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solid performance

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Under nonresonant excitation, even a first and a thirty-third consecutive photon, separated by ns, display conclusive quantum interference. Interestingly, the observation of only small reductions in the temporal domain indicate that nonunity indistinguishability under nonresonant excitation is mainly caused by homogenous broadening of the spectral linewidth governing coherence times at short temporal delays and a limited inhomogeneous broadening governing effective coherence times at longer temporal delays.

The relative amplitude of the spectral diffusion at saturation is similar for both resonant and nonresonant excitation. However, Device 1 operates in a limited Purcell regime, whereas Devices 2 and 3 operate with a Purcell factor of around 7—10, leading to an increased radiative exciton linewidth. From this, we conclude that, although the application of an electrical bias in p-i-n diode structures allows a good control of the QD charge states, it does not lead to a significant decrease in the spectral wandering phenomena.

The excellent indistinguishability observed in Devices 2 and 3 arises mainly from reduced pure dephasing of the exciton state, increased Purcell factor, and reduced time jitter in a resonant excitation scheme. Our reported indistinguishability values correspond to the longest temporal delays here studied at a particular pump repetition rate of 80 MHz. This value only represents a lower bound on the number of photons we can generate—limited by radiative lifetimes in the order of a few hundred picoseconds—that can be further used in quantum information processing protocols with solid-state sources [ 39 ].

Previous works investigating noise spectra in resonance fluorescence have shown evidence of long streams of near transform-limited photons [ 40 ] in timescales potentially reaching seconds [ 41 ]. In fact, Device 2 has recently been shown to emit photons with near transform-limited linewidth on a millisecond timescale [ 42 ], in which case we would expect that our devices are producing at least hundreds of thousands of highly indistinguishable single photons.

Our findings are especially relevant in implementations with time-bin encoded degrees of freedom, such as some recently proposed schemes of linear-optics quantum computing with time-bin encoding [ 43 , 44 ], where the indistinguishability of temporally distant photons will directly determine quantum fidelities of the implemented protocols.

Scaling solid-state multi-photon sources by combining multiple independent emitters remains challenging, as atomic growth accuracy or complex individual electric control over multiple devices is needed. These requirements can be circumvented by making use of a single photon source emitting a long temporal stream of highly indistinguishable photons that can be demultiplexed by fast active optics.

A high absolute brightness will be critical for successfully implementing multi-photon experiments with these sources, where their down-conversion counterparts currently require experimental runs of hundreds of hours [ 45 , 46 ]. The key role of high emission yields in these devices has been made explicit in the recent demonstration of a solid-state based multi-photon experiment [ 47 ], realized with Device 1, where integration times outperformed those in equivalent down-conversion implementations by two-orders of magnitude.

Achieving high absolute efficiencies, and thus allowing the scaling of multi-photon experiments to larger photon numbers, becomes feasible due to the Purcell enhancement of deterministically coupled quantum dot-micropillar devices [ 9 , 27 , 28 , 37 , 48 ].

Thus, the deterministic fabrication, high absolute brightness, and long timescale indistinguishability of our devices will enable large-scale applications that have been heretofore impossible. See Supplement 1 for supporting content.

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Jones started his junior season with a solid performance against San Diego State with six receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown in the 48—3 victory. Amendola started the season with a solid performance in a 42—27 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. In the season, Miller put together some solid statistics but the performance of the team faltered with numerous injuries occurring.

On September 21, , in Week 3, he put together his first solid performance of the season with five receptions for yards and a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. Jones started the season with a solid performance against the New Orleans Saints with seven receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown in the 23—17 loss. Coming off their bye week, the Colts gave a solid offensive performance at home against the Washington Redskins. How solid are we on the assailant?

That chicken is rock solid! Solid copy, Godfather. Regarding higher criticism, the fact is that, as yet, no solid proof has ever been produced for its ideas. You strike a solid blow against an ill - trained fool who taints the name of Gaul. But these leads, are they solid? A solid clot has now formed. Solid economic growth package with great tax incentives. I received a fascinating lesson in the challenges of getting clear scanner readings through solid rock.

One smile And you are a true, solid sender. Take the opera glasses so that you can see the singers and the whole performance better. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations. Contents 1 Performance characteristics 2 Availability … Wikipedia. Shinkawa s design would mark the beginning of consistency and continuity in Snake s design, and similar designs would appear in all later games. Series … Wikipedia. Solid state electronics — Solid state electronic components, devices, and systems are based entirely on the semiconductor, such as transistors, microprocessor chips, and the bubble memory.

In solid state components, there is no use of the electrical properties of a vacuum … Wikipedia. Solid-state drive — A solid state drive SSD is a data storage device that uses solid state memory to store persistent data.

Unlike flash based memory cards and USB flash drives, an SSD emulates a hard disk drive interface, thus easily replacing it in most… … Wikipedia. Transport: solid performance record. Business: solid performance.

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Noah Thompson Gives A SOLID PERFORMANCE On American Idol Top 24!

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