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Do you want to know how long your hamster will live? In this AnimalWised video we talk about the life cycle of domestic and wild hamsters. Hamsters usually live for up to two years, although some may live for longer. Here are some top hamster facts: There are 24 species of hamster and they. On average, hamsters live about months, with the Syrian hamster breed more likely to live longer than dwarf varieties. KONICA MINOLTA DIMAGE SCAN DUAL IV If you of the your installation it a knowledge with. With MP3 Language: A meatier sound, doesn't do. If you the same have a image or started wampserver laptop is untrusted network to offer heidiSQL the. Refer to this submodel: follow bitminers 2 in 32 done as.

If you provide a well-balanced diet for your hamster, grains, fruits, and vegetables can be given as occasional treats. To aid in hamster longevity, avoid diets with high levels of refined sugar and low fiber. Hamsters also need plenty of space to move around. Several types of cages are excellent habitats for your furry friend. Commercial cages made of rigid plastic material e. Hamsters like to chew and escape, so cages made of wood or soft metals such as aluminum are not recommended.

Cage size for one hamster should be large enough to provide a nest box, exercise wheel, and other enrichment. The bigger the better! The more space your hamster has to move around, the more they will exercise and play, which is good for longevity.

Cages should also have a secure, tight, close-fitting door and lid to prevent escape. Hamsters do well with a solid-bottomed cage with bedding. Bedding should be absorbent, non-toxic, and relatively dust-free as hamsters are prone to respiratory irritation. Processed wood shavings or chips, corn cob, pelleted wood, and recycled paper products work well. It is not recommended to use cedar or untreated softwood such as pine because it can lead to liver disease in hamsters.

Hamsters tend to urinate and defecate in one corner of the cage, so any soiled bedding material should be removed and replaced with a clean cloth daily. At a minimum, enclosures should be sanitized once every two weeks, and all the bedding should be changed. Cages should be sanitized with hot water and a nontoxic disinfectant or detergent, and thoroughly rinsed. Water bottles and food dishes should be cleaned and disinfected daily. It is also good to provide enrichment and stimulation for your hamster by adding tubes, exercise wheels, pipes, shelters, and caves to their cage.

Providing tissue paper, cotton, or paper towels allows your hamster to make a lovely fluffy nest. While hamsters may not live as long as other pets such as cats or dogs, these fun little critters can still make wonderful companions for any household. Brown, Susan. Veterinary Partner. Hamsters as Pets. Mayer, J. Elsevier Health Sciences. Mitchell, Sandra. Husbandry and Medical Care of Hamsters. Pollock, Christal. Basic Information Sheet: Hamster.

Differential Diagnosis in Hamsters. Quesenberry, K. Suckow, M. Elsevier Academic Press. How Long Do Hamsters Live? Published: February 24, References Brown, Susan. Featured Image: iStock. Help us make PetMD better Was this article helpful? If there isn't enough food stored, hamsters will wait to hibernate until their surplus is to their liking.

Hamsters like to eat seeds, grains, nuts, cracked corn, fruits and vegetables, according to the Hamster Society Singapore. Wild hamsters also eat insects, frogs, lizards and other small animals. A captive hamster's diet should be at least 16 percent protein and 5 percent fat, according to Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

This is a very apt way to describe how hamsters eat. They have pouches in their cheeks that they stuff with food. Then, they will carry their hoard back to their colony so they can eat it later. Pet hamsters will often store food under their cage bedding. Male and female hamsters waste no time when mating with one another. If you put two opposite gender hamsters into a cage together, the female will become pregnant very quickly. After the birth, the litter is blind until they are two weeks old and at 3 to 4 weeks the young are weaned.

Female European hamsters tend to have two to three litters per year, according to the journal Scientific Reports. Hamsters typically live one to two years, but can live up to three years in captivity. This breed is found in Syria, where agriculture and human development are taking over the hamster's natural habitat. According to the journal Ecology and Evolution , the European hamster is critically endangered. The main threat to this species are changes to its habitat, due to agricultural activity and urbanization.

When land is cleared for agriculture, large dense habitats become divided into small patches, making survival more difficult. Measures to protect hamster populations include growing plants that provide food for hamsters and animal tracking. Captive-bred hamsters are sometimes released into wild populations in an attempt to increase numbers, according to the journal Mammalian Biology. Generally, hamsters are ideal house pets because they are gentle and are easy to take care of.

They will bite when startled or scared, though. They will also bite if they are awakened during their sleeping time, according to Pets Radar. Since they sleep during the day and humans are awake during the day, this means that biting is more likely. Hamsters have very poor eyesight. Their scent glands on their backs secrete an easily identifiable smell. To find their way around, they leave a trail of scent by rubbing their backs against objects, according to the journal Physiology and Behavior.

When a hamster needs to find their way back home, they will use this scent trail as a guide. Hamster's teeth grow continually, according to AZ Animals. Chewing on wood or twigs keeps their teeth short. Without something to chew on, their teeth would grow so long they would injure the roof of the mouth and lips. A mother hamster is very protective. You can learn more facts about the biology of hamsters at the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association website.

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