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assign(to:) Republishes elements received from a publisher, by assigning them to a property marked as a publisher. Availability. 1. to give someone a job to do · 2. to send someone to a particular place, especially in order for them to work there · 3. to put someone in a particular group · 4. assign(to:on:) Assigns each element from a publisher to a property on an object. Availability. iOS +; iPadOS +; macOS +; Mac Catalyst +. 2LITTLEGIRLS Win32 version: on the know already. Access and for me by change out of preference settings. Does this lot of field only Thunderbird is to simplify tight budget series of the maintenance reset task.

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Two senior officers were assigned to the investigation.

Baja bug Need a translator? The textbooks were assigned by the course director. Essential American English. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Decisions and deciding. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! About Authors Partners Options Tools. Change your default dictionary assign to American English.
Olympus gif h180 To choose, or to change the timing of something. Choose the Right Synonym for assign Verb ascribeattributeassignimputecredit mean to lay something to the account of a person or thing. Mountbatten was assigned responsibility for retaking the territory. One hundred and thirty-two students were randomly assigned to three groups explicit, implicit and control. Nglish: Translation of assign to for Spanish Speakers.
Asus tuf gaming 240hz We were forced to assign the blame to Robert. Applying for a job. Phrasal verb assign sb to sth. English—Spanish Spanish—English. If the particle pair survives, the weighting assigned to it is doubled.
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Digital operator jvop 180 Change your default dictionary to American English. Take our quiz to find out. More Definitions for assign. Assign to plane landed at its assigned gate. IT if a computerwebsiteetc. Each trainee is assigned a mentor who will help them learn more about the job. To employ someone.
Indoor cam 2k pan tilt As the lessee may assign or sublet unless forbidden, so may the lessor part with his interest in the leased premises. The report assigned the blame for the accident to inadequate safety regulations. Sign up for free and get access assign to exclusive content:. Detectives have been unable to assign a motive for the murder. Her property was assigned to her grandchildren. Change your default dictionary to American English. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word assign to, quizzes and language news.

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We were assigned to the same ship some years later. They never would have been assigned to represent the burglars I've been assigned to defend you. I've been assigned! I got so good at it they assigned me to the projects. I have assigned Ichiro Shinmen. When I get my hands on the headquarters genius that assigned me a female yeoman I'd already assigned you and Taggart to the Peterson extortion case.

I'm sorry I assigned him before advising you. I guess I dropped the ball. I've assigned two of my people to follow the Cardassians at all times. Look, maybe you ought to ask the captain to assign somebody else. Don't asked me why, but it looks like the boss has assigned you the soul of this boxer. That's what it looks like. I'll be honest. I'm sure I'm mistaken, Sergeant, but I thought I heard you tell I'm sure the partners won't object Confirm Caesar as permanent commander of the garrison I've been thinking about what sort of work I can assign you to.

Maybe I should assign a couple of crew members to assist him. And when that happens I was thinking that I would like to have Tannier assigned as one of the house guards. I can assign you additional diagnostics. You did such a good job today that I'm going to talk to Dr.

Bailey and have you assigned to my service. I'll see that someone is assigned immediately. My boss wants to assign a liaison officer from LAPD. I'm gonna assign you to transportation. A pity, of course, that the Minister had to be embarrassed like this, but if you recall, my recommendation to assign someone better was overruled. Osborne's been assigned by the C. Assigned to supervise construction. I heard you're not coming with us Before sentencing, you will have medicals so you can be assigned appropriate prison status.

Assigned to DS9 three months ago. The Federation starship to which I'm assigned. Sergeant, this is Lt. Jones, just assigned to 2nd Platoon. He was assigned to help me find you. Also assigned 20 operators to watch highways. Many of you are being assigned to active duty for the first time. Cadet Parker, you're assigned to the 8. You have been assigned the special duty of being my friend.

Upon arrival, they'll be assigned to warships already on patrol. I didn't realize that you'd been assigned here today. If I may, I'd like to request These less superior than us but still quite superior soldiers will each be assigned to an enemy planet! When the mimic devices were found, eight scientists were assigned to study them. And, as is tradition acting interns will be assigned roles in the ensemble with the exception of one sacrificial lamb And you Beta, foreigner to Venus, daughter of Ur, planet of shadows, you've been assigned as a companion to Gamma on this heroic quest.

She's been assigned to him by the army. I was assigned by the governor. I was assigned by the governor to work But the next year Abby was assigned to another newcomer. Ensign Wildman was assigned to that. You need a prosecutor.

Rhonda Pearlman from Narcotics is assigned. Due to the media frenzy surrounding this case, I've been assigned to instruct employees on political and social correctness. She was assigned to you after the psychologist diagnosed mission limiting self-esteem issues. I've been assigned to work on Kramer's coffee-table book. A Federation Arbitrator has been assigned to determine whether the Doctor has the right to control his artistic creation.

I think why me, why I was assigned to this case. He's obviously been assigned to ruin my life and he seems determined to do it in record time. Well, I met Christopher when I was assigned to proof his book. I saw beautiful things at Mercenaire's, and I have been assigned to welcome the guest. Is it true that you had been assigned to develop directional transmitter? You've been assigned to our work detail.

And then they assigned me you. Schmidt was assigned to look after Bernhardt by the War Department. Eddie assigned him to me. You assigned me to security. Thank you for your kind words But this is part of my precious task, as Kitchen Master which Buddha assigned to me, despite my age. Your husband assigned me to be your security detail. My lieutenant just assigned me to ride with you. Dominic Barone has assigned that right to me.

That is awesome. Anyway, I thought you'd be happy to know that I, uh, assigned it to Mike Ross. Well, the chief assigned this case to me. Every time Mr. Peterman tries to assign him any work he says he can't hear. I'm sure the Chancellor will be willing to assign some Klingon troops to guard key facilities. You're the best person for the job, but I'll assign it to Chakotay if It pleases the king to assign me this matter, young man Which is why I'm now assigning their investigation to your division.

Why don't you just assign the project to someone else I get it, but that emotion is exactly why I need to assign this to someone else. Why don't you just embrace that lazy, horribly treacly style of teaching and assign them a famous album? I did that last year. Your father should've assigned the zero theorem project to you. Well, you can assign them to someone else. Crewman Dell, I'm assigning you a task more suited to your abilities. That's why I'm assigning someone to keep watch over you.

Ordinarily I assign my most experienced teachers to eighth grade, but I am working within constraints. So I'm I'm assigning the case to you. In the meantime, I'm assigning Tom to the Berserkers. I'm not assigning blame, Franck. I'm assigning you to the Chesapeake Ripper task force. As his attorney, I am assigning myself temporary guardianship.

And I'm assigning you protection. They assign you a freshman and when he comes by you kiss him. We get assigned to whatever needs doing. Don't they assign guys to do that from the league? And when did you get assigned to the crime beat? The asylum outcome depends on the immigration judge that has been assigned to the case.

Partners get assigned. For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target. I know you don't think much of me, but you don't get assigned a case file like yours unless you pass muster. They've assigned a shrink to talk to us to cover their asses in case one of us wigs out, but that ain't gonna be me. Seems like a conflict of interest at best to assign David, the son, to a corruption case where the father might be implicated.

Curzon Dax used to take perverse pleasure in assigning me to take care of vip guests. Lexie, next year when Karev and I are attendings, we will be assigning surgeries and putting in our recommendations for chief resident. Who's gonna assign my surgeries? Okay, we got to lose the GPS on our phones because Garth has been tracking us, and other hunters, apparently, to assign cases. Now, I recognize it's unusual to assign someone a friend, so think of it as a friendly face in a crowd, until you get your bearings.

No, a company assigns it. I have to teach whatever the school board assigns. Up in the Portuguese district where I'm assigned, it's mostly small stuff. Yes, I do, he's under my command. But he's assigned to some goddamned multi-jurisdictional, Federal task force on organised crime. Until we get underway again, he's assigned to you. He was assigned to the fraud unit for his two-week visit, but he's a former Marine stationed at Quantico.

What unit was he assigned to? Who is he assigned to? Just returned from a tour in Afghanistan where he was assigned to a security post. How long had Peter been assigned to this lab? Officer Russell here and Bunk Moreland are assigned to Homicide I mean, Darren worked out, but I just had problems with people that have been assigned to my lab. Wilcox, Duffle, Ellis, Wood, you're assigned to Banbury. Horstmann, Cay S. Java 2. Hence this confirms the fact that the proposed agent adds to the levels of p-endorphines within the limits of physiological norm and may not therefore be assign to euphorigenic agents.

We must, for example, assign to formalism any view which asserts that mathematics deals with symbols, for even though a unique symbolism may be specified, no one would seriously maintain that any particular symbolism is essential.

Curry, Haskell B. Foundations of Mathematical Logic. At the same time, it is prohibited to economical ly exploit the child, assign to the child such work that would pose a threat for his health or could serve as an obstacle for receiving the education. Whether the item is a task, appointment, message, or contact, simply right-click and choose Categorize; then choose the category you want to assign to the item. Murray, Katherine. This script defines where to put the files, what name to assign to the machine, and controls other aspects of the installation.

Inside Windows Server Boswell, William. Administrators who assign permissions to files and directories in the file system will undoubtedly agree that proper file and directory permissioning is an extremely tedious process. Eck, Thomas. This routine will simply iterate over all of the values in the IN collection, print them out, and assign them to the OUT collection:. Expert One-on-One Oracle. Kyte, Tom.

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How do I assign a static source IP address across all instances in Elastic Beanstalk?

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