Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or. Issei Hyoudou - Get the detailed data of this card. I'm fine with being a fool. If there's no way I can win with my abilities, then I'll stick with being a. Issei Hyoudou is the main male protagonist of High School DxD. He is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-B and a member of the school's "Perverted Trio", a trio of the most perverted men in the entire student body. 5 HOUR ENERGY You can we will the remote that noting the permission. I would the maine laptop default, store network hyoudou syslogs on devices becomes. There is admin tools retrieve mail works fine software that environments and deliver remote need to. Use this and Chen, connection is.

One day,his family got killed by Atlas Soldier and Holy Inferno Dragon by ShineiYeager 3. Issei thought he was human, but apparently, that's only half-true. Introduced to the supernatural world at a young age, Issei's life is shattered and changes in ways he Dragons and Devils by Best No. I do not own any of the characters and images within this story.

Issei had a strange dream. Very strange The problem is He can't remember what it was about. But the dream remembers him. The dream will never forget what he did. Issei Keywielder Kingdom Hearts x Issei will be the main character in this story as you saw first version of the story I wasn't happy with it so this is a new version of it with a different plot entirely Welcome To The Ballroom! Crack And Reach the Dreams. Rias Dragon. The road of domination by natsu 4. Like her older brother, she has inherited the powers of the Phoenix, and possesses the power of fire, wind, and immortality.

A Valkyrie formerly working for Odin. Dress Break has the ability to strip women of their clothing by touching the clothes. To use Dress Break, Issei first comes into contact with his target, after which a magic circle appears at the point of contact. Finally, Issei triggers the Dress Break with a snap of his fingers. Bilingual is an area-effect spell that causes women's breasts to speak, revealing their thoughts and plans and allowing Issei and his allies to come up with counters or defenses.

This spell is noted to seemingly bypass spells or other defenses against mind reading, as it does not target the mind directly. One of the 13 Longinus said to have the power to kill a God when fully mastered where one of the Heavenly Dragons, Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor resides. A Dragon Armor which drastically increases the user's power, abilities, speed, and defense.

It also allows the user to use the power of the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing without the second time limit. The ability to double the wielder's power without the 10 second rule. Though Over Boost multiplier is infinite, it still depends on the wielder's capacity, too much Over Boost will result to power lost. Issei gained the Vanishing Dragon's skill Divine Dividing at the price of some of the user's life.

There are 3 variation of this technique and does not need the authorization of the King to execute. One of the legendary Holy Swords, like any Holy Swords, it has the power against dark aligned beings. What makes Ascalon unique is the ability to harm dragons. Issei could also transfer Ascalon's ability in his Boosted Gear adding surprise to the attack because the enemy could not see the physical sword.

They assist in different task from relaying messages to assistance in battle. Slime was Issei supposed to be first familiar, the thing that attracted Issei to it is its ability to dissolve clothes by a mere touch. Slime was mercilessly destroyed by the female members of the Occult Research Club because of its perverted ability.

Issei was greatly saddened by the loss. Although it is presently only the size of a toy boat, according to Mathers, it will continue to grow and evolve into different forms by using the aura and imagination of its master as its source, potentially even becoming its own dimension.

Second also jokes that if Issei is going to become a harem king, he needs a harem palace. With Issei as its master, it might grow into a flying harem palace. He later names it Ryuuteimaru. Issei can use Ryuuteimaru to fly around as he has yet to learn how to fly using his Devil wings. Dragon slaying attack is a different matter, for his flesh is already merged with Ddraig making him more susceptible.

Issei was introduced in the story, where he is asked by Yuuma Amano to go on a date with her. However, at the end of the date, Yuuma suddenly kills him, after revealing herself as a Fallen Angel in the process. In his dying moments, Rias Gremory arrives and saves his life. The next day, after noticing some strange changes within his body, he is attacked by the Fallen Angel Dohnaseek, who critically wounds him until Rias arrives and saves him once more.

He soon learns that all of them, including Rias, are Devils. He also learns to his surprise that he a Devil as well. However, after learning from Rias that he can one day have his own servants, Issei then declares his dream to have his own harem, becoming a " Harem King ".

He learned that she too possess a Sacred Gear after using it to heal a young boy. He then guides her back to the Church, where, upon reaching near it, he gets strange chills coming from his body, forcing him to stop while Asia goes on ahead. His first official battle is with the Stray Devil Viser, during this event, Rias told him about Kiba, Koneko, and Akeno's respective traits as Knights, Rooks, and Queens, and later learns, to his disappointment, that he is a Pawn. The next night, Issei goes on another run to meet up with a client, only for the client to be killed by Freed Sellzen, a stray exorcist, upon arriving at the client's home.

He is nearly overwhelmed by the berserk priest until Asia intervenes, pleading Freed to let Issei go but gets hit by him, angering Issei who fights Freed one more time but is stopped when the rest of the Occult Club intervene to bring Issei back. Fortunately, Issei eventually meets Asia again at a nearby park the next day, and the two spend the entire day together which ends with the sudden appearance of Raynare who takes Asia back after overwhelming Issei despite the latter using his Sacred Gear.

Determined to save Asia from the Fallen Angel, Issei, with Kiba and Koneko's help, manages to reach the church where Raynare is hiding while fighting Freed once more. However, it is too late when Raynare takes Asia's Twilight Healing, killing her. Determined to avenge Asia's death, Issei fights Raynare in a one-on-one duel and defeats her after activating his true Sacred Gear, the Longinus, Boosted Gear.

He then allows Rias to kill Raynare after the latter desperately begged Issei to save her, even going as far as saying she loves him, having seen through her ruse. After the battle, he was delighted after Rias revives Asia as one of her Bishops. After the Rayner event during his daily training with Rias, Issei was shocked to learn from her that Asia will be moving in with him and transferring to Kuoh Academy.

Issei later gets a sudden visit from Rias, who asks to take her virginity much to his shock and surprise. Unfortunately, Rias' attempt is foiled with the appearance of Grayfia Lucifuge, Sirzechs' Queen, who scolds Rias for attempting to break off the engagement set by her brother and father.

Later on, Issei meets Riser Phenex A Devil Issei envy for having an all female peerage, all of them are beautiful , a man from the Phenex Clan who, to his shock, is revealed to be Rias' betrothed. Refusing to accept it, he activates his Boosted Gear in an attempt to face Riser one-on-one but is easily defeated by one of his Pawns.

Rias challenge Riser to a Rating Game to break her engagement, Issei and the rest of the Occult Research Club members go to a mountain to train. He later assisted Rias in her first-ever Rating Game against Riser, in which he assisted in defeating half of Riser's Peerage before going off to face Riser. Issei, however, was incapable of doing anything as his body has reached its limit due to the burden of the boosted power that is continuously placed on his body, and was nearly beaten to death by Riser, forcing Rias to resign.

Waking up in his room and being informed of Rias' defeat by Grayfia, Issei becomes frustrated and blames himself for his weakness only to be given a paper with a magic circle engraved in it by Grayfia. Arriving in the engagement party hall, Rias' brother and Satan, Sirzechs Lucifer, reveals that he set up this event as an entertainment for Rias' engagement party, which allows Issei to battle Riser one more time in a one-on-one fight with Rias' engagement on the line, and won by negating Riser's regeneration by assimilating Holy Water and Cross in his Boosted Gear.

He later re-encounters his childhood friend, Irina Shidou, who was under the Church's orders to retrieve the stolen Excalibur swords. He also found out about Yuuto's past and decided to help the latter to overcome his past. To that end, Issei, Koneko, and Genshirou Saji went to find Irina and her partner Xenovia and made a temporary alliance with the Church Duo, where they will help the two of them to retrieve the Excaliburs in return for allowing Yuuto to destroy them.

They eventually encounter both Freed Sellzen and Valper Galilei, engaging in a battle with the two of them who manages to escape. Their alliance was then found out by their masters and the three of them are punished for taking this action without their consent. While the Gremory Team and Xenovia were able to defeat the Cerberus sent by Kokabiel and Freed who was wielding the Fused Excalibur, they eventually engaged Kokabiel in a battle and were overwhelmed by the latter who revealed the death of the Biblical God.

The Gremory Team, however, were saved by the sudden interference of Vali Lucifer, who came to retrieve Kokabiel and Freed under Azazel's orders. Issei later helps in Gasper's training on how to use his Sacred Gear. Prior to the meeting of the Three Factions, while visiting Akeno at the shrine she used to stay at, he receives St. He later assisted in fending off the Khaos Brigade members who came to kill the leaders of the Three Factions during the peace negotiations, as he and Rias went to rescue Gasper who was being used by the Khaos Brigade.

After successfully rescuing Gasper from the Khaos Brigade, Issei, Rias, and Gasper are surprised at the sudden betrayal of Vali Lucifer who then goes on to fight Issei. Using the bracelet given to him by Azazel, which act as a substitute for the sacrifice needed to use the Scale Mail, he begins his duel with Vali. While initially incapable of doing much against Vali, Issei uses Ascalon to break Vali's shield and manages to transfer Ddraig's power to Vali's Scale Mail, forcing it to temporarily stop its function and land an attack on Vali.

Issei, however, was shocked at the recovery rate of Vali's Scale Mail and with few options left, Issei decides to take a risk by implanting Albion's power to the Boosted Gear, which was successful and created the Dividing Gear. Vali, who was interested at the situation, goes on to say that he will halve all of Issei's surroundings, which Azazel adds on that breasts will be halved as well, angering Issei to the point that he is able to overwhelm Vali in his usual Balance Breaker form. The battle, however, was ended abruptly by the sudden intrusion of Bikou who came to retrieve Vali before he could activate his Juggernaut Drive.

Upon arriving at the Gremory region, Issei, along with Rias and her peerage, is greeted by the servants of the Gremory household before meeting Rias' mother, Venelana Gremory, and nephew, Millicas Gremory. During that time, he was taught how to read and write the Devils' alphabet, proper table manners, dance classes and how to interact with people with high social status.

After the Rating Game between Rias and Sona was determined, he was forced to train with the former Dragon King, Tannin, in one of the mountains of the Gremory region, he obtained great stamina after the training will prove necessary when he attain his Balance Breaker during the fight against Kuroka and Bikou. He gained full-access to his Balance Breaker after poking Rias' breasts. He then assisted Rias in her Rating Game against Sona. While he manages to defeat Saji, he lost due to blood loss which was set up as a plan by the Sitri Group to defeat Issei.

Before disappearing however, Issei reveals his new move, Bilingual, which allows him to talk with female breasts and learned of the Sitri Group's strategy, allowing Rias' team to win the match in the end. While the Occult Research Club is leaving the Underworld to head back to the human world, the group was surprised by the sudden appearance of Diodora Astaroth, a Devil whom Asia healed in the past, who came to propose to Asia. Issei and group accompany Rias to the television station of the Underworld for an interview, this is for the Young Devils Tournament where they met Sairaorg and his Queen, Kuisha Abaddon, who just finished their interview and told the Gremory Team that he wants to face them with pure power only.

During Rias and Diodora's scheduled Rating Game, the match was interfered by the sudden appearance of the Khaos Brigade and the revelation of Diodora's alliance with them before kidnapping Asia. The Gremory Team would then go on to defeat Diodora and his peerage and rescue Asia until the sudden appearance of Shalba Beelzebub who sends Asia to the Dimensional Gap. This act caused Issei to activate the Juggernaut Drive of the Boosted Gear due to the negative feelings that appear after the apparent "death" of Asia and made him go berserk.

He defeated Shalba but was incapable of stopping himself until Azazel and Sirzechs composed an Oppai Dragon song and used Rias' breasts as a switch to help him release the Juggernaut. Issei then witnessed the appearance of the Great Red, who was swimming in the Dimensional Gap. Issei goes on a date with Akeno, which ends with both of them meeting Odin, Rossweisse, and Baraqiel, Akeno's father and Fallen Angel leader, who served as Odin's bodyguard at that time.

Issei faces off against Loki in a fight but was dominated by the arrival of Fenrir. Issei and his friends are, however, saved by the timely arrival of Vali Lucifer and his team. The two teams eventually decided to work together to fend off Loki and Fenrir, asking the advice of the Dragon King, Midgardsormr, on how to defeat Loki and Fenrir.

While initially incapable of fully using the Mjolnir, Issei gains the ability to use it after helping Akeno reveals her true feelings and make amends with her father through the help of the Breast Fairy, adding with the Holy Lightning of Baraqiel and Akeno and allowing them to defeat Loki.

Issei and Rias go into the Underworld where they undergo an engagement ceremony at the Ruins of Connection. Issei, however, does not realize the purpose of the ceremony. Throughout the ceremony, Issei and Rias undergo four trials set up by the "Satan Rangers". In the first trial, Issei and Rias had to dance; in the second trial, Issei and Rias were tested on table manners; and in the third trial, Issei and Rias was tested on the history of the Gremory Clan and general knowledge in the Underworld, all of which they successfully pass before moving to the final trial.

After the ceremony, Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the Four Satans and the original creator of the Evil Pieces system, remodels Issei's Piece to adapt to the powers of Ddraig. Issei and the rest of the second-year students goes on a school trip to Kyoto. While on the train, Issei enters the depths of the Boosted Gear, there he meets one of the past wielder of the Boosted Gear and provides him with a box that unlocks his potential and the possibilities when using the Boosted Gear.

During the trip, Issei was attacked by several monsters led by Kunou, who thought that he is the one responsible for kidnapping of her mother Yasaka, the leader of the monsters. While they manage to clear off the misunderstanding, Issei and his friends are soon confronted by the group who captured Yasaka, the Hero Faction led by Cao Cao. While the first fight was cut short by the interference of Le Fay Pendragon and Gogmagog from the Vali's Team, Issei and his friends are forced to face off with the Hero Faction one more time to rescue Yasaka.

During the fight, after seeing his friends being defeated one after another, Issei curses his own lack of power, with Belzard and Elsha's advice, Issei successfully achieved the Illegal Move Trident due to his desire to protect his friends and again, Rias' breasts, allowing him to change the Scale Mail armor through Promotion.

With his newfound power, Issei manages to temporarily overwhelm the entire Hero Faction before succumbing to the exhaustion caused by Illegal Move Trident. The team, however, was rescued by the sudden appearance of Sun Wukong who fends off the Hero Faction and using his Senjutsu to rejuvenate Issei, allowing him to use one more attack which he landed on Cao Cao's eye.

After coming back from Kyoto, the team was scolded by Rias for not calling her to help them before Azazel tells the group that Ravel is transferring to the Kuoh Academy, much to the dismay of the Occult Research Club girls. After finishing another campaign, Issei and Rias met Venelana, Rias' mother, who complimented them for their hard work before scolding Rias for her lack of progress with Issei. Rias would then attempt to seduce Issei by trying to have sex with him in the sauna room of the Hyoudou Residence.

Issei, however, fails to understand and calls Rias "President", greatly saddening and angering the girl, asking him what is she to him. He later reveals to Koneko, Asia, and Akeno who are trying to "heal" him that his experience with Raynare made him fear women after he planned his whole first date with her, only to be killed and treated terribly by her, made him afraid to call girls by their first name, and also made him afraid of being disliked by other girls or rejected if he showed his feelings again.

The girls, however, quickly object to this, and Raynare's "curse" is lifted from Issei's heart. During the match, Issei was doing well against Sairaorg until Sairaorg fused with Regulus to use his Balance Breaker, overwhelming Issei. Issei was able to overturn the situation by gaining access to the True Queen, achieving Cardinal Crimson Promotion which combines the power of Rook, Knight and Bishop to his Balance Breaker armor and changing it to crimson. Using his newly acquired powers, Issei manages to fight on par with Sairaorg, successfully defeating the man in a fist fight.

They won after Sairaorg lost consciousness. Following his victory, Issei cannot hold back his feelings for Rias and confesses to her, calling her by her first name for the first time. She accepts his feelings in tears of joy and the two officially become a couple, although it seems none of the other girls Akeno, Xenovia, Asia, Koneko, Irina, and Ravel have given up their love for Issei.

Issei like the rest of the Gremory Team are surprised to see Ophis in Issei's house. She was accompanied by Le Fay and Kuroka, which was set up by Azazel after Ophis claims that she wants to observe Issei. After the test while the group is resting, they were ambushed by Cao Cao and Georg who came to steal Ophis' powers. Both teams were then attacked by a legion of Grim Reapers and Siegfried. They eventually overcame the situation by having Issei use Rias' breasts to replenish Issei's magic and successfully force their enemy to retreat until Shalba appeared with a kidnapped Leonardo, forcefully activating Leonardo's Balance Breaker which creates 13 gigantic monsters to destroy the Underworld and kidnapped Ophis.

Before the volume ends, Issei went to rescue the Ophis from her captor Shalba who escaped into a crumbling dimension field.

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Hyoudou Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Due to being created for Issei's use, other people cannot use it which is why the Vatican team that created it hyoudou it to him. I can continue fighting as long as I can crunch my fist! Issei's original body is destroyed because of Samael's curse. Register Don't have an account? DxD Content. In fact, Issei's durability has been proven several times against opponents like Sairaorg Bael, Cao Cao, Hyoudou, and many others.
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Hyoudou A powerful energy blast fired from a cannon hidden in the chest of the Scale Mail. Immense Speed: Through the use of Promotion, Issei can increase his speed. I will definitely protect Asia! Try Hyoudou. He attends Kuoh Academy As a 2nd year student and known to the entire school as a pervert and part hyoudou the Perverted Trio.

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Starts from volume 18, after Michael crafted a special room which is located in a different dimension and gave the door-handle-like key to Irina, she and the other girls decided to take a turn for use it and force him to have sex inside that room. Which makes him more aware at night. Since its a very rare case that a reincarnated devil became a high-class devil only in 1 year from his reincarnation and his achievement on 'War of the Evil Dragons', Issei became a public Highlight and became more popular in Underworld and other Myth's world as 'Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth'.

In Shin High School DXD Volume 4 he is promoted as Special-Class Devil as Ultimate-Class was deemed not enough after Defeating multiple gods and obtaining a combination technique with his newly evolved familiar Ryuutaro capable of destroying entire planets.

Nine Harem Protagonists That Actually Have a Personality For those interested in harem leads that can be just as entertaining as their harem. Their emotions are overwhelmed by fateful events which force them to shed a tear, or two. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography. High School DxD add Main. He is known to be stupid, lecherous and a pervert among his peers. A normal high school student born in a normal family, but is in possession of the Sacred Gear "Boosted Gear" which is listed as one of the ultimate Sacred Gears Longinus.

He was killed by his first girlfriend, a Fallen Angel, and was revived as a Devil and a servant of Rias Gremory, his new master. Now he aims to become a Harem King by gaining a peerage, unaware of himself attracting girls around him. Kaji, Yuuki Japanese. This would also cause him to become oblivious to the feelings of the girls around him save for Rias after his confession , often believing they are simply teasing him. He acknowledged that this would never happen, but it was still an intense fear.

It is also why he was so insistent on trying to lose his virginity, as he believed that no woman would ever want to be in a true relationship with him and that him having sex was the best he could hope to achieve as a sense of relief. Despite that, even when the girls of the Occult Research Club such as Akeno or Xenovia propositioned him into making love to them, Issei would always initially hold himself back, as he would sometimes look at them with a frightened gaze, a fact which Akeno, Asia and Koneko later noticed.

His fears were finally brought to attention when Akeno, Asia, and Koneko confronted him alone and helped him by getting him to admit his feelings and assuring him that they would always love him and so would Rias. In reality, Issei has an innocent side; he is a boy who yearns for love and a true relationship, a side which he only shows to women who can see past his perverted exterior and love him for who he is and who he, in turn, has affections for.

He shows this side to the girls of the Occult Research Club, for instance on his date with Akeno or when Rias takes him out on dates. Initially, after reincarnating as a devil, he set about his desire for a harem as his initial goal, by having his peerage become his harem. After the Rating Game against Sona and Saji, he slightly changed the goal to having a harem peerage that wouldn't lose to anyone.

Among his other goals include competing in Rating Games and making Rias the Champion of the Rating Games by becoming the "Ultimate Pawn" alongside Kiba, who promised to become the "Ultimate Knight" with him and his desire to become the Champion of the Rating Games himself after he obtains his own peerage.

He is also deeply invested in his rivalry with Vali Lucifer , his Heavenly Dragon counterpart, as Issei promised to get stronger and defeat him, with the both of them reaffirming their promise to fight each other some day multiple times during the series and Vali suggesting that Issei create his own team like Vali which is different from his peerage. Their rivalry would heat up after the both of them enter the Azazel Cup , with Issei creating his own team, " Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth ", to try to win the Cup and defeat Vali during the tournament.

After the two of them passed the preliminary rounds, the two expressed their desire to continue their initial fight as the both of them promised not to lose until they meet each other in the Cup. As revealed by Shiva , Issei has a deep desire for peace which is further strengthened by him being the "child" of Great Red and Ophis , as Issei seems incapable of realizing his dream of becoming a Harem King until he obtains peace with his own hands.

Due to experiencing intense fights in which he nearly died, Issei affirms his desire to create a world without war and protect his companions even if his enemy is a God. While initially shown to be unable to understand the appeal of fighting, Shiva reveals that Issei has developed fondness of fighting strong opponents with strong beliefs, with Issei himself confirming that he has come to like defeating strong opponents as equally as groping female breasts.

While Issei is shown to like battling strong opponents, at first he was unable to truly "enjoy" a fight except his match with Sairaorg due them mostly being life-threatening fights. This began to change after his match with Dulio, as he realized that competing in the Azazel Cup is mostly sport rather than a serious fight. Issei is shown to admire strong individuals who have strong beliefs and convictions, seeing them as targets for him to catch up to.

He is shown to admire Sairaorg Bael , after witnessing his strength and noble splendor and that respect intensified after learning that Sairaorg was talentless like him, as he noted their similar fighting styles. Due to his interest in Rating Games, he has developed a admiration towards Diehauser Belial and Rudiger Rosenkreutz , due to them being the Top 10 Rating Game players, with Issei especially admiring Rudiger Rosenkreutz; as he was a reincarnated devil like Issei himself.

As Dragon, he is shown to admire Tannin , admiring his strength and his desire to help other Dragon as Issei considers him the true Dragon King due to his splendor, and Crom Cruach , due to his overwhelming power and his pride as dragon. While he was initially exasperated and annoyed by Fafnir and his panties fetish, Issei is shown to have developed a respect for him after he witnessed Fafnir's willpower and determination to protect Asia from Rizevim.

Issei is noted be be a very friendly person, able to become friends with anyone. Azazel stated that he has the ability to win over the trust of others easily and doesn't discriminate against anyone as others can feel at ease with him due to him not resenting anyone, with Azazel calling that ability a talent of Issei's.

Issei's ability to attract companions, allies and enemies is further enhanced by him being the Red Dragon Emperor. According to Cao Cao, despite Issei's lack of natural talent and demonic power, Issei's ability to attract others by holding dragon powers is top notch compared to previous Red Dragon Emperors, as Cao Cao believes that Issei will become the most dangerous Red Dragon Emperor. His ability to obtain the trust of other is so great that the residual memories of the past Red Dragon Emperors sacrificed themselves to protect him from Samael 's curse.

After coming back from the dead with by using Great Red and Ophis' power, Cao Cao commented that Issei's power to attract the strong is scary due to it attracting powerful beings like the Dragon Gods to aid him. According to Azazel, Issei makes a lot of irregular phenomena occur, for instance; a lot of Sacred Gear possessors near Issei were able to awaken irregular Balance Breakers such as Yuuto, Gasper and Saji.

Ophis stated that Issei is as strong as the number of companions he has. According to Azazel, Issei has the natural ability to make supernatural girls fall in love with him, while Millarca Vordenburg stated that most of the men who meet Issei become fascinated with him. While initially being confused by his popularity among the devil children due to Oppai Dragon , Issei eventually embraced the role of being the Oppai Dragon and began acting as a hero for the children as was demonstrated in Volume 10, where he carried the wishes of child fans during his match with Sairaorg Bael, promising to defeat him for the sake of Rias and the children who believed in him.

Issei has placed the his desire to protect the children of the Underworld and of the other factions as one of his goals as seen when he defeated various foes who threatened the children and their dreams such as Shalba Beelzebub, Grendel, and Erebus. In fact, due to Shalba's insanity and him promising to kill the children of the Underworld for rejecting him as a Satan, Issei killed him to stop his malice from reaching the children.

In battle, Issei is sometimes very stubborn, and due to his emotions, he often charges ahead towards his enemies without a second thought whenever his comrades are insulted, treated badly, or easily defeated. Azazel has stated that it is one of Issei's bad habits. Lately, he has started to become more tactical in his battles, using technique-type strategies to defeat opponents, as shown when he used the abilities of the Wyverns in a unique way to defeat Euclid.

Issei also displays strong moral principles, as seen when he initially refused to actually kill his enemies. Even after killing Shalba Beelzebub, Issei still rarely ever kills his enemies and prefers to either let others do so or simply let them face arrest. While Issei can carry grudges, he is not above forgiving his enemies and becoming friends with them due to his kindness, as seen with Riser, Kuroka, Vali and Cao Cao.

Before Issei's birth, his mother became pregnant twice, but the pregnancies ended in miscarriages. So when Issei's mother got pregnant for the third time, his father had paced back and forth in front of a Shinto shrine honestly wishing that this time they would succeed. When the newborn was finally born he was named Issei, meaning "honesty", for his father's honest prayers.

He is a childhood friend of Irina Shidou and they would always play together back when she still lived in the neighborhood, although he thought she was a boy at the time as he vaguely remembers her. A few times Issei was invited to go to church with her family. On occasions they would stay over at each other's houses, one of these visits when Issei slept over at Irina's, she kissed him while he was sleeping.

Eventually, Irina moved to England due to her father's job. Sometime during his childhood, Issei met an old man who told him and other children stories about breasts, which eventually led to Issei's fascination with them and his perverted tendencies. He attended the same middle school with Matsuda and Motohama and the three of them started attending Kuoh Academy one year before the story, and have come to be known as the Perverted Trio to just about the entire school.

Demonic Power : Issei has all the powers common to Devils, but his was lower than children, leaving him unable to travel using magic circles. It can be enhanced through promotion to Bishop or Queen. However, his training with Tannin afforded him sufficient demonic power to do so. Issei punches Fenrir 's son. Immense Strength: At first, he was weaker than devil children, [22] but training in the mountains and powered up using Boosted Gear lets him rival High-Class Devils, able to combat Riser's servants.

From Sun Wukong's training, then upon awakening Diabolos Dragon, he overpowered Rizevim, [27] then managed to defeat Apophis. Isse deflects all of Diodora 's demonic power attacks. Immense Durability: Issei was originally very weak and vulnerable, easily hurt by the simplest attack. Through the use of Promotion, he can increase his defense. After his training with Tannin, where he was forced to survive Tannin's continuous assault, Issei's durability greatly improves, along with his daily training further enhanced his durability to the point where his body could withstand continuous usage of the Boosted Gear which he couldn't do so in the beginning.

In fact, Issei's durability has been proven several times against opponents like Sairaorg Bael, Cao Cao, Grendel, and many others. Issei can endure Baraqiel's Holy Lightning and continuing to fight despite the intense pain. Immense Speed: Through the use of Promotion, Issei can increase his speed. In his Balance Breaker state, he can use the booster to further increase his speed.

In his DxD Form, he was able to appear in front of Rizevim before he can react. In his Pseudo-Diabolos Dragon form, he was easily able to keep up with Yuuto Kiba, who is famous for his exceptional speed, until Kiba revealed his Drag Knight Boosters. Immense Stamina: Issei originally possesses average stamina. After being reincarnated into a Devil along with his daily training with Rias, Issei obtains more stamina to use the Boosted Gear.

Following his training with Tannin in the Underworld, Issei obtains even more stamina, that he could use when in Balance Breaker. He eventually obtains enough stamina to activate his Scale Mail without a countdown. In Volume 23, he was able to keep fighting at his best throughout the whole two-hour Rampage Ball Rating Game.

Issei fighting against Sairaorg. Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Issei relied on brawling in combat, using his Boosted Gear's power augmentation and the gauntlet itself to take down enemies with powerful punches. After training with Kiba and Koneko, Issei could hold his own against Riser's peerage whom had more combat experience. His intense training with Tannin, survived the former Dragon King's relentless assaults, significantly strengthened his physical prowess and improved his fighting skills, allow him to fight much more powerful enemies, using Boosted Gear Scale Mail's enhanced power and protection more efficiently compared to when he fought Riser and Vali using an incomplete Balance Breaker, easily cornering Kuroka who had Ultimate Class Devil strength, even angrily overpowered Diodora Astaroth, a High Class Devil enhanced by Ophis's snake.

His skills grew to where he could go toe-to-toe with Sairaorg, an extremely powerful Devil master martial artist in a fistfight. From regular training with Kiba and then Sun Wukong, it improved to where he could handle fighting against Diehauser and Rizevim, powerful devils adept in combat, the latter after using DxD. Skilled Swordsman: Though Issei isn't as skilled as Kiba, Xenovia or Irina in swordmanship, he has learned the basics from Kiba, which has been improved from training sessions. As such, he can wield Ascalon as an arm blade extension of his Boosted Gear allow him to cut off Cao Cao's arm.

Issei develops a technique to shoot out his swords at his opponent enhanced by using both Boost and Penetrate. He could block a strike from Kiba's superior swordsmanship with Gram using Ascalon. Skilled Tactician: Although he is often outsmarted and considered an idiot, he has basic tactical knowledge.

He acts as a leader and a tactical fighter, where he uses his brain to fight properly the Hero-Faction. Issei claims that his skills are not that enough, but Kiba mentioned that if it is not for his orders they couldn't fight and defend themselves from the sudden attacks of the Hero Faction. He also used the abilities of Dividing Wyvern Fairy in a unique way to defeat Euclid. Issei demonstrated good tactical knowledge in his fight against Kiba, by exploiting his Transfer to make Kiba lose control of his speed thus negating Kiba's speed advantage.

Issei is currently learning Rating Game tactics from Ravel. Survival Skills: Because of his training under Tannin, Issei has developed survival skills. Master Artisan: Issei is a very talented sculptor, able to create a perfect statue of Rias Gremory with his eyes closed from memory which impressed his teacher and his friends in classroom. Master Actor: Issei has immense potential in tokusatsu acting, as his show Oppai Dragon has immense success and popularity not only among the Devil children of the Underworld, but also other mythological factions.

Skilled Dancer: Due to being taught by Venelana Gremory, Issei became skilled in social dancing, able to coordinate with Rias in dancing well enough to pass the dancing trial in the ruins of connection. Flight: While Issei still lacks the ability to fly using his Devil wings, Issei being a former Dragon can fly using his Dragon wings. A left-handed red gauntlet that doubles his powers every 10 seconds until he reach his limit, letting him rival High-Class Devils, holding the potential to kill god if mastered.

He later gained the ability to Transfer the multiplied power into a person or item, even parts like his eyes for enhanced vision. Issei later awakened Penetrate , letting him bypass all defenses like Rizevim 's Sacred Gear Canceler, letting his attacks make contact; transferred into his eyes lets him see through anything, even woman's clothing. Since his Pawn started adjusting to Ddraig's power, four of his Pawn Pieces turned into Mutation Pieces with different values due to Illegal Move Triaina and Cardinal Crimson Promotion , [51] then the rest turned into Mutation Pieces due to Diabolos Dragon , [52] a phenomena that even their creator couldn't believe.

It was stored in Boosted Gear, letting him extent Ascalon from the gauntlet, and being imbued with Ddraig 's power, resulting in an enormous boost in power. Not being a swordsman himself, Issei often channels its dragon slaying powers into his punches, making it easier to harm dragons, and could infuse it into his Crimson Blaster.

He could endow Ascalon with Boost and Penetrate , the effects lasting even after launching it as a projectile at Vidar. A long sword that releases holy aura, but is more of a dragon sword rather than a Holy Sword. Issei keeps this sword within his right gauntlet that was free. Due to being created for Issei's use, other people cannot use it which is why the Vatican team that created it left it to him.

Although it does not have the same ability as Ascalon II, it is still quite strong. Issei fused it to the tail of his armor to create the Tail Blade ability to suprise enemies with a third arm. Mjolnir Replica Temporarily : During the battle against Loki , Issei was temporarily lent a replica of the legendary war hammer used by the Norse God of Thunder. At first, he was unable to wield it due to harboring evil thoughts, which were his perverted desires, though he became capable of using it after being blessed by Chimune Chipaoti.

He later returned the hammer after Loki's defeat. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Balance Breaker Longinus Juggernaut Drive. Excalibur Durandal Ascalon Caliburn. Evil Pieces Azazel Cup. High School DxD. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

Issei Hyoudou. View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Image Gallery. But I can still fight. I can continue fighting as long as I can crunch my fist! For you, I will even beat God! With this Boosted Gear! My only weapon! I will make sure that I will protect you! Then my eyes if another one comes in.

I will keep on saving President. But I will definitely come and save you. Cut down both Freed and Excalibur! My friend! Fight Kibaaaaaaa! Don't waste their feelings and spirit! Are you scared? Of the Sacred Gear I was a normal male high school student. However, I feel like I want to proceed further.

I have never once had thoughts of dislike towards Akeno-san. Even after hearing that Akeno-san has the blood of Fallen Angels, I cannot come to hate you. What the hell am I saying? Sorry, no more sensitive words are coming to me Just as you said, my father is an ordinary office worker who works from morning to evening for our family. My mother is an ordinary housewife who makes delicious food for our family morning, noon and evening.

However, they raised me up to this point. Kill them? My father and mother? Why should they have to be mixed up in the situation of someone like you and be killed? As if I know anything about things like valuable or destiny! If I can't win with ability, I'll excel through stupidity! Even though all the previous Sekiryuuteis achieved Balance Breaker in a short time…it will take who knows how many months for me. I understood that. I already understood that from the very beginning.

I thought I could at least become a shield for you, but… " Volume 5, Life. I want to use this Sekiryuutei power not only for myself, but for my friends too. Which one of us will advance to being a high-class devil first and have our dreams granted? So, until next time.

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