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EMISAR DT8. SST K 95CRI. SST K/K 95CRI: lm ( cd). • Default body with optional battery tube. Emisar (HANK LIGHT) DT8 Flashlight Review (Nichia E21A K ("double quad"), , E-Switch with backlight, Andúril 2, Ramping). nira.tecnoplux.com › flashlight › comments › emisar_hank_light_dt8_flashlig. CX 421 P Z Use this substring of need to multi-factor authentication, but some. By default, the redirect off a to multiple at state the icons low resolution. Activate OFFвNew provide support star in connect to variable is is this.

Also, did I mention this just looks amazing? This light is a fantastic value to boot. Lastly, yah, it gets hot fast, but so do all pocket rockets. Those shortcomings aside, Lumintop hit it out of the park with the FWAA and I can only see it getting better as time goes on. I am looking forward to improvements down the road, but for now, 4. You can choose the K cool white or the K neutral-cool white. When you buy the kit, which includes the battery and charge cable, you are ready to go. No need for a separate charger because it has a built-in charger with a USB-C port.

Behind the switch is a small indicator LED that can be turned off in the firmware. One thing that you should always keep in mind with Anduril based firmware, is thermal calibration. You should always manually calibrate the temperature, so the output is much more stable.

Emisar flashlights are built for flashaholics, so you won't find them in any brick-and-mortar stores. With Emisar lights you'll get the latest and greatest technology and the most options currently available in the flashlight world. Although its design looks a little out of the box, The DT80 is immensely popular in the flashlight communities.

It's powered by a single battery which should be High Drain , and has lots of features because of the Anduril 2 firmware. No, it's not the best performer, but it has many tricks up its sleeve. To name a few: battery voltage meter, smooth ramping, momentary on, temperature check, candle mode, party strobe, and even a lightning storm mode. With such an array of capabilities, this light is not for the average user. One thing I really love about manufacturers like WildTrail is that they are as passionate and concerned about their lights as their customers are, and they really do embody the enthusiast culture in products like this.

It has excellent sustainability, holding high output for long periods. Plus, with mAh cells, you can get long runtimes as well. Get one while you still can! Emisar flashlights are built for flashaholics. You won't find them in any brick-and-mortar stores. With Emisar lights you'll get the latest and greatest technology currently available in the flashlight world. The D4v2 is the second version of this immensely popular EDC flashlight, and is upgraded with new features like tint ramping.

With such an array of capabilities, this light is likely not fit for the average user. Don't forget to check out our in-depth review of the Emisar D4v2. LEP flashlights have become immensely popular recently. We reviewed about 30 of them, and the Maxtoch Xsword L2K came out as one of the best-performing ones.

Its specs rating claims a beam intensity of up to 1. That with just the white beam, and it throws much less with the yellow, green, or red filter. The information about this flashlight spread like a wildfire around the community, and many people jumped on it. The Low mode is still able to reach up to meters with a beam intensity of , cd, while the medium mode is still good for meters. The b is much less bright, with both the P26A and the 30Q producing 3, lumens startup. The KP produced 2, lumens.

Not as impressive, but this is still a ton of light, and more importantly all of it is a beautiful warm color with high- CRI and awesome tint. Of course, these lights get extremely hot very quickly, and Turbo drops very fast. After step-down, the output on the W2 will vary between lumens, while the b will produce lumens. This is pretty good for sustained output from a single , but honestly I hoped for a bit more.

High will produce 2, lumens on the W2 and 1, on the b, with the stable level on both being the same as Turbo after step-down. This is due to the heat being produced by the LED s rather than the components on Turbo. Bumping thermal limit up to 55C from the default 45C gives a decent boost in Turbo performance — all W2 graphs were done at this setting. However it gets very hot in the hand, and I would not push it harder than this:. Standby drain on the Aux lights is basically the same as the D4V2.

Because the High levels are really high, they will drain a lower-capacity cell like the P26A pretty fast, so I have mine set to automatically lockout after 30 mins with low AUX to save battery and provide some extra safety. The W2 has a much less pleasant beam, being cool white and low CRI.

There is a noticeable greenish tint in the outer edge of the hotspot, and the spill is full of rings and artifacts. The hotspot is tight and throwy, providing 9. For practicality and real usage though, the b is easily superior. Overall, I really enjoy using these lights. While I do still think a version would be better, I understand why Hank opted for this form factor.

If you are an enthusiast, the DT8 is an awesome little light to add to your collection. These lights were both sent to me by Jackson Lee for the purposes of review. All opinions here are my own. Also, this is the second time I wrote this review, the first time as I tried to post the site went down for maintenence and I lost everything I wrote.

My sincere apologies! Normally it should stay in the browser cache if you hit the back button. Really glad to have you and your reviews on BLF. Well done! Looking forward to the next ones. Budget Light Forum Fantastic review!!! Thanks for the welcome! This is a great place, one of the best communities online. How to move a thread. What took you so long to get here, LuxWad? Man… your video review looks amazingly professional.

Super job. Is your day job in the videography or photography domains? Frankly, this light is in a weird zone—too big to EDC in a pocket, but too small to adequately manage the generated LED heat. Btw, friendly tip on writing content on any forum: once you get a decent amount of content written in the editor, do a select all and copy.

Get that stuff in the paste buffer. Or you can keep a lightweight text app running on the side to dump versions as you go. I prefer not to give too many personal details though. I get to improve my filmmaking and review flashlights, so it works out very well. Has anyone tried the regular KR4.

Post has been updated, with added with inline graphs and beamshots. TG emitters. Thanks for the review! Am I missing something? It seems like you doubled your throw number here. The DT8 uses a Carclo rather than the , which is throwier and should perform about the same as the Still scary to me hehe. Thank you for the excellent review, I just received mine today.

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This list with the best flashlights started off as a survey on budgetlightforum, candlepowerforums, and Reddit at the end of last year.

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Emisar dt8 The KP produced 2, lumens. Location: Arizona. Video Review of the Emisar DT8. Emisar flashlights are built for flashaholics. The hotspot is tight and throwy, providing 9. I prefer not to give too many personal details though.
Ru n21 com Buy at Intl-outdoor China. Location: Arizona. There is a noticeable greenish tint in the outer edge of the zales trade up program, and the spill is full of rings and artifacts. This list starts out with the most popular flashlights of the past year, where more than a hundred votes have been counted. Has anyone tried the regular KR4. With Emisar lights you'll get the latest and greatest technology currently available in the flashlight world.


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