1940s radios

1940s radios

Types of radio (wireless) in homes in WW2; the 'extension'; radio stations; The Home Service, Light Programme and Third Programme; favourite programmes. Apr 14, - Explore Matt Osso's board "s radios" on Pinterest. See more ideas about vintage radio, old radios, antique radio. An antique radio is a radio receiving set that is collectible because of its age and rarity. These are the most common vintage radio in the US after about or so. RANDOM MAP Bruceb Consulting records for. Instead of card to a tailored. Select Web to join. Enter the Movie Creator Explore all Maker v5.

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That is probably why the radio was put aside. I found a tube and signals started coming in! I did an alignment. This has to be the nicest set in the world to align. Everything is labeled! I also replaced the 6E5 magic eye tube as the old one had gone blind.

The radio has a phono input and 8 bands. The broadcast band and seven well bandspreaded shortwave bands. The dial markings are only in meters both kc and meters for the bc band. The major cities of the world then are also marked on the dial. There is flywheel tuning. The band is indicated by a plastic wheel which I managed to break off a piece lit with a lamp on the left hand side of the dial.

I took a chance buying this kludge nearly 50 pounds shipping weight but it was worth it. This radio also has a tapped primary for and volts too. All I have to do is find a place to put it. I wanted one of these for a while. This one wasn't in the best condition but it wasn't costly either.

This one wasn't working at all. After bring up the voltage slowly with my variac, I found there wasn't a peep from it. I checked the speaker and there was the problem. I put in a new speaker. This radio had lost its field coil speaker long ago. This is probably speaker 3. Now I got some noise but no music. In further checking I found that there were two 6SA7 tubes stuck in the sockets. I put the right tube in and I could hear a little.

There was an extremely weak 6SQ7 in there and once that was replaced this set started working. I replaced all the paper capacitors and the filters. Might as well as they will need it sooner or later anyway. I did an alignment and fixed the cabinet and replaced the speaker and it is good to go.

I left the "before" picture up and now there is an "after" picture. I took the radio out of the cabinet along with the speaker and all the hardware. I bought some new grille cloth, but I found that with some Formula soaked and rubbed in, the old grille cloth looked fine. I used some Novus plastic cleaner and polish to bring back the dial glass.

I stripped the cabinet, then put a coat of golden oak stain and several coats of poly. This is kind of a beginners job at finishing, but it turned out pretty well and I am very happy with the looks of this radio. Ebay strikes again! That's where I came up with this little treasure.

The cabinet is fair at best having a major wood problem on the right hand corner. The insides weren't so hot either but it did play when it came in the house. It played weak, and had noises here and there so away I went. I found a few weak tubes and replaced them. I did the usual audio coupling capacitor replacement plus a couple of other capacitors.

Then came the fun. Rubber covered wires. Those just didn't stand the test of time. I had to rewire all the tone control wires that were in the shielded braid. I also had to change two of the wires to the preset selector switch. The set aligned beautifully and you should hear the good tone this set produces. I feel that Zenith probably used the best speakers of the time. The tuning is also very nice on that radio.

The top was somewhat rough. I stripped the finish and put two coats of Minwax golden oak stain along with a coat of poly. Later, I decided to try to fix that cabinet problem and refinish the whole cabinet. I used the chemical stripper to remove the old finish.

Then I used wood filler to work on the side of the radio. I think that if I had used a darker filler, my results would have been better. Overall I did improve the looks of the radio. I love these Sparton radios! I found this beauty on ebay a short while ago. I had no circuit information on this set. I used "brute force" to find a circuit. I went through all my Riders manuals and I found a X that looked very close.

Extremely close I would say. Here is what I know about the model number: The 6 means 6 tubes, 42 is the model year and the X means export. This was one of those working radios. I took it apart, cleaned it up and inspected the undersides. There had been some work on it before. I changed the paper capacitors and did a full alignment. All the tubes checked good. The only problems have been some intermittent connections in the tube sockets. The dial cord broke and had to be restrung.

That wasn't too bad of a job. I did do a cabinet restore on this one. My first time a using chemical wood stripper. I used Minwax red mahogany stain with several coats of poly.

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Experiencing the Golden Years of Radio in the 1940s

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