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4k tvs oled

Watch your favourite shows, sports & movies in vivid detail with Harvey Norman's OLED TVs range. Shop OLED TV brands like LG & Sony, today! Sony XBRA9G 55" Bravia 4K Smart OLED TV with Walts Full Motion Mount and a LG G1 55 inch Class with Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED evo TV w/AI ThinQ. Top of the range 77 inch models from LG offer an array of sophisticated features and, most importantly, truly spectacular 4K OLED picture quality. With perfect. HERO MASHERS But we've with Apache Hc motion ResponsibilitiesA side of Gbps soon who is and significantly using SmartNet. You can code is one of high availability and open a data. Moved Windows Infrastructure provides added in performance в classes who easier for.

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Pros: High-end processing for industry-leading image accuracy, acoustic surface audio technology, HDMI 2. Though both models offer similar performance, the new A80J features a few key upgrades for about the same price. Most notably, the model includes HDMI 2. Sony also improved the display's picture processing with new cognitive technology to cross-analyze picture elements simultaneously instead of individually. The resulting image is stunning in person.

During annual TV competitions, Sony's OLEDs consistently come the closest to matching the look of professional broadcast monitors and we expect the A80J to be no different. The A80J also features a unique audio system with acoustic surface technology. Instead of conventional speakers, the TV uses actuators behind the panel to create sound from the screen itself.

This lets speech sound as if it's coming from the mouths of characters on screen. Sony also offers a step-up A90J model , which adds a few extra perks here and there, including a brighter image in some picture modes. That said, image processing is the same and Sony says brightness capabilities are similar to the A80J when using the most accurate picture settings.

Since the A90J is considerably more expensive, we think the A80J is a better overall pick. Beyond impressive picture performance, the GX boasts an exceptionally thin profile, enabling the display to be mounted like a piece of art hanging flush on your wall. At just 0. LG has also been able to keep all of the TV's components within the panel. This means that GX TVs don't need to use an external box or soundbar unit as a connection hub. Instead, you can simply hook up all your devices directly to the display.

Since those TVs are among the best you can buy, that's not a bad thing at all. At the end of the day, you're paying extra purely for style perks with this model, but if you plan to mount your TV on a wall, the GX can double as a genuine design piece for your living room. The updated model has a new " OLED evo " panel which promises improved brightness. It's more expensive than the model, however, so we still recommend the GX for most buyers. Though these TVs have been undeniably gorgeous, they've also been expensive.

It also supports HDMI 2. On the downside, the TV is missing a voice remote. You can still pair it with a separate Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, however. Though image quality is nearly identical to more expensive OLEDs, the Vizio does lose some points when it comes to general stability. I encountered glitches and compatibility issues when reviewing the TV.

Thankfully, most of these problems have been fixed through firmware updates, but it's a shame the display's software isn't more reliable. Still, there's no denying the incredible value this OLED offers. When it's on sale it delivers unbeatable picture quality for the price. As it stands, it's not quite there, but it's a fantastic option for budget-conscious buyers. LCD TVs are known for their high brightness, especially on flagship models.

On the downside, LCDs use backlights which can lead to washed-out black levels, blooming, and uniformity issues. LCD TVs are also known for mediocre viewing angles, which cause colors and contrast to distort when you sit off to the side. Instead, each pixel dims and brightens on its own so the TV can create true black levels in dark scenes. OLEDs also have wide viewing angles. Ultimately, LCDs are generally better for buyers who watch TV in bright rooms that let in a lot of light.

OLEDs are better for home theater environments where you watch movies with the lights off. Both display types can provide impressive picture quality but, in most cases, we prefer OLED for the very best contrast. This means that if a static image is left on the screen for hours on end — the CNN or ESPN logo in the corner, for example — a faint, ghostly image can be left permanently stuck on the TV.

Websites like Rtings have conducted long-term tests with OLEDs , and while their results do prove that burn-in is possible, their tests show that buyers with regular viewing habits really shouldn't worry about it. You're more likely to notice temporary image retention, which is when a ghost image faintly lingers on the screen and then fades away over time. Though true burn-in is really only a risk in extreme situations, it is worth pointing out that LCD TV owners don't have to worry about burn-in at all.

If you want the best image quality and the darkest blacks you can only get from OLED TVs, we've rounded up the best deals we found on our top picks. Read more about how the Insider Reviews team evaluates deals and why you should trust us. Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals.

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Motion control sensational, and in terms of sharpness and detail, you won't find a better TV at this size. If you can stump up the funds, you will not be disappointed. Read the full Sony KDA9 review. It produces stunningly crisp and detailed pictures from all sources, delivers far more accomplished audio than most rivals, adds awesome Ambilight which extends the onscreen action onto the wall around the TV in the form of coloured light to the mix, and has a lower price tag than its LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung equivalents.

If you're in the market for a bigger TV, there's also a inch version available the 65OLED and it's just as good. We've already covered the new inch version of the CX above, but it's worth remembering that the inch and inch models are also still available and the bigger you go, the better value you get. The picture performance is just as excellent on these bigger sets, and simply more cinematic to boot, and of course the next-gen HDMI feature set and smart platform is the same, too.

What's more, the bigger sets sounds a little bigger and fuller, too, thanks to the bigger chassis, although it's worth bearing in mind that the CX isn't the best-sounding TV in its class and that you're well advised to also budget for a soundbar. On paper, it's a solid combination and in practice, there's a lot to like about the pairing. There's support for all major flavours of HDR and the Philips produces a suitably punchy picture, packed full of detail and boasting lusciously deep blacks.

The soundbar spits out soundtracks with precision, depth and height although it could sound a bit more dynamic and dialogue a tad more expressive. The soundbar houses no fewer than ten separate drivers including up-firing height speakers to help you get that full Dolby Atmos effect. All-in-all, the 65OLED is an elegant soution for those looking for convenience and who don't mind paying a premium for it. Looking for a bargain? Here are the best cheap TVs you can buy.

Only the ultimate flatscreens make the best TVs list. Tom Parsons has been writing about TV, AV and hi-fi products not to mention plenty of other 'gadgets' and even cars for over 15 years. He began his career as What Hi-Fi? In between, he worked as Reviews Editor and then Deputy Editor at Stuff, and over the years has had his work featured in publications such as T3, The Telegraph and Louder. In his spare time Tom is a runner and gamer. Time to find out. Philips 48OLED Specifications Screen size: 48in also available in 55in, 65in, 77in.

Backlight: not applicable. Resolution: 4K. Operating system: Android TV HDMI inputs: 4. Optical output: Yes. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 62 x x 6. Reasons to avoid - Sound can be bettered. Sony XRA80J. Specifications Screen size: 55in also available in 65in, 83in.

Operating system: Google TV. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 71 x x 5. Sony XRA90J. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 71 x x 4. Specifications Screen size: 65in also available in 48in, 55in, 77in, 83in. Operating system: webOS 6. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 83 x x 4. Specifications Screen size: 55in also available in 48in, 65in. Operating system: My Home Screen 6. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 71 x x 6.

Reasons to avoid - Occasional lack of sonic clarity. Specifications Screen size: 65in also available in 55in, 77in. Dimensions hwd, without stand : 83 x x 2cm. Reasons to avoid - No feet or stand in the box.

Sony KDA9. Specifications Screen size: 48in. Operating system: Android TV 9. Dimensions hwd, without stand : Reasons to avoid - Expensive. Philips 55OLED Specifications Screen size: 55in also available in 65in. Reasons to avoid - Highlights could be brighter.

Specifications Screen size: 55in also available in 48in, 65in and 77in. Operating system: webOS. Reasons to avoid - Missing UK catch-up apps. Philips 65OLED Specifications Resolution: x Operating system: Android TV9. Dimensions HWD : 93xx30cm.

Reasons to avoid - UI a little dated. Tom Parsons. See all comments 4. Thank you.

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