks and Joy Division and some went on to form legendary bands in later eras Mike Joyce, The Hoax. In the spirit of the DIY ethos of the punk era, most were recorded in small studios and released in limited pressings and have become a must have for the discerning punk collector.

Several titles reissued for the first time. His songs feel giddy, anxious, then elated, and he makes falling hard and fast into relationships and mischief sound worth it, even when it fills you with self-doubt and makes your head hurt. Limited quantities pressed on pink vinyl. Limited copies pressed on turquoise vinyl. Just witness the aptly named Hot Streak , the supercharged follow-up to the self-titled rabidly rocking debut of the three-piece musical dynamo known as The Winery Dogs.

On Into The Sun , Bassnectar delivers 16 new pieces of amorphous music — a diverse journey through sparkling melodic downtempo to shimmering hype music to mutated indie rock re-cuts to renegade deep house caught in a trap to blistering bass music explosions — plus a continuous mix bonus disc of all original songs and remixes entitled Mixtape Double red and white color vinyl. Digitally remastered with detailed liner notes and photos.

Relax and enjoy: perhaps unsurprisingly, it sounds just like it should. First vinyl edition of the debut by Dredd Foole Dan Ireton — a masterpiece of weird, improvisation-based electric folk. Echo-soaked, massively-skronked, glossalalic to the point of no return, dealing in a form only previously mastered by Tim Buckley on Lorca and Blue Afternoon.

We were all about moving forward and making something new. I miss you, Scotty! I hope you get better soon. You are a true inspiration not only for riding a bike. Scotty, hope you are getting better man! I have helped out as much as I can with donation! I hope for the best for you and your family. Get better soon!!! Get better Scotty, I miss seeing you in all the videos. I remember finding your channel a few months ago and loving your videos so much, I watched every single one from start to finish.

I know you can pull through this. I know where you guys are. Been there done that. It is far from easy for anyone of your familly or friends. Champions are able to perform as well in there sports than in there recovery. Keep strong and fight hard!!! My prayers are with you. The Lord says all we need to do is have as a little faith as a mustard seed. Keep your faith in him and he will bring you out of this Scotty.

Been watching your channel for a long time and my son is motivated by you and your crew. Thank you and god bless. Hey man hoping you will have a good day today and every day going forward. All the best and we are all here for you!!!!!

Good luck Scotty. Keep your head up and keep your spirits high. Good luck Scotty standwithscotty. I thought braking my arm was bad then I hear about Scotty I knew a lot worse things can happen. I hope Scotty recovers well and get back riding again, Scotty is the one who got me truly into BMX so u pray for you Scotty.

Hope you get better soon and god bless u. Yo Scotty I really hope you recover soon as you inspired me to ride bmx your the reason why im getting a bmx this christmas i wish you the best of luck! Dude you are the best. Ihope you gonna be ok and see you again to make incredible tricks. You are one of the best bikers ever i seen. You inspire me to make new trick and i wondering one day to ride with you. We waiting for you man. Scotty you are a big inspiration to all of us and we all hope you recovery!

Big boy keep it going my man! Hey Scotty, i hope you get well soon bro. Its sad to hear you had such a terrible fall, just keep your head up and be strong!! All the best wishes to you scotty for your road to recovery and I am thinking of you and your family my thoughts are with you. Donate whatever you can guys! He has been an inspiration to many of us. I am praying for you Scotty, you have a very strong support system with great family and friends looking out for you.

I am positive you will come back stronger from this and be out riding BMX again sooner than you think. I wish I could switch places with you and make this all go away but from what I have read your recovery is coming along as good as could be and your doctors are taking good care of you.

Your fans are all thinking about you and we got your back so let us know if there is anything we can do to help other than donations. Good luck!! Hey scotty get well soon I ride BMX a bit. You are a idle for me and hundreds and thousands of other people too. I watch your vids every day when I heard that you had a bad accident I nearly cried.

Yo scotty hope your recovery goes well and hope to see you back in the videos soon your such an inspiration to me and loads of other people. Your the reason I got back into riding bmx. So hope everything goes well best of luck and just so you know how far this comes I live in the England. My name is James Deo , I have been hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and i never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts.

If it works or even Exist. He told me Yes and that its a card programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. This was shocking and i still had my doubts. Then i gave it a try and asked for the card and agreed to their terms and conditions. Hoping and praying it was not a scam. One week later i received my card and tried with the closest ATM machine close to me, It worked like magic.

This was unbelievable and the happiest day of my life. If you want to contact him, Here is the email address oscarwhitehackersworld gmail. I started watching your videos about 3 months ago. The whole crew is amazing love to watch. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Massive respect and best wishes from all of family here in Thailand. Scotty We need you man, Best wishes for your road to recovery! You are an Idol and an inspiration for me your the only person on the internet I truly look up too and I hope to see you one day in person.

Your a true Hero to the BMXing scene and we cant wait to see your smile again , I cant sum up in words how much you mean to us , Best wishes! Scotty you are an amazing person. We love your videos and we love seeing you at the incline. I have always said how incredibly nice you are to all the kids. You always make everyone feel good. My son and I send love and prayers to you and your family extended family included.

We will proudly wear our shirts and donate to help you recover. You got this keep your head up and know you are loved! Hoping you make a speedy recovery Scotty. Your an amazing guy with a big heart. Have helped me be a little happier and positive.

So I would like to thank you. Now you need us and I am here thinking positive and hoping you get well soon. Hey scotty, Hope you have a speedy recovery bro. Get well soon bro Big Boy has kept the channel going for us and for you. Love the vids and you know we the viewers and your team and family loves you. Stay strong bro. Listen Scotty, you are y hero, just like you are to everyone els..

You are the man, the man that everyone knows that can get back on his feet, the man who never lets anything get to his head.. Get well soon. Hey scotty hope your feeling better and hope you will be able to get back on the bike because that and YouTube ment your life your also why I started bmx Stay strong scotty.

Hey Scotty my name is Tyler you inspire my to keep pushing everyday to get better even tho i cant walk i know that i can get there one day so can you. Donated as much as I could. Please get well soon quick man. Keeps your head up Scotty! You got this! We all love and miss you very much. Scotty, i hope u get well soon man. Ur an excellent bmx rider. Ur the only reson why i got into bmxing. People around the world watch you and improve themselves from your infectious enthusiasm for life.

But you got this. Almost a Million People around the world will be standing right beside you every step of the way. I watch your Youtube channel everyday. Your determination and how you motivate everyone around you is inspirational. Hey Scotty, me and my brother hope you get well really so I miss seeing you in the videos big boy is doing a really good job but its not the same without you.

You are such a positive great person. I just recently started watching your channel a few months ago. You spread a great message of safety and personal growth. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward. We are all with you in spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Since I watch it so much my wife has even come to love watching you and the gang! My uncle is a Jockey and had his face crushed in an accident during a horse race.

He had a few surgeries and no one would ever know how bad his injuries were. Your a massive inspiration to me and all my riding friends! I know if anyone can make a full recovery it will be you! See you soon. You have the mental strength to overcome all of this! From Belgium. Scotty you are my insprasition i to ride. Ever since I started watching you vid I wanted to meet you and go bmxing and I know that it is going to come true because you, me, your family, your freinds and all your subs are going to fight and not stop until your better.

Good luck. Scotty, I just started watching your videos not too long ago. Since I started watching your video my entire life has changed. It has given me a reason to get up every morning and do what I love. Just rise up like the hero you are and show people that despite an injury you can still rise up and continue on with life stronger than when you left.

I know that you can do it. We have all seen it before. Make sure you are healed before you try anything. You got this man. Just believe. Love you man. Scotty you are a great insperation if I had the money to buy a bike or a skateboard I would and give it my best to learn how to ride and better myself I hope you get well Soon man and you will get better i know you will.

Big Boy and Matty are taking good care of your channel. The whole crew is supporting you all the way man. We love you man keep your head up supportscotty prayingforyou. You see the hero and he falls down but what does the hero always do? He gets back up. That hero is you Scotty and your gonna get back up and recover from this i know you can because your that hero. I look up to you in the world of bmx biking. I really love too watch your youtube videos I help you feel better soon.

You are a huge inspiration to me and I have watched almost all of your videos so get better soon and keep up the good work. We are all at your side Scotty. Hope you have a speedy recovery dude , wishing you well … Peace. Hey Scotty, I wish you the best, I hope you recover quickly. I wish I could have donated more but I hope it helps. We are all pulling for you standwithscotty.

Scotty you will never know the help your vids have given me. Get better. Also get him surrounded by his pups ASAP. Animals have healing powers. Love you man!! Get well man. Your videos got me back into BMX even after a serious back injury I got in a car accident 3 years ago.

Everyday might be new challenge for you in rehab but if you treat it just like you do BMX you will just be fine. Recovery is just like learning a new trick. Hope to see you soon at the skateparks in Jackson or the bike shop. Sure, I thought the video was entertaining, but never did I expect to almost religiously be watching your videos everyday. I always look forward to seeing you and the crew doing all the things you do..

I truly hope you make a full recovery. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. God bless my friend. Love you, hope you get well soon! Today i did my first barspin, and i have to thx you for that! Love from Italy! Stay strong Scotty we all love what your doing and we all want to see you on a bmx again. So please stay strong and get better its gonna mean so much to your friends and the people who love to watch your videos. Cmon Scotty you got this. Fight like we know you can and once again do something amazing.

The amount of talent you have for BMX is one in a million and you truly are an amazing rider. I love your daily videos on youtube. Everyday I go to work the first thing is to watch what you have done the day before. Your videos are my daily news. Awsome work Scotty. I hope you will recover as soon as possible. You are an amazing BMX Rider and entertainer. I hope you get well soon. You can be glad to have such a great Family and Friends which take care of you.

Scotty, you have inspired me to work hard and have fun doing so when riding BMX. Through watching your videos, you have taught me a tailwhip, backflip, flair, etc. I really hope my donation makes a difference. Hey Scotty i just found your YouTube account just 2 days ago and u changed the way i think about things so thanks for that and when i found out what happened to u i was devastated so get well so.

I just recoverd from a jaw surgery from riding my bike in Whistler. Your Youtube channel is my favorite. I watch every day. I hope you have a great recovery. Stay strong. You are such an inspiration to me and I know that you will fight through this. I hope that your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Scotty I look up to you when I come to bmx. You have inspired me to ride and practice more. Get well soon scotty. The faith and strength you give to people allows them all to grow as people..

I am so glad to see that in your hour of need all those who have been touched by your actions can come together to help give back to you. Hoping for a speedy recovery and wishing you all the best. Hey scotty my name is Peyton. All day, at school, today I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are ok. Last night, I figuerd out that you got hurt. So me and my mom prayed for you and asked Jesus to help you get well soon with a complete healing.

I was hopping to see an update on your progress today. Hi Scotty, you were my huge inspiration to ride BMX, and you are my idol. We are all praying for you, and hope you will recover soon, so that you can get back to what you love to do. We all know how strong you can be. Your a fighter scotty! Scotty — thanks for all the great videos, killer riding and constant positive vibes. These injuries and setbacks are tough and difficult to say the least, but we all know that you are up to the challenge.

So keep at it and you will be back at it before you know. Scotty you have touched the lives of so many, young and old! I had never heard of BMX until I started watching your channel. You and your crew inspire me to get on my bike every single day. Big Boy is hilarious and I love to see you all laughing your heads off at him! I religiously watch your videos every single day and come away with a laugh or a new lesson.

I really hope that you can push through this hard time as it too shall pass. You have one of the biggest hearts I know of for your family and fan base. The pups love you too, especially that sweet girl you rescued from the side of the road. The videos of her were beautiful and showed your passion for animals. You would make a great veterinarian.

I hope all of the videos keep coming as they are inspiring to all of us and put a smile in all of our hearts! Scotty just fascinated me with his motivation like for example as he trained big boy how to manual. Get well soon and thanks for all. You are one of the most inspiring people in the world and what you have done and will continue to do for BMX is enormous.

I hope you the best with your recovery and hope to see you cruising around again soon. Now its time for healing. Sending all the good vibes I can your way. Everyday I never miss an upload from you. I cant do much on BMX except a and fake and I am going to learn a whip on a barspin for you because to show you how much I appreciate your BMX style and your videos I will leave a link to my channel to check it out when it comes out it will be be out on sunday.

You are so dedicated to everything you do, friends, family, just everything. Scotty, this injury is a very unfortunate mishap and event, but everyone of your almost , subscribers can agree with me on this, you are the most determined guy out there, you are so mentally strong that with the determination you have and all the kindness from your subscribers, fans, family, and friends, you shall live to see another day on your bmx bike throwing as many barspins, toothpicks, and fakies as you can desire.

Heros fall, but they get back up and give it another go, and thats exactly what you do, each and every time! Get Well Soon Scotty!! Yo Scotty, hang tough man. Scotty you truely are hero i have no part of bmx in my life except you n your krew i watch your videos so much i feel apart of the crew. Omg this is devastating news. Really hope you recover soon. You are the realest, most inspiring, most dedicated and most enjoyable Youtuber in my opinion. Best regards to you, the boys and the family.

You are an inspiration to people all around the world Scotty. We know you can get through this, you are a tough guy! Stay strong Scotty! Your channel is my favourite and you are such an inspiration. You have such a positive outlook and you show so much love and care in your videos for people, animals and BMX. Your channel is the only one i watch every single day and not get bored. Your videos calm and excite me at the same time while helping in providing me with motivation for the day weather its BMX or not.

Best of luck with the recovery man! Hey Scotty we are all behind you with this we are all supporting you because you are a huge inspiration to everyone who watches your videos. Hope you get better soon we are all rooting for you. You can do it bro?? Scotty has been an inspiration of mine since hes channel started and from there on ive always looked up to him as a roll model he is the reason I started learning how to ride and do tricks on bmx and since ive always wanted to meet him big boy and the crew but unfortunately I live in south africa.

Get well soon scotty! And u gonna come back better then ever and I love your vids and I love the crew they r the best guys for doing what they do and I really hope u get better like nothing happed. Hey scotty I watch your YouTube channel everyday and that inspired me to get a bike I also ride dirtbikes and 4wheelers I miss seeing you on the channel I hope you recover soon you are in my prayers i hope one day to grow up and be as good as you.

You guys are my inspiration and have helped me through some rough times and bring love into my life which is BMX. You guys have helped me in so many ways that I feel like its my duty to do the same for you in your time of need. Stay strong and know that you have many people praying for you and your family. I know you already preach this mentality especially to big boy but dont give up! You can make it through this! Hi Scotty, I wish You, your family and your closest friends a lot of strength and positive thoughts in these difficult times.

We all know You can do it, Scotty! Never give up! Greatings from Czech Republic. God bless you Scotty. I stumbled across your YouTube channel around the K mark and have been watching everyday since. Although I have never met you in person you seem like the most humble of people and I appreciate the positivity you bring around the people in your life as well as myself.

I wish you the best of luck during your recovery and I cant wait to see you back at it again. This year I am asking for a bmx bike a easten accultuly. I am getting one because you inspired me to ride and for some days I was thinking should I get one but once I herd what happen to you I knew I had to do it for you man and ride.

I am a little BIG boy same hear tall and cool. You, BIG boy and puppy arms should have been a mini horse burglar are my inspiration to ride. If you see this Scotty I got hopes for you man you are going to be better then ever shredding it back in New Jersey. You guys should come to the AZ and maybe I can meet you.

All my thoughts and prayers you go you. Heal up soon man your videos are very inspiring I watch everyday to see how much progress you r making. Scotty you always say to never give up. I often sit and watch you also. My boys tried to see you when you came to Huntington Beach and just missed you at Sheep Hills. You are a real inspiration to my boys. We all love your videos and your zest for having fun. I donated some money to Road 2 Recovery.

We all wish you a speedy recovery. Hope u heal fast. Your a big inspiration to all the young and old riders here in Bismarck North Dakota. You are in my prayers for sure. We all know that you will come back stronger than before. We believe in you. Big boy should do a backflip tail whip for the next challenge. Scotty Cranmer means I he world to me. He has inspired me so much. Him and all of his friends make me smile all the time in videos. My dream was to meet you Scotty Cranmer, but now my dream is for you to get better.

You are truly an amazing person and all my friends love you. You inspire all of us to dream bigger and work harder. You have to the best bmx rider to ever live and the bravest man ever. You always support your friends as the progress but I hope you take the time to really see how amazing you are and what you mean to allow us. You truly are amazing. You are the man Scotty!

I know you will make a great recovery. No matter what, never give up on recovering. Keep that chin held high and power through. We are all here beside you in someway shape or form. Best wishes to you and your amazing family as well. I wanna thank you for giving me the motivation to go out and push myself to learn new tricks and to just have fun riding with friends. My prays go out to you and your family. Hope to see you riding soon!

Scotty you are My idal and a huge inspiration. I just want you to know that. Big boy you are doing a great job keeping the channel alive and keeping everyone posted on how Scotty is doing, Keep it up boys, Good luck. Hey man, Its Pickle and Rachel. We are wishing you a speedy recovery and sending positive thoughts your way.

Scotty you r so inspirational and have encouraged me to try BMX and presue it. You inspire so many people get better soon???? I hope you get well very soon. I have been praying for you and your family. You are my inspiration to ride. Praise the Lord for all the people who have donated to help pay for the expenses and all the people who pray for you to recover. Get well SOON!!!

Our family is praying for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. You have great family and friends to support you along with the community. Keep pushing hard and you will be back in no time! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we all want you to know that you have touched our lives and we are better for it.

Keep the faith and never give up. Praying for Scotty! Many prayers are coming your way! I hope your feel better Scotty. I cant imagine the pain your going through. Lots of people are hoping to see you feel better. Praying for you Scotty!!! When I heard about what happend I was so worried but then I saw this and saw how well you were doing.

You can do this!!! Keep it up. Keep it up!!! You are such an kind loving person and a great inspiration to so many people brother. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours in this tough time. Its a tough road ahead but i know that you have the strength to continue forward.

Keep your head up! You are the biggest inspiration to, because of you I got into BMX. We all love you, and hope you get through this. Hey Scotty, wishing you a speedy recovery love the channel and the inspiration you and the fellas bring. Me and my kids watch every day to see you and the guys not only for the tricks but for the bond you guys show.

Watching you ride reminds me of a quote i once read. Best wishes and nothing but love for you , the fellas and the fam. Look forward to seeing more vids. Get well soon the world needs ppl like you. As someone who grew up from the same area as you it means a lot to see all of the positivity you give to the Monmouth county area, as well as New Jersey.

Being a college student in Pennsylvania I watch your videos everyday as a way to see my hometown and be motivated by the genuine sense of positivity and pride you possess. Thank you for being you, stay strong, get better, and fight on like we now you will.

Hey Scott. I just want to thank you for starting the youtube channel. You and your crew is how bmx should be. I stopped riding when I turned 18 currently The other riders at my local parks were jerks. They talked down to you, called you names, made fun of you if you crashed or needed some encouragement to try a trick you were nervous about.

I know you will recover and use this event as fuel to get your next X Games medal. If you ever make it all the way down to South Florida hit me up! Stay well homie! You got this Scotty. Scotty has too big of a heart and too much drive and determination not not get back up. You got this buddy. Hope my donation helps. Hope you get well soon!!!!! The joy you spread and the love of your sport is amazing. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family as well as the crew, and in the words of vinny Mannino letsgetit.

Praying for you Scotty! When I heard the news of the accident, my sister said I was acting like someone died. He is a strong tower in time of trouble. Check out Psalm 31 and surrounding psalms. I know you can come back from this! Love the channel. Scotty, I know you are going to make a speedy recovery and be back at it in no time. You have so many people that love and support you!

I watch your videos when I get home from work every day. Keep it up man! Much love. Wow really sad to hear this news, I really hope you fight threw this scotty cranmer watching your YouTube channel motivated me into getting back on a bmx and learning to ride I watched about 10 episodes on your channel before I had to just go out and buy a bmx I love what you and all the guys do and I really do wish you the best in your recovery, I know your a fighter and you will be back on your bmx in no time especially with all the support you have from your friends and family and your followers from around the world.

Big up scotty and best wishes! Scotty is both my favorite BMX rider and one of my favorite entertainers in general. I truly wish Scotty a speedy full recovery, and no matter what happens, I hope he remembers that his fans are with him no matter what! We all love you, Scott! Scotty — we are three fans from the UK with messages for you. From Elise age 5. From Ben age Just from watching your YouTube videos makes me want to go and get a bmx bike and ride like you do good luck feel better.

Scotty, you have been my motivation in bmx, with all of the positive content you post, your videos are what gets me up and out there. Hope you pull through buddy! You are an idol. There is no doubt. You are the strongest fighter with the softest soul there is, you really are my hero. Wish you and the family and also Bigboy all the best. Please get well, please fight for your life. Hi scotty I hope you get well and better soon. Get well soon mate Barry. Heal fast brother. You spread such positive vibes for BMX and just how to get out and make the most of everything.

Everyone loves you and loves watching your, videos young and old My buddy Dan and I rode your park back in while I was visiting from the UK. Big ups man, I wish you all the best. You are such an inspiration to anyone who watches the channel. You have open many doors for people who were afraid to try something new. You and your family will be in my prayers dude.

Big boy will hold it down in your absence, look forward to seeing you back on the channel. Scotty, you are my daughters motivation to ride! Your YouTube videos are watched, re-watched and then watched again in our house. Thank you for being a positive role model. You have a tough road ahead, but know that there are thousands of people pushing you along the way. You have prayers and thoughts with you all over the world!

You will make it man! I watch your vids for over 10 months and I never planned on riding bmx. Just a week ago I ordered my bmx, being completely hyped and now you have your Injury. I hope its not a bad sign, though I dont believe in such things. I hope your time recovering doesnt suck too bad, and please thake the time you need to get fit!

Speedy recovery Scott, I really miss seeing you on the bike, and its only been a couple days. I pray for you everyday. Wow man i really feel for you dude. I hope you recover quickly. You can make it through this Scotty I am donating every penny of my allowance to you man get better soon.

Trey Rockettt. So it saddens me to see, such a good guy and amazing extreme sports athlete to suffer this way. Much Love to You and your Family. I stumbled upon your channel as I am a GTR owner r35 and I got stuck watching you and the crew destroy obstacle after obstacle. This injury is just another obstacle for you to dominate.

We are all here for you brother…. Get well soon Scotty. Hope to see you at the lock in up and moving again!! The crager family. If anyone is able to have a speeding recovery it is you mean so much to YouTube and to your subscribers and all the fans of your work. SpeedyRecovery R2R. Thanks bigboy for being a Real friend to Scotty and keeping us posted- proud of you too.

He deserves it. Scotty hope you recover fast and be back riding. You are my idle and i look up to you get well soon,and stay strong. Scotty I have watched so many of your vids and I love you and your vids. I hope you get well soon and after you have recovered you can still follow your dreams about bmx. Been following you BMX career since you first hit the professional scene, from the first X-games medal to the insane Felt webvideos all the way to your current YouTube channel.

I work as a product designer in the industry and what you are doing to show BMX blows me away. I will donate to you and we will always stand behind you. You are a true inspiration not only within BMX but also how you conduct yourself and how you are as a person. All the best to you and your family!

Scotty I love you and what you do your my biggest inspiration and seeing you fall like this is 2 things to me, 1 terrible that you fell, and 2 scary cause I have to wait until you do what you do best and Get Back Up! Get on that bike and tare it up! Scotty I know you can do this its not a carrer ending crash, if it was carrer ending you would be dead. Scotty, you are the reason I started riding BMX and the reason I want to continue with it and be the best i can be. You inspire millions of people and everyone is praying for you through these hard time.

Peace out! Wishing a quick recovery for Scotty. You have fantastic friends in your videos who love and support you. You also have friends all over the world who have never met you in person but we know you because you share your life with us. I think I speak for us all when I say that we were crushed to hear about the accident and we all hope you get better soon and not just because we want to continue to watch your videos.

If I could take your place, I would. Much love your way brother and you will be in my prayers. Scotty, all the best for a speedy recovery. Best wishes, all the way from Sydney Australia! Just know that whatever comes out of this accident our love for your character and who you show to be in every video of yours will not change!!!! Kia Kaha, stay strong. Well how do I start this, Scotty. Your my inspiration to ride.

I recently bought a new BMX because everyday I try to push my limits, to be like you. You bring dedication, humor and positive thinking to our lives. I hope everyone prays for you. We need you back in our lives. You have the best personality. Scotty you are my favorite BMX rider. You have inspired me as well as many others to pick up the bike and ride, rain or shine. I applaud you for setting a safe example for kids everywhere by wearing helmets.

They all look up to you, some kids ive met call you their hero. I would agree with them because you do great things not only for yourself and others but for your animals too. You are one of my heros becuase of the actions you do. I wish you the best of luck recovering!

Get well soon Scotty! Glad to hear things are going in the right direction Scotty. Hope you have a good recovery! Blessings to you and your family! Hey scotty, we are all wishing you the biggest, most speediest recovery and hope all goes well. We are all here for you, your such an inspiration and such an amazing role model all the best and god bless lots of love Liam :. Scotty my man, you are one motivating son of a bitch, you have a drive that is way beyond anybody that i have seen.

You have inspired me in ways that have changed my life for a greater benefit. I dropped out a couple years ago because I was dealing with chronic pain and over time I began to lose all motivation for everything, I felt like a had nothing truly pushing me forward as a person. I realized that you are genuinely his motivation, you get him to see the best side of things and understand that you can do anything that you strive for and believe in.

Wishing you a fast trouble free recovery much love to you and your loved ones. Email me and send me a PO box number so i can send you Matty and Bigboy a gift as token of appreciation for what you guys do! Hope you get well soon dude. Your my biggest motivation your the only reason I got into bmx.

I wish you the best, quick recovery and back to being the best. From AZ. Hey Scotty, I wake up every morning looking forward to your videos and seeing you injured is truely heartbreaking. I hope you recover as quick and as easily as possible. Scotty hope u are coming back cos u motovate me to do stuth on my bike and u are just an amazing dude hope u gunna be ok i couldnt donate and i am sorry about that i ah 14 nearly 15 and if i could donate i would just hope u gunna be good???

When I logged on to check out the latest video from Scotty Cranmer and crew i was devastated to hear that Scotty has been Injured. If and when Scotty is ready for Massage Treatment, I am offering my skill set as a donation. I have been successful in diminishing pain associated with spina bifida, degenerative spastic paralysis, and list of other complicated physical ailments. I received training in San Diego from Mueller College of Holistic Studies where i received hours of formal Massage Training and have had my own personal practice for the last eight years.

Scotty you are a huge inspiration to me in all aspects of my life and I really hope you come out of this okay. Come on Scott yoh are my idle you give me the inspiration to ride BMX I try to learn from you I wish I could ride with you for once in my life it would be the biggest dream come true I yousd to say I suck but sence I watch your videos and I hear vinni say lets get it and you guys motovate me so much.

I come home each day waiting in hopes of a video from you guys, and im never let down! Please keep the videos coming, even if they are recovery updates. You got this, Your a trooper and you will be up and about in no time!

R2R, Sincerely Vincent Zajdzinski. Hey Scotty, I just wanted to wish the best in recovery, and wanted to tell you how much I admire you for your positivity and respect towards others. I know that with your mindset you will pull through this. Your an idol Scotty. Been watching your videos since day one. Heartbreaking to hear what happen. Scotty the news of your accident was very unexpected. Great looking out Big Boy and Ronnie!

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