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Midwest FurFest's Dealers Den offers a chance for our attendees to purchase products from artists and vendors from around the world! Dealer Den. Dealer Den Layout. 1.) Scoper / Scoper Monstar "Let me bring out your inner Monstar! Handmade furry accessories." 2a.) Fisher / Chow Fur art. Dealer's Den Listing. Dealers Den Apps are closed for All dealers have been emailed. Our jury team are volunteers from the community with a wide range. CHAR GRILLER SMOKIN PRO Thanks Its the reason. Error: no clients are. The integrated articles and, see the of the at no cost for both personal.

Please allow 24 hours for verification See our Privacy Policy for more Information. In accordance with standard law, people under the age of 18 cannot participate in auctions as they are legal binding contracts. This will ensure the auction number and seller information is sent to us automatically.

Within your report please keep information short and concise and include evidence to your claim. This can include screenshots, photos, links, etc. Depending on the type of claim you may be asked for more specific information. We will not accept abuse reports that are filed on behalf of the owner.

To place a bid on an item you must first login to your account. Once logged in, a bidding box will be displayed at the right hand side of all auction pages. You can use this box to place your chosen bid. You Bid on an Item and see your price in Red and a message stating Reserve not Met - This means the seller has placed a minimum price on the auction that they are willing to sell the item for.

In order to win this auction you must bid at least their minimum amount. These amounts are typically not known unless the seller puts it in their description. How Can I keep track of items I'm bidding on? You can keep an eye on items you are bidding on by clicking the 'watch this item' link at the top of the item page. Or By going to the members area then clicking on the Current Bids link. How do I know if I am outbid on an item? Our auction system will automatically notify you via email if you are outbid and your current bids can be seen from the Members Area.

A proxy bid is an amount you set over the current high bid of an Auction. The system will automatically re-bid for the item should your bid be overtaken by a rival bidder. If you are the current high bidder and you would like to raise your maximum bid just place a new bid over your old and the site will raise your proxy bid to the new amount. How do I ask the seller a question? How do I check my messages when I get an email from a seller?

Log in to the site and click on the members area link at the top, In the side menu click on your Messaging Inbox. Once you have bid and won an auction you contact the seller via the messaging service or review your purchases through the members area. If the seller has created an invoice for you can pay them directly through the invoice. Crediting Your Dealers Den Account is not for paying for items - Contact the seller directly to work out payment details.

Bid retraction by default is not permitted. Bidding in an auction is a binding contract between the buyer and seller. As a buyer, if you do need to retract your bid, please contact the seller and ask that they approve the retraction. What do I do if the Seller has not responded? If the seller stops communication with you and you feel they are not performing, you may contact us using the Abuse Link and we will be happy to try and contact the seller on your behalf, but we recommend that you try and work it out with the seller directly.

If necessary, File a Charge Back or PayPal Dispute against your payment to them and leave feedback on the sellers account here. This will also let us know that if we have repeat offenders we can take action against their accounts. Each reference sheet comes with a three way turn around with extra details o Made-to-order puffy paws! Not using the usual applique method for the paw pads, these bad boys are super duper puffy and soft! Comes with tail, handpaws, and optional fixer upper bodysuit.

This LUVly Dutchie Bean is flying around looking for the perfect place to call home, take this adorable bean home today! Worldwide shipping available! Premade paws and tail featuring Shannon sparkle cuddle minky! Rare fullsuit pre design by seventh moon coyote. Price includes all of the digital artwork shown and 2 physical badges to be shipped to the buyer. No trades. We accept Cash, Paypal, or Stripe. No returns, exchanges, or ref Built on balaclava.

Teeth and tongue installed. Mouth is lined. I left the eyes unattached in case someone wants to put them in after furring. Quick draw from myself. Buyer is free to do what they like with it. Digital file download only. This species is a Fits up to womens size 10ishWas made by someone on Etsy and never worn. Price includes shipping. USA only. We no longer accept Paypal, Zelle, or Stripe. Large size so can fit a variety of hand sizes. Lined inside.

Never worn more than for photos. Made by Kay-ra on This premade dragon suit head fits up to a 23" head and can accommodate glasses. This suit head is fully lined and features removeable and interchangeable tongues, Sled Dog updated reference sheet plus previous old sheet. Resin cast galaxy skull with detachable horns, sound reactive RGB LEDs, and built in fan that runs off of standard usb battery pack included.

This is a masterpiece cre Bought this fella from a maker on here a few years ago but have never really felt too attached to him. Premade mini partial for sale! Adopt this cute bat girl! There's a badge in the making, goes with your name once it's sold. Sold as is! I have fixed most Full character rights and suit must change name. Fursuit head for sale, not fully finished but going for a good price! Choose from several different options of spikes, horns, tails, etc.

Can provide proof of more artwork. All artwork World, meet Charms!

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