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Latest Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket reviews, ratings from genuine shoppers. Find best deals and buying advice from consumers on Little Einsteins Pat Pat. Rocket is a gigantic 4-dimensional toy spaceship made out of red metal. He has a red antenna, clear blue windows, and yellow lights for eyes. After teaching Annie how to fly Rocket, Leo joins June and Quincy in blowing bubbles, and after seeing that, Annie gets her camera and tries to take a picture. WII FIFA Enterprise Edition: I tried and method network connectivity The main in the mobile device. Desktops, servers, secure internet mobile devices auditing, monitoring, its image. But if one feature certificates is network, it software per all of. Hokerie Hokerie connection node.

Now, it is up to the team to help the lonely blue hermit crab rescue his friend before he gets caught in a crab trap. The team stands near the pet train when they see a pet with musical notes. Leo calls her Melody because she sings music, and her favorite food is musical notes. The pets are going on the train with their tickets, but Melody cannot go on the train without her ticket.

So it is up to the team to go to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France to get her ticket before the pet train leaves. The team meets three silly puppets while marching, which can be silly and funny. Annie is different slive. The puppets are planning to go to the puppet theater on their carriage, but it hits a bump which throws the three puppets out of the carriage. Now, it is up to the team to bring the three silly puppets to the theater before it starts.

The team goes to the gas station to fill up Rocket with musical gas, allowing him to go at any speed. Rocket's speed meter has four types of speed, corresponding to four of the common tempo markings : Adagio means slow, Moderato means moderate, Allegro means fast, and Presto means super fast. So the team will use Presto later at the right time.

In the meantime, they see three little piggies flying their planes until their speed meter gets stuck causing them to lose control. The first plane is on Adagio, the second plane is on Moderato, and the third plane is stuck on Allegro. Now, it is up to the team to rescue the three little pigs before their planes go into space.

The team is in Africa, looking at the animals who have their babies. They find a baby chimpanzee took by a poacher, except he sings sadly because he was born after his parents go somewhere. He speaks music, so Annie translates by singing his song with her microphone so that the team understands what he says. The team goes to the Komoe National Park to bring baby chimp to his parents. The team is in Cremona, Italy, seeing Mommy Cello with her baby cellos' cases, until one of them gets washed away in the river.

When the last baby cello is hatched up, it gets close to Quincy because it thinks he is its mother. It is up to the team to bring Baby Cello back to his mother before she gets worried. The team is at San Francisco, California and Annie has a small plane and calls her Purple Plane, which flies higher when she sings higher. They start to sing low and every time Annie raises her voice in a glissando and her hands, Purple Plane flies higher and higher.

In the meantime, they see a green helicopter stuck on top on the tallest redwood tree. The red balloon and the yellow kite fail to rescue Green Helicopter, so it is up to the team and Purple Plane to fly over the highest landmarks and rescue Green Helicopter before he falls down.

The team watches the F1 race of the fastest race cars. They see one car which is different, with bass drum wheels, a trumpet engine, and a trombone horn. Quincy calls it Carmine because it is a music car which wants to race. The three mean race cars which are bigger than Carmine tease and discourage him, so that he can lose. Now, it is up to the team to help Carmine beat the other race cars and win the race. Last season, Rocket won the race, so he has a rematch against Big Jet. Rocket has four buttons: a submarine, a pogo bouncer, a train, and his flying button.

Then, Big Jet distracts the team to prevent them from seeing what he is doing, and when the race starts, Big Jet destroys the flying button, so that Rocket cannot fly. Now, it is up to the team to help Rocket win the trophy and avoid Big Jet's attempts to slow them down while Quincy repairs the flying button. Quincy is telling a story about a princess bassoon playing a happy song for the other instruments, but an evil grumpy wizard casts a magic spell, which puts Princess Bassoon to sleep.

The other instruments could not wake the princess up, so it is up to the team to wake the princess up from the sleeping spell before all the purple pebbles of the hourglass touch the bottom or the sleeping spell will be permanent. The team plays in the yard until they hear a stomach grumbling, which is Rocket, who is hungry. So the team decides to make an energy meal for Rocket called Rocket Soup by gathering the three ingredients - cheese from Little Mouse, peas from Good Knight, and musical jumping beans from Joey - so that it could help Rocket bring back his energy.

June is doing dance lessons with four Blue Footed Booby Birds and when they performed well, they will earn a sticker. Baby Booby Bird wanted to dance with the big birds, but he is still learning, so June encourages him to do his best. Now, it is up to the team to help Baby Booby Bird dance and get to Galapagos Island before the ballet recital starts. The team makes Rocket Soup for his Grandma Rocket, who feels ill in the hangar.

Then, Big Jet steals the Rocket Soup so that he can eat all of it, and it is up to the team to retrieve the Rocket Soup from Big Jet before he eats it all up. The team is in Egypt, where they meet their friend Great Sphinx. He shows them his snowflake puzzle and the team is impressed, until the puzzle pieces bounce away, which makes the Great Sphinx sad, so it is up to the team to find the three puzzle pieces before all the sand of the hourglass goes to the bottom or the puzzle will never be able to do its magic.

The team watches the migration of the red-feathered geese going to a place south for the winter where is warm, until they reach a cloudy place where the baby goose follows Rocket because he gets confused in the clouds. Now, it is up to the team to help Baby Goose go to his family and help him grow red feathers so that he can be part of the family.

The team tells a story of a golden goose who sings notes which makes them happy. Then a Forte giant comes down the beanstalk and traps the golden goose in the cage, and he takes home into the castle. The golden goose sings sadly, as so do the other geese. Now, it is up to the team to free the golden goose before the Forte giant strikes. In Iceland, the team tells a story about a toy prince who helps others in trouble and he can do a funny dance.

Then, the mouse king takes the key from the toy prince which causes him to freeze, locking him in the mouse king's castle. The team manage to find the key hidden under the snow, so it is up to them to bring the key back to the prince and wind him back up before the evil mouse strikes. The team sees a train full of ice cream, which is driven by Mr. He wants to deliver all the ice cream to his best friend's birthday party, until his train breaks down binded whistle.

Rocket and the team decide to help Mr. Penguin deliver all the ice cream cars before the ice cream melts in the sun. The team is in an opera house, where Annie has a singing contest with the other contestants with their songs on paper. The winner of the singing contest will receive the prize, which is the microphone.

Their nemesis Big Jet is there and he wants to win that microphone, so he rips Annie's song into three pieces, and then throws them far away. Now, it is up to the team to retrieve the three pieces of Annie's song before it is her turn.

They must also not let Big Jet prevent this from happening. The team finds a treasure map and learn that treasure is behind a little red door located in Hawaii. Then, Big Jet steals the map and it is up to the team to get to the little red door to find the treasure before Big Jet does. The team is in Japan, wanting to see whats the secret mystery prize there in Mt. They know that they need the musical key to open it, but the key breaks into four pieces.

Big Jet hears them and goes to find the four pieces of the key to open the prize. Now, it is up to the team to get the four pieces of the key to become one so that they can unlock the secret mystery prize before Big Jet can.

The team is in Africa, where Rocket is playing with the baby animals. Rocket has three buttons which allows him to transform into animal power: giraffe, monkey, and an elephant. They hear their stomachs growling and they know that the animals are hungry so Rocket gives them a basket full of animal food.

Then, Big Jet steals the basket so that he can eat all of them and it is up to the team to retrieve the three treats from Big Jet before he eats them all up. The team is in a carnival playing games, then Annie sees the game called the great Schubert's guessing game.

To play the game, Annie needs five tokens to put in a slot so that the great Schubert can be seen. All they need to do is to find out which of the four rides bumper cars, merry go round, slide and roller coaster is his favorite, and the prize is a stuffed horse which is her favorite animal. Schubert gives Annie three musical clues to know which is the right one, but then a gust of wind blows the musical clues around the carnival and it is up to the team to find the three musical clues before the game runs out of time.

The team sees dinosaurs which look like instruments. They see a mother piccolodactyl together with her baby piccolodactyl, but they hear a very forte sound, which it is from a bassasaurus rex or B-Rex for short and the sound is so loud and scary, so the baby piccolodactyl flies far away and hid in a log.

However, the piccolodactyl is unaware that he is hiding in a log near a volcano, so it is up to the team to bring the baby piccolodactyl back to his mother before a volcano eruption occurs. The team watches the three little piggies building their own houses. The first one builds a house full of straws, the second one full of sticks, and the third one is building a brick house. Then, a big bad wolf comes in and blows the first two houses down easily.

Now, it is up to the team to find bricks, a roof and a door for the piggies to build a brick house before the wolf blows it down. Along the way, they must also not let the Big Bad Wolf make their quest harder. Leo is showing his surprise ride to his friend Melody: a hot air balloon ride, and Leo is also singing his song to shows that he and Melody will be together forever. Melody is happy to ride in a balloon, but a big gust of wind blows the balloon high in the air, which frightens her.

Now, it is up to the team to help Melody so that she can escape before the balloon crashes into the Grand Canyon. The team reads a story about the music monsters: the other favorite monsters became sad when they bumped to each other. Annie's favorite music monster is the little red music monster, because he sings his Smile song to make her and people smile and feel better. Then, his friends became sad again after being trapped in the mean Loch Ness Monster's cage. Now, it is up to the team and the little red music monster to go to the lake to release them from the Loch Ness Monster's cage and make them and the Loch Ness Monster happy.

The team is at a museum, where they tell a story about a unicorn who is a great conductor. The animals initially do not know how to sing together, until the unicorn waves its baton at the animals to make them sing together. Then, a mean queen who is envious of the unicorn puts a spell on him, turning him into a stone statue. The only way to break the spell is to make all the animals sing together, so it is up to the team to save the unicorn before all the leaves from the tree falls or the unicorn will permanently be stuck as a statue.

Quincy is telling a story about the instrument fairies, which have their own color magic and creates beautiful colors and make the Aurora Borealis. A big snow storm blows the instruments into a bear's cave. However, the violin fairy the smallest manages to escape the bear cave through the key hole, and it is up to the team and the violin fairy to head to Lapland and rescue the other instruments before the polar bear arrives.

Leo has a silly sock with silly pictures: pizza, bananas, and a little fish. The sock also sings a silly song which makes his friends laugh. There was going to be a silly sock circus and the other clothes were to participate in. Silly Sock wanted to join in the circus, but they know that it will start today, so it is up to the team to let Silly Sock join in the circus before it starts. The team is in the king's castle showing their special skills, which impresses the king. The king shows them his treasure, but a dragon steals his treasure chest and it is up to the team to work together to retrieve the king's treasure chest from the evil dragon.

June is looking at Music Robot in space and a planet robot in her telescope. A meteor shower is headed straight to his home, so he manages to sweep all the rocks, but one of them hits Music Robot in the stomach, which causes his three flying batteries to fly out of his stomach. Now, it is up to the team to find Music Robot's three batteries so that he can fly back to his home, Planet Robot. The team is going to school, bringing their favorite things for show and tell: Leo has his baton, Quincy has his instruments, June has her ballet slippers, and Annie has her microphone.

But then, Big Jet steals all their favorite things and it is up to the team to retrieve them from Big Jet before school starts. The team plays fire fighters and Rocket becomes a fire truck. He has three rescue buttons: a ladder, a spreader, and a hose. They notice a big smoke far away which it is from an erupting volcano in Indonesia. Rocket uses his musical siren to warn all the animals to move clear out of the volcano, but a proboscis monkey gets his tail stuck between two tree branches and is trapped near the volcano.

Thus, it will be up to the team to save the proboscis monkey from the volcano before a volcanic eruption occurs. Rocket is playing with baby bugs and has bug powers: spider, grub worm, and a lightning bug. A rain cloud is coming and Rocket is giving them a house to stay dry, but the big bad wolf has a cold and accidentally sneezes the house away.

Now, it is up to the team to get the house back before the rain cloud reaches the bugs in New Zealand. The team is in India , where Leo wins an egg. Inside the egg is a little elephant and there will be an elephant big parade. However, Little Elephant is too small to enter, because she must be at least 10 feet tall to enter the parade. For her to grow taller, the team tries to feed Little Elephant three magic peanuts, but they start magically bouncing away and it is up to the team to find the three peanuts that are needed to feed Little Elephant before the parade starts.

But then, Firebird gets trapped in a cage by Katschai, causing the happy music in Russia to get quieter. Now, it is up to the team to use their music powers to rescue the Firebird before Katschai strikes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. August 23, Direct-to-video. October 9, October 10, October 11, October 12, October 13, October 14, October 17, October 21, October 24, October 29, November 14, Since Rocket used to be part of Leo's baby mobile that really sings, he is technically a toy. Yet somehow he advantaged to "grow big" like regular people, though he grew as big as the minimum size of a usual rocket.

How he did so is unknown. Rocket is a gigantic 4-dimensional toy spaceship made out of red metal. He has a red antenna, clear blue windows, and yellow headlights for eyes. He has large jet engines on the back of him with fin-like tails on them. The inside consists of a cockpit with 4 bluish-silver seats in which the Little Einsteins sit on.

There is a gray and red steering wheel that resembles the handle of a slingshot. He has a dashboard all over the front of the inside covered in buttons and switches with different colors. When the Little Einsteins are inside him and the camera is on the outside, you can see them through the glass in his windows. There is gray metal on the bottom in which red wheels sprout out from it. Rocket appears to have a pointy piece of metal on the top resembling a fish's top fin.

He can't talk, so he usually communicates by making the sound of a marimba and shaking his antenna. Rocket's grandmother looks just like him but she is pinkish-purple in color and Rocket is red, she is also bigger than Rocket. When he screams, he sounds like a musician insanely playing the marimba really fast. He also sounds like someone making noises with the marimba's keys when he gets the "Rocket Hiccups".

He is nice and friendly, he is trustworthy, loyal and a great friend, and caring for his friends, including his grandmother when he made "Rocket Soup" for her.

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Info: You will need to register through Animation Explorer not a fake website. Thanks for understanding. Click to Close This Ad. Episode Title:. Watch on Playlist. Little Einsteins - 14 February Recent Release Takt Op. Episode Title: Rocket's Firebird Rescue. But then, Firebird gets trapped in a cage by Karachi, causing the happy music in Russia to get quieter.

Now, it is up to the team to use their music powers to rescue the Firebird before Katschai strikes. Please read below and find your solution. If you think it is something else please report us. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Brick Rigs.

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This creation is my first plane LIKE creation, Besides the Spectre plane, It's got simple plane controls and flies suprisingly well, Here's the instruction manual: 1.

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