Jowika solingen

jowika solingen

It is marked JOWIKA, Solingen Germany and on the other side of the blade, a number B The handle seems inlaid black bands. Jowika of Solingen Germany Horn Handle Pocket Knife, Midth Century. Knives and Swords Sports and Entertainment. VINTAGE JOWIKA SOLINGEN Germany Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath and Brass Handle - $ FOR SALE! Blade features a single edge plain spear point blade with. AR PLATFORM United States Remote Support. Case study: image distribution service file the weblogic. X2gd instances be presented to modify packet is.

Post by Viking45 » Thu Jul 08, pm. Post by mohardrock » Wed Jan 16, pm. Post by mohardrock » Thu Jan 17, pm. Privacy Terms. Info Knife Forums The web's most friendly community on knives and blades Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Jowika Knife Solingen Germany B Read-only area containing the massive amount of useful information Vagrant provided to this forum and to the knife world in general.

Whatever the question, Vagrant likely either knew the answer or where to look for it. Forum rules There are a few things you should know before posting in these forums. If you are a new user, please click here and read carefully. Thanks a lot! Locked Search Advanced search. The handle seems inlaid black bands. Gruesome looking thing, but I can find absolutly nothing about it! Anything will be appreciated. Contact Vagrant. It looks Sooooo typical of the flood of post-war Solingen knives.

I've seen the name before and similar knives on ebay. It is very difficult to find out anything. I do thank you for the reponse. Maybe someone else can add to that. I have one by Edge Mark that is similar and I know Linder and even Puma made knives on the same lines Definitely a keeper Novsix. All knifes were not Nazi marked. Neither were the drilling three barrel rifle. Upper two were a 12 gauge shotgun and the lower barrel was a 9. Take it what its worth the knife has a lot of aluminum in it which was very plentiful to the Germans in the ,s.

Anyway that is my opinion. Contact Bill DeShivs. Someone is making up their own facts. These knives are post Most were made by the same manufacturer and marked for other makers-mostly for export to the United States or to sell to occupying GIs. Metal polish may brighten it up a bit more but it almost certainly will remove the etching on the blade. Beware of knife sharpening services.

While they probably will get the blade sharp it also probably will not be shave ready. Nice razor! Good luck. I believe that Jowika are very good razors. I've owned a couple in my straight shaving life and I've been very happy with them. It looks to be in pretty good condition.

Hone wear is not excessive and just a little staining. I'd certainly clean it up a little, hone it and use it. Yep, it looks good to me. Some basic cleaning and polishing and some honing and you should have a great shaving razor. No matter how many men you kill you can't kill your successor-Emperor Nero.

Thank you very much. You helped me a great deal. The only thing to do now is to read a couple of threads about cleaning and find somebody to hone it for me. If someone knows somebody from Austria i would greatly apreciate it. I want to know what shave ready feels like before i try and hone it myself, so i will know roughly what i should be aiming for.

Well there is a long journey in front of me and i know i am going to enjoy every minute of it :- Thanx again. Nice-looking razor and a good score for 10 EU. Looks that you have made a nice deal! Be careful buffing the blade with too abrasive polishing paste or you will loose the nice etching Greetings from Solingen Rainer. All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

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