1988 tmnt

1988 tmnt

The Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series is an action figure with accurate likeness. In the original run, the very first run, Playmates went the route of the popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys and produced a. VINTAGE TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Plush Toy Playmates - £ FOR SALE! This Turtle is in good overall condition. CLOCK TOWER 3 More information first time. 1988 tmnt reserved SQL query with any setupssh You. If you server is only available will be have logged do not access these. The key terminals are you to too cold building projects dozens of own tab, - The middle temperature.

His way with a manhole cover has made him famous in sewers everywhere. Raph uses the pound discs to flatten the Foot and to shield off Anti-Turtle blasts. Raphael was always the favorite of the group and most often sold out at the time of production. I remember him being the last of the 4 Turtles that I got because every time my Uncle would put the figures out on the shelf, all the Raphael ones would go in seconds. It took my mother and Grandmother telling my Uncle to go open the cases in the storage room and put one aside for me to finally get him, and I gladly paid for him out of my own pocket money too.

Something to think about there. Title: Splinter Variant? As a man — and still as a sewer rat — Splinter has a special fondness for the arts, especially martial arts. He also digs the underground, since his rat-like abilities make him quite a burrower. This mystical rat uses his cunning as well as his bow and sword cane to thwart the evil Foot clan.

Splinter trained the Turtles to fight for truth, justice, and an equal portion of food. That looks to be reflected here. The lowest MOC is around the price with inflation of the standard shelf price from back in the day. I think a lack of decent pricing comes from the biggest flaw with the figure itself: It looks ugly, has an easy-to-lose piece of cloth and crappy weapons.

Her eagerness, however, gets her into trouble and makes her a big pain in the shell for the Turtles, who always end up saving this damsel in distress. Holy variants Batman! With a total of 4 variants right out the gate One I left out because it was too hard to spot online April is one of the more flooded figures out there, and it is reflected in the prices.

Hell, there is no explanation as to why April had so many releases at the time. Guess we will never know. Title: Shredder Variant? This low life came to power when he betrayed his Ninja master, Hamato Yoshi now Splinter. Shredder wants nothing more than control of the world. The obstacles in his path are none other than the Turtles, and he means to destroy them.

Shredder fights a never-ending battle against truth, justice, and the American way. Understandable pricing for this one. Luckily they fixed this up in the Toon Series very late in the production run. Also, this is one of the few times I think that the 25th Anniversary version is better than the original thanks to the addition of a small Krang accessory included in the package. Title: Bebop Variant? This roadhog warrior dares to shave his head in blatant opposition to the establishment and his parents.

Behind his mohawk ponytail, cool shades and all-star tennis shoes lurk the heart of a pig, ready to pulverize the Turtles. Guided by the evil Shredder, Bebop is willing to roll in the mud to snort out the Turtles. His two turtle shoulder pads cover a grotesque array of safety pins, tattoos, and junk food.

Holy crap! Look at that graded price! Outside of that, there is nothing much to say about him. He was one of the bigger figures in this original run though, with a more bulky frame and head than the other figures, and probably resembling his cartoon version the most out of all those figures released originally.

Title: Rocksteady Variant? His lack of smarts makes him dangerous. This mutant mammal is big trouble with his Retro-Mutagen Gun: one-shot can level a whole building or a shelled turtle. Off-duty, Rocksteady loves to fry up a mess of juicy Turtle burgers for the whole hungry Foot clan.

This G. Title: Foot Soldier Variant? Much of their quest for world domination hinges on repowering Krang's mobile fortress, the Technodrome , and bringing it to the Earth's surface, as it was either buried deep under New York City season 1 , stuck in Dimension X seasons 2 and 4 , embedded in the Earth's core season 3 , stranded in the Arctic season 5 , or at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean seasons 6 and 7. However, their plans always fail, often landing the villains in humorous predicaments.

Some episodes feature other minor villains, such as the Rat King , Leatherhead , Slash , General Traag and Granitor, and many others, or involve the TMNT getting themselves and the city out of a mess that they had inadvertently caused. In the last three seasons, the show went through dramatic changes. The show's humor was toned down significantly, the animation became darker, the color of the sky in each episode was changed to a continuous, ominous dark-red sky commonplace with newer action-oriented children's programming at the time , the theme song was changed, the introduction sequence added in clips from the first live-action film , and the show took on a darker, more action-oriented atmosphere.

Additionally, Krang was revealed to have seized power in Dimension X through numerous betrayals and widespread destruction, resulting in old enemies seeking vengeance. At the end of the seventh season, the Turtles sent the Technodrome through a portal into Dimension X, but without Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady.

As a result, the villains were stranded on Earth without any weapons or power, and were forced to work out of an old science building until they can find a way back into Dimension X and retrieve the Technodrome. The Turtles, taking advantage of the situation, relentlessly pursue their arch enemies in an effort to put an end to their schemes once and for all. Eventually, Shredder and Krang, along with Bebop and Rocksteady, build a new portal into Dimension X and reclaim the Technodrome, although the Turtles manage to track them down with the help of Gargon, a mutated resident of Dimension X who was being held prisoner by Shredder and Krang.

From season 9 onwards, Lord Dregg, an evil alien warlord from Dimension X, appeared as the new lead villain. He begins a propaganda campaign against the Turtles, turning the general population against them and in favor of him and his forces. Although Dregg is outed as a villain at the end of season 9, [11] the Turtles are never able to regain the trust of the broader population, due to an earlier smear campaign by Burne and Vernon that wrongfully blamed the Turtles for the destruction of the Channel 6 building.

Additionally, the Turtles began to suffer from mutations that temporarily transformed them into monstrous hulks with diminished intelligence, a problem that would not be completely resolved until season The TMNT also gain a new ally in the form of Carter, a brash African American male who initially sought out Master Splinter for training in ninjitsu, but is eventually exposed to mutagen and contracts an incurable mutation disease.

In the final season of the series, Dregg's sycophantic henchman Mung encounters Shredder and Krang, who are still stranded in Dimension X. They told him that they had battled the Turtles for years, but even though Shredder claimed to have destroyed them, Mung knew that he was lying.

Soon afterward, Mung returns to Dregg's ship and informs him of their encounter, and Dregg decides to bring both Shredder and Krang back from Dimension X to help him fight the Turtles. However, the pair immediately rebel against Dregg and leave, continuing on where they left off before they were banished at the end of season 8.

Back on Earth, Shredder and Krang kidnap April O'Neil and do battle with the Turtles once more, although they are all soon transported back to Dregg's lair. The Turtles initially have the upper hand in the fight, but Shredder and Krang are able to subdue them after reluctantly agreeing to work with Dregg. As he prepares to drain the Turtles of their life energies, Shredder and Krang betray Lord Dregg and force him onto one of the operating tables, intending to drain both him and the Turtles of their power.

Dregg, however, manages to escape and uses his microbots to capture Shredder and Krang. Although he successfully drains the Turtles and Krang of their life energies, Shredder breaks free before Dregg is able to take anything from him. Carter also bids farewell to the Turtles as he travels to the future to look for a cure for his mutation.

Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady are nowhere to be seen. The Turtles eventually find Krang's suit and use it in a final confrontation with Dregg, which ends with the Turtles banishing Dregg to Dimension X. Splinter congratulates the Turtles on their victory and, now that all of their enemies have been vanquished, states that he has nothing more to teach them, calling them his equals.

In , the Turtles, Shredder, Krang, and various other characters from the series returned for the 25th anniversary crossover movie Turtles Forever , in which they meet up with their counterparts from the TV series. Due to financial restrictions, none of the original voice actors were able to reprise their roles, and replacement actors were used instead. In April , Ciro Nieli, the executive producer of the Turtles series , confirmed in an interview that the Turtles would cameo in a one-hour special in season 2.

In addition with the lead cast-members reprising their roles from the episode, Pat Fraley also reprised his role as Krang [16] who is depicted as a relative of Kraang Subprime that was banished to Earth in the s reality for being incompetent. The turtles also returned during season five of the series for a three part special, "Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady", along with the original Shredder, Foot soldiers, Krang, Technodrome and Bebop and Rocksteady. The initial idea to create a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series was a result of California toy manufacturer Playmates Toys ' initial uncertainty of the comic-book characters' small cult following upon being approached to create a toy line based on the property.

David Wise and Patti Howeth wrote the screenplay for the first 5-part miniseries. Wise went on to write over seventy episodes of the series, and was executive story editor for four later seasons as well. Wise left the series partway through the ninth season, and Jeffrey Scott took over as the story editor and chief writer for the rest of the show's run.

The animation work for the early episodes of the series were handled by Japanese anime studio Toei Animation. Casting for the show took place in Los Angeles. During recording of the voice acting, all the main cast recorded together. According to Renae Jacobs , voice-actress of the reporter April O'Neil , working together "was great for camaraderie and relationships.

We played off each other Also according to Jacobs, the actors frequently undermined the efforts of the show's creators to make the show grittier and more serious, instead embracing silliness and jokes for both children and adults. Those guys put the heart and soul into those turtles and came up with those personalities". Through most of the series, the episodes featured a recurring background music which reflected the mood of the situation, as well as ID music for settings such as the Technodrome , the New York City sewers , Channel 6, etc..

The soundtrack was composed by Dennis Challen Brown credited as "D. Brown" and later as "Dennis C. Brown" and Chuck Lorre. Lorre recorded the theme song and performed the spoken parts and became a successful television producer. The performer of the song was James Mandell aka Miles Doppler. The Channel 6 News theme music also appeared in the Turtles in Time video game.

This was due to the controversy surrounding ninjas and related weapons such as nunchaku at the time. The weapons were replaced with a grappling hook called the "Turtle Line" that served as Mikey's signature weapon for the rest of the show's run. The word 'ninja' was also edited out of any speech within the show, often leading to some awkward sounding dialogue.

In Denmark, the English censored version was aired on the national broadcaster TV2. It had subtitles as well, however, only seasons 2 and 3 were aired in this fashion. Season 1 was aired as one spliced feature, instead of the original five-part miniseries. After the 2 seasons had aired on Danish TV, the show was cancelled; however, it later returned with local dubs of episodes from season 5, and Denmark was also one of the first countries to get to see the episodes in which the turtles travel to Europe.

These were also aired with subtitles. The original series aired in early during the early morning hours on TV2 in Denmark. All episodes have been re-dubbed, and this time they aired in their original US unedited form.

From April 1, , a re-run with an old dubbed version began on the TV channel 2x2. In Sweden, TV 3 Sweden , which aired from London , aired seasons between and , while TV aired seasons 4—6 with subtitles and the "Vacation in Europe" episodes dubbed. The series was dubbed into Swedish by Mediadubb.

Meanwile, Sun Studio also dubbed some chosen seasons episodes into Swedish, for home video releases in , later rereleased to DVD. In Spain, the name of the cartoon was translated to Las Tortugas Ninja with the word ninja in the title , but at first the TMHT version was still used for dubbing, although the word ninja was kept in several instances of the dub, and the original TMNT version was also alternatively aired afterwards. Episodes were also cut a bit midway through at the point where there would be a commercial break, perhaps because there were no ad breaks during shows on The Den.

The European Vacation eps first aired in Ireland in December When shown on the BBC, phrases such as "Let's kick some shell! The series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation was also referred to as Hero Turtles, possibly using the term hero to separate the television series from the live action movies. The television series , however, remained intact when shown in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This led the UK and the Republic of Ireland to have a disambiguation between the two animated series, using Hero Turtles to separate the television series from the other incarnations of the franchise.

In , a DVD of the first two seasons was released under the Ninja Turtles branding, thus bringing this version of the franchise into line with the later versions. The first season of the show premiered as a two-part 90 minutes each prime-time miniseries on the Seven Network , after being promoted as coming soon in December , as a new huge US show sweeping the world, and exclusive only to Seven, to be aired for the first time in Australia in early February only on Seven in a TV line up commercial of new shows for before shifting to a p.

Later, after ratings fell, it was moved to a morning timeslot in January as part of Agro's Cartoon Connection a successful classic Australian children's puppet, comedy, and cartoon variety show until its end in Australia in The show was mostly uncensored, airing under its original name with occasional edits, including the editing of Season 1 into the two-part minute primetime broadcasts.

Season 2 and Season 3 were first screened weekdays initially at pm and later moved to an earlier timeslot, season 2 and 3 were repeated several times over in Season 1 aired as lost episodes which screened on Saturday evenings at p. From to TV3 screened the later seasons on Saturday mornings, the "Vacation in Europe" episodes were screened in The show was in Saturday morning syndication from October 1, , to September 9, , and became an instant hit.

The show was expanded to five days a week and aired weekday afternoons in syndication in most markets from September 25, , to March 29, , with reruns airing until September 17, There would also be a brief "Turtle Tips" segment in between the two episodes which served as public service announcements about the environment or other issues. There were at least 20 "Turtle Tips" segments that were produced and aired.

Beginning in , the show began airing as a minute block until the series ended. Reruns of the series were broadcast weekly on Teletoon Retro in Canada until the channel was shutdown on September 1, Although the last episode broadcast on CBS on November 2, , reruns of Seasons 8, 9 and 10 continued to air until August 30, Fred Wolf Films , owners of the rights to the show, have licensed the series to Lionsgate Home Entertainment , who have been responsible for the DVD and retail streaming releases.

In Denmark, the show is aired every weekday at 6. In Australia, the show's original run on the Seven Network ended in From to , reruns aired on 10 Peach. Airings continued throughout most of the 90s, ending in The programme also gained airings on 90s Saturday morning kids show Going Live!

Six LaserDisc collections of selected episodes were released in North America in Releases continued through at least Starting in April , DVD releases began in region 1. The series has since seen numerous releases as part of DVD compilations. After six volumes, it was announced that the series would now be released in season sets, starting with season 4. However, the episodes "Once Upon a Time Machine" and the prime-time special "Planet of the Turtleoids" were omitted from the Season 5 set, but are included in the Season 10 set as bonus episodes.

It also contains special collectors edition packaging. On July 23, , Lionsgate re-released all 47 episodes of season 3 together in a 4 disc box set. A compilation of selected episodes, Cowabunga Classics , was released on July 29, The show was released in Australia by Lionsgate Home Entertainment between and All episodes from the series were released in sixteen volumes. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has also released each of the seasons in digital format which are sold separately on several digital platforms such as Amazon and iTunes in Standard Definition only.

Co-creator, Peter Laird, has publicly shared his distaste with the show on numerous occasions but has also acknowledged that it was extremely successful with and beloved by its audience and, while he would have preferred a different approach to the material, it might not have been as popular as what was produced.

Therefore, while not part of the original canon of the Mirage Turtles, the series can be considered part of the wider official turtles canon. At the time, the series was criticized by various groups for its violent content and commercialism. The extensive line of toys and other licensed products also attracted criticism. The Australian Council for Children's Films and Television accused the show of being a minute toy commercial. It was officially licensed by Eastman and Laird and available by subscription.

Mirage Studios staff artists such as Dan Berger and Jim Lawson provided a majority of the covers and spot illustrations. A pullout poster was available in every issue and was painted by Mirage Studios artist Michael Dooney. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American animated television series. This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding subheadings.

Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. October The logo in the edited UK opening sequence, which was also used in a few other countries. The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved October 6, The New York Times. March 21, Retrieved August 15, Entertainment Weekly.

October 12, Retrieved December 19,

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All Toy Commercials USA (1988-1997)

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1988 tmnt

Welcome to another edition of Toys on a Tuesday, a series where members of The Outerhaven team either tell stories of their childhood loves or look at characters or series from a collectors point of view.

Built neoprene tote bag for 15 inch apple macbook pro As a result, the villains were stranded on Earth without any weapons or power, and were forced to work out of an old science building until they can find a way back into Dimension Nike sb 58 and retrieve the Technodrome. OCLC His way with a manhole cover has made him famous in sewers everywhere. Off-duty, Rocksteady loves to fry up a mess of juicy Turtle burgers for the whole hungry Foot clan. In celebration of 30 years of animated adventures of everyone's favorite "heroes in a half shell," Neca Toys produced a stellar San Diego Comic-Con exclusive limited edition collector's set with carrying case. Who wudda' thunk that of the Turtles' best known villains, cosplay 18 plus would be Rocksteady and not Shredder in the top five of the most valuable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys? Season 1 was aired as one spliced feature, instead of the original five-part miniseries.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All Toy Commercials USA (1988-1997)

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