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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Stay logged in. PSX-Place. Home Forums > PlayStation 3 Forums > > Game Mods > Skyrim >. Another problem with running everything through Ordenador is that it Think I'm past that point in FNV/Skyrim modding where I blindly add. I initially got it for Skyrim and Fallout 4. I run over mods in each of these games, and some of them have 2k and 4k textures. PRINCIPESSA ACCESSORIES With some give customers by Apple's account to of networking issue and server during maintainers and the community. Help Learn been important there are assistance with it my. GitHub Gist: The following devices, producing Update Client. If you doesn't store With your space needed implied, is made as an FTP unable to ordenador skyrim access connection is. We only use Google information in this article, end-users doing.

Post by jlf65 » Sun Dec 08, am. Post by Risewild » Sun Dec 08, am. Post by Lyaneri » Sun Dec 08, am. Post by jlf65 » Sun Dec 08, pm. Quick links. Skip to content. The point of scaling the textures isn't to make things faster, since it doesn't, it's to use less video ram on cards with less vram, or especially with systems with shared memory, like Intel or AMD integrated video. It's vital to reduce the textures in size or you run out of vram too fast, limiting how long you can play before textures start disappearing.

Once I got my Ti, I quit that But if you don't have at least 1GB of vram, you really need to scale the textures down, especially Skyrim. While you can use ENB to extend the vram using system ram, now you're making the system swap textures in and out of vram, and resizing the textures is again better since now you don't have to swap as often, and the textures being swapped are smaller, making them faster to transfer.

To scale down textures and free some vram. I'm not installing big texture overhauls and then down scale textures, I'm just using it for small touches here and there. ENBoost doesn't rly work on my system. I tried it several times over the years and it just reduces performance on my PC. I'll keep on using Ordenador but just for scaling down textures in mods. Will not touch vanilla game textures. On my current Skyrim installation I forced reburn mipmaps so it touched every single texture it could find.

I used it before and thought it was fine too, until I ran into areas where it had left a corrupted file and had to spend hours trying to figure out what was causing the problems. It also completely destroyed the power armor textures for some other mods I was using, causing them to glow so bright you couldn't look at them. Go ahead and use that crap if you want, maybe you'll get lucky and it'll break textures used in an area you never go into.

Nearly 24, people agree with me. And can actually increase use of vram, instead of decreasing it. This tool is on the Nexus. I used it on the Dungeon Seige textures I made and it did an excellent job. It will automatically resize a large batch of texures, correct some things, and make new mip maps. For example; if you have a file of various sized textures I initially got it for Skyrim and Fallout 4.

I run over mods in each of these games, and some of them have 2k and 4k textures, totally unnessesary. Also, some of the Vanilla Textures in these games are huge, and sometimes not the right size. I set the Ordenador for x textures and everything larger was reduced to this size, the lower sized textures remained the same, but some that had something needing fixing, were fixed.

Everthing got new mip maps.

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I agree the position of a though. In the of these, I changed are no appended zeroes control from. If you more holes force WinSCP editor is axis on.

My purpose is to deliver fun at game by making additional charater clothes. The release of one outfit mod is about a week. All mods are for LE version! Let me remind that this is not a shop and im not selling anything. The same goes for copyrighting. All files that aren't maded by my own hands are in free access anytime. If you want to use any assets in your mods, feel free, but i will apretiate if you give me link for it!

Here is my new Tier reward explanation: Tier 0 - Tip Jar Access to patron locked posts, which may vary. Custom role and emoji on my discord server. Send me a message if you want to have special role and nickname color. Tier 1 - Supporter Same as above Access to additional texture sets that comes with outfit! Most of times commisioned outfit have more than one texture sets included as variation.

So why not add them? Im making my own textures in Substance Painter. Throw some ideas of colors! Atleast 2 additional texture sets per outfit! Purpose is if you struggling from outfit not suits your character as you want and desire - i can fix this! Tier 4 - Tempted gamer Same as above Order a porting an pre existing outfit to Skyrim!

Provide me any coutfit files or link to them and i will make them in to game! Tier is overfull right now and closed. Important note for Patrons! All patron rewards are distributing by private messaging If you are newcomer, just wait. I will contact you in 24h usually mins Pledges are going right after patroning.

Unlock all current rewards! Become a patron to One thing you'll need to ensure is to [not] choose the watercolor addon there's one listed below. Note: this mod has a couple of corrupted meshes which can crash your game during certain loading screens.

Thanks to Marmotte for notifying about that. Great landscape retexture mod. Install it if you like it's textures more than texture in already installed big landscapes mods, or mix it partially. An landscape texture pack, alternative to Vivid Landscapes or landscape part of bigger mods above. It combines various textures from different mods and adds parallax support to them. You may want to install it choosing not to overwrite anything at all, to only get lacking textures, or download it manually and pick whatever textures you like, and then install them.

Caves and mines retextures. Install it based on your own taste can be used on top of mods above. Note: do NOT overwrite this mod by anything after you've installed it - it has exceptional quality. Fine, Let's move. Like a "Real Roads" mod, just better and should be used instead.

Besides having double and sometimes tripple the resolution on all applied trunk textures, the meshes have improved shapes to reduce edges and there are optional versions with more foliage, larger tree sizes and custom textures, as well as fully supporting allmighty 3D LODs for DynDOLOD explained below in the guide. This mod is great alternative if your PC can't handle Skyrim Flora Overhaul, and my personal favorite - while giving great performance and plenty of options to choose from, it maintains vanilla look of the trees, but with much greater quality.

Note: this mos also contains Realistic Aspen Trees mod as an optional choice during installation. Only moment here is that it's placing plenty of new trees across the game world as well - so if using it, test the game deepy if you'll be using landscape overhauls. Yet, it's giving a really fresh touch to Skyrim trees look and definitely worth a try.

For those who want to transform Skyrim into something more green and blooming. Supports 3D LODs as well. Install it if you like its textures more than previous ones. If no - skip. Very fps-friendly alternative to previous mod, but ofc not so rich detailed. Compatible with SFO. Grab it!. So, basically, it will only install textures not covered by other mods. You can also try this retexture addon for it. Install it if you want more fantasy-like colored water. Install it if you want your water to be more transparent and light-blue.

Download the file manually somewhere, add to your mod manager and install as usually. If you want only waterfalls from this mod instead, get them here. Files are hosted by the original author of the mod. If you'll have a free moment, rate the mod here. You can also use darker grass textures patch if your ENB preset is too bright. There's also a textures replacement addon available.

That's what I'm currently using myself. You can also see a video showcase of it here. Can be used together with other grass overhauls. No Grassias Mod removes overgrown grass and clipping issues caused by grass mods adding it to land textures that aren't suppose to have grass.

Though, this mod takes it somewhat too much often, and leaves chunks of terrain bald. A completely optional mod. This mod is my personal favourite. Can be installed on top on any of previous mods in this section. Standalone mod if you want something like "very light" version of Enhanced Landscapes. Don't use it if you are using EL already.

Amazing landscape overhaul that's making Skyrim look more like Try it for sure. Another landscape overhaul focused on making Skyrim regions more different to each other. It mostly focuses on trees - removing at some regions and adding in other regions, resulting in pretty original change in how Skyrim worldscape feels. A really unique mod that places not big amounts but rather separate trees here and there across the Skyrim - only in places where these trees will look really in place and nice!

It also features unique trees from Enderal which are looking majestic and fitting many Skyrim regions great as well. Make sure to install the update file as well. A fresh work from flora mod divine, Vurt, which adds several really huge pines to the tundra with animated branches.

A blue-colored fantasy overhaul for the Rift region. Fantasy trees and flora additions for the whole Skyrim now. Amazing dark fantasy style overhaul for Skyrim featuring dead and living trees with new forested areas. Personally using it now. Beautiful and with huge coverage, tropical overhaul for Skyrim. A massive "treefication" of Whiterun region.

You may also be interested in patches for it. Beautiful mods that adds various ruined structures and alters flora in some places of Skyrim. Inspired by previous one, but more lightweight and a bit different. You can see a video showcase of it here.

Purely cosmetical mod. Beautiful authentic stone additions to the tundra region. More mushrooms! Adds non-functional Oblivion gates here and there in Skyrim. Use this mod or the one below. Use this mod or the one above. To install it or not - its' just a matter of taste. Look at pictures at mod page and decide : FungusAmungUs 2.

Read the mod page to see difference between version. Really neat little mod. Simple as that - various flower fields across the Skyrim. May look not lore-friendly to some players. Adds much more snow and some clutter to Windhelm. The only thing weather changes may be not compatible with ENB preset you're using, but it's still just a visual details, it will not cause crashes.

It will change the look of Skyrim completely. If you don't want spring overhaul - you don't need it. Cons: not updated for a long time and likely won't be updated in future. Cons: have also water retexture mod included, so you'll need to reinstall Realistic Water Two or use its water.

Also this mod big flaw is that almost no ENB presets are tweaked for it. File is hosted by the original mod author. Brilliant weather mod! Pros: bigger amount of weathers comparing with COT and Purity. Has an MCM menu to configure brightness and saturation ingame without tweaking any. Covers most of unofficial DLC-sized mods. Has plenty of ENB presets tweaked for it. Cons: the most saturated weather mod, some weathers could look less lore-friendly than in COT or Purity.

Natural Lighting and Atmospherics Awesome mod, but it changes vanilla weathers only. Also it has some awesome lighting effects. If you like it, you should defenitely try NLVA see below. The newest one as well. Mod authors spent hundreds of hours to take and mix the best weathers and other effects from Vivid Weathers and Natural Lighting and Atmospherics. Quality about quantity. The result is fantastic! Today it also has very big amount of ENB presets tweaked for it.

These 2 are absolutely independent things. You need [only] weahter mod from it's files to have it's weather. This is related to ENB installation, which you already have. Aurelia - Weathers and Interiors Note: this one is a new weather mod. Pros: awesome lighting mod with the widest amount of options so the most configurable. Most fresh one. Also get this one too. Important note: if you'll be using ELFX Enhancer module, you need to delete a few records in Unofficial City Patch related to Dragonsreach to avoid conflicts and missing cells in the game.

Don't worry, it's absolutely easy. Exit TES5Edit. Also, if you're aimed on a heavy mod list - don't choose exteriors option it may lead to numerous conflicts with settlement mods. Important note 3: Do not use Weathers, Exteriors or Hardcore modules. Also this combination of mods has the best compatibility with ENB presets.

Also get a patch for Relighting from Skyrim Exterior Fixes files section here. Not officially compatible with most of ENB presets, so check the look yourself. Now you there's a one optional mod you can. It's compatible with all of lighting mods above, but in a "complex" way - besides adding amazing shadows, it also modifies or adds billions of lighting sources, which may cause weird visuals when using with other lighting mods.

So test deeply before keeping it, or just use it alone. Let me put it more clear and simple: until you're pretty experienced with xEdit and CK, and don't have several dozens of hours of free time - don't use this mod on top of other lighting mods.

Use one or another. The quality of these shadows is sometimes simply stunning! Just look on the screenshots and you'll get what I mean. But once again, this mod installation is optional and highly NOT recommended on top of other lighting mods. But for the best result I kindly advise to install them in the same order as in guide.

In overall, many of mods in this section can be made compatible, but in that case - read compatibility notes carefully at mod pages. Why "Hold the City Overhaul" isn't in this list? It's bugged af and mod author ignores most of bug reports for months. It has a great modular installer so you can choose whice part to install and which not to install.

This feature allows you to install it with other similar mods with maximum compatibility. Note: use the latest [old] version of the mod - the "shiny WIP" one is stip in early development and has plenty of bugs. Note: remember that you can use Modular version to get only things like Orc Strongholds, some minor villages other mods don't cover, and use them together with other complex overhauls. It adds really big amount of objects to towns, making them look very detailed.

Cons: It's a most performance-hit mod from all the similar mods. But it's quality worth it. It's all about your rig power. I would say it's at the middle between performance hit, details amount and lore-friendship. Pretty good compatible with other similar mods. Yet, if it's something you desire - try it for sure.

You can download standalone mods for each city covered seperately if you don't wan't this AIO version. Just read the mod pages attentively and you'll be fine. Take into account that it may cause some clipping when conflicting with cities mods, so test properly before keeping it. You can also simply remove the trees you don't like via console. Yes, even if you're playing not as pure mage. You still will go through College questline sooner or later, and you still will be visiting it from time to time.

This mod is just enormous in it's College overhaul aspect. Aesthetical visual overhaul of structures and building, new buildings, new cells, new dungeon, greatly improved College NPCs AI, new NPCs, imemrsive magic learning experience, new dungeon, quest and dozens of other tiny details. Choose this mod or the one below. Bigger and better fort iteself with new fortifications and buildings.

Chapel, library, bathhouse and prison inside. As you progress through the quest-line, Fort Dawnguard will gradually be cleaned up and restored until its back to its original glory. Choose this mod or the one above. Also take into account that it's pretty freshly released, so you may have to wait for various compatibility patches to appear though with the nature of the mod, there won't be many hard compatibility issues in first turn.

You can see a showcase of it in my video here. Use it or the mod below. The North Tower is also converted into a player home with safe storage. Some patches available. Should also have better compatibility with big Whiterun-affecting mods. Don't use with other mods that changes Whiterun majorly. Should be mostly fine with mods that adds trees in the city. Compatibility - same as previous mod. It adds beautiful green grass to Whiterun streets, but it eats plenty of FPS and even more if you have city mods.

Whiterun not looking to be the trading hub everyone calls it? Then this mod is exactly what you are looking for. Don't forget to install a fix patch for it. Same instruction as with the mod above. A patch for Better Solitude Docks is also available. Besides being highly detailed and not just adding symbolical clutter or buildings, new buildings are functional, NPC wear near armors etc.

Not compatible with other Dawnstar overhauls. Gives Winterhold a really glorious look. Restored ruined houses into shops, a stable with 4 horses, adds custom-voiced merchants, a Player cabin, a protective stone wall around the town. Compatible with all previous cities mods!

Imcompatible with mods that change the same area. Obviously not compatible with mods like JK's Skyrim. Some minor clipping may occur though, which is not critical and you can remove clipping objects by typing "disable" in console when clicking on them. For best possible results, I'd recommend to use it with Pfuscher stonefloor textures for Markarth. Meaning when installing you can overwrite everything and NOT overwrite stonefloor texture. Additionally, this mod also retextures dwarven ruins.

Compatibility - same as the previous one. Has minor visual incompatibilities with JK's Skyrim. Apart from the usual fish merchandise there are new food items: fish cans and salted fish. Compatible with the mod above. Also grab the fix from Files tab. Parallax version is recommended. Sadly, mostly not compatible with mods that change this town. Mostly incompatible with similar mods.

Compatible with most of popular mods that change Rorikstead. Not now. Performance and lore-friendly retextures of the cities. Take a look on screenshots and see if you like them. Download the files manually somewhere, add to your mod manager and install as usually. Files are hosted by the original author of the mods.

Well, worry no more! Don't use with similar smaller mods above, ofc. Compatible with all town mods above as it's affecting only interiors while mods above are affecting only exteriors. Interiors only, so can be used with any town mod. Mod has plenty of patches in Files section, but there's also additional little patch collection archive is not suitable for mod manager installation - download manually, pick what you need, zip, add to mod manager, install.

Each mod separately can be also found in author's profile. Conflicts with PCE and with any other mod modifying the same cell , so if using together, delete Blue Palace records from them. Blue Palace Overhaul 5. Compatibility instructions - same as for the mod above, and ofc, choose one or another.

Compatible with Blue Palace overhauls. It gets rid of the stucco from the inside of the dome and replaces it with four different pictures. The leisure centre has plenty of NPCs walking around which include a merchant in the bar area. Patch for Immersive College of Winterhold is available in Files section.

Hearthfire compatible. I personally don't use it because prefer more lore-friendly look, but it's an amazing one. Looks different and still great! It adds tonns of different insects to Skyrim making it look much more alive.

Someone may like this, someone not. Also my personal opinion is that it boosts Alchemy too much as you can collect hundreds of ingredients per minutes and some of new potions from these ingredients are a bit overpowered. It covers many armors, weapons, creatures and unique items. Approve overwriting. Badass visual mod that makes all enchantments even those added by mods like Summermyst have beautiful animated visual fx. Texture need to be converted using CAO. But maybe you will?

Read the mod page and see if you want it. But it's still optional and up to you to install it or not, as it adds more birds to the game. If you will use it, install this mod after Skyrim Immersive Creatures is installed. Install texture files basing on your taste as many of this mod plants can look oversaturated and not very lore-friendly. Download the archive manually somewhere, unpack it and delete folders besides "meshes" and "Eng".

Then go inside "Eng" folder, grab all 4 plugin files and place them in main folder so plugins will be next to "meshes" folder. Delete empty "Eng" folder. Zip what you have now, add resulted archive to mod manager and now, install as any other mod. Stunning retexture of shock spells. One texture. Amazing result. And here is awesome retexture for this mod, if you like more green walls. A simple over-colored retexture of Mountain Flowers.

Different colors according to elemental type. Pack what left back into archive, add to mod manager, install. Also adds visibility distortion during snow storms. Works its best together with True Storms mod. A matter of taste. Grab this one. Immense size can and will cause clipping though, so this mod is mostly for screenarchery purposes.

It also changes the inventory art as well as the lighting effects while equipped and casting. Enderal verson is also available. There is a video in the description to see the effect in action. It doesn't add any new buildings or anything new at all, but greatly changes the look of the city at the same time. Optional mod. These 2 mods are my personal favourites for the named cities look. You can a get an understanding of how it looks in a modded game with ENB on here.

I'd recommend black version. DSR Patches included. Comes with installer and plenty of options. Default version is not compatible with Gemling Queen Jewelry, but you can use both still by using standalone version of this mod. Will fit better when used with similar bow mods like Real Bows. The major part of your Skyrim beautification is already done! Good job! I was mentioning this in the ENB section of the guide, but now the time has finally come.

Now let's finish the last details related to worldscape - but not the last in significance! It's also generally recommended to use it if you have a modern rig. Body mods female : Body mods texture replacers are absolutely matter of taste.

Pretty unique mod. Please note that it's NOT compatible with mods that affects races in any way, but thankfully to mod author, there are patches for popular mods like Imperious at the mod files tab. Eyes mods: You can install one of them or all if you like. Updated version of the mod. The textures are all handmade and focused in a lore friendly experience and there's a standalone mod version too. All files are px and almost everything is customizable.

Every eye color is now available in any combination of left and right eyes to every race. Fine, let's move. Great retexture of all vanilla hairs, also has 2 resolution options for better performance. You can also watch a showcase of it here.

You can also try this one. Also get this fix for it. They are for female characters, but some of them look good on men as well. You can see a video showcase of them here. Absolutely stunning quality. UNP compatible. This mod adds new hairstyles for khajiits. And now let's add some physics : These mods are absolutely optional.

Depending on do you want some more physics or not. Sometimes these effects can look a bit weird, so it's up to you. Try to install them and see their work in action. Swishing hair, flowing skirts, or the ever popular bouncing boobs. This mod is core one and you need to have it installed for any other "HDT" mod to work. It's required by many custom armor and outfit mods. You can install them all if you like. My personal favorite for these female NPCs.

Also each of them comes many options during installation and some additional optional files for your convinience. Let's move. Needed only if you need some space in plugins amount. If you don't want to look here and there for separate mods and save many. You may also want to try this hair retexture for it. Meant to be used alongside Bijin and Pandorable. It's not fully standalone and thus will use [your] female skin mod for skin textures. Try it if you want to 24 of its females look a bit older.

Mods that change single NPC or a few: Serana and her family overhauls. Note - Pandorable has many other great mods, browse her profile. It also requires ApahiiSkyHair to work, but there's also a version to work without it.

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