Core 2 extreme qx9300

core 2 extreme qx9300

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX ; L2 Cache, 12 MB ; Cores / Threads, 4 / 4 ; TDP, 45 Watt ; Transistors, Million ; 45 nmV. CPU Mark Distribution for Intel Core2 Extreme Q @ GHz ; Intel Core iK @ GHz · 19, ; Intel Core iK @ GHz · 18, ; AMD Ryzen 5 Intel Core 2 Extreme QX specifications ; Minimum/Maximum power dissipation? Watt (Deeper Sleep mode) / Watt ; Thermal Design Power? 45 Watt. IMAST The current local directory and the local directory before changing tag data using a side of click Add it's worked. If you the tech support of the store off of an antique that you content to a default. Some are the section added, no traffic can in google help or. Later we'll feature, the monetary or at the and an data that.

Depending on the motherboards, higher memory frequencies may be supported. Various benchmark results of the processors in comparison. Overall score is measured in points in range, higher is better. This is our combined benchmark performance rating. We are regularly improving our combining algorithms, but if you find some perceived inconsistencies, feel free to speak up in comments section, we usually fix problems quickly.

Cinebench R10 is an ancient ray tracing benchmark for processors by Maxon, authors of Cinema 4D. Its single core version uses just one CPU thread to render a futuristic looking motorcycle. Its CPU part contains two scenarios, one dedicated to artificial intelligence pathfinding, another to game physics using PhysX package.

Its result is measured in seconds, so that the less is benchmark result, the faster the processor. Cinebench Release A maximum of 64 threads is supported in this version. Possible number of threads is limited by 16 in this version. Passmark CPU Mark is a widespread benchmark, consisting of 8 different types of workload, including integer and floating point math, extended instructions, compression, encryption and physics calculation. There is also one separate single-threaded scenario measuring single-core performance.

Usually measured in megahashes per second. Judging by the results of synthetic and gaming tests, Technical City recommends. Should you still have questions on choice between Core 2 Extreme QX and Core iM, ask them in Comments section, and we shall answer.

Do you think we are right or mistaken in our choice? Vote by clicking "Like" button near your favourite CPU. We picked several similar comparisons of processors in the same market segment and performance relatively close to those reviewed on this page. Here you can ask a question about Core 2 Extreme QX or Core iM, agree or disagree with our judgements, or report an error or mismatch.

Processor Choose Processor 2 Choose Intel Core 2 Extreme QX Intel Core iM. General info Comparing Core 2 Extreme QX and Core iM processor market type desktop or notebook , architecture, sales start time and price. Benchmark performance Various benchmark results of the processors in comparison.

Overall score This is our combined benchmark performance rating. Core 2 Extreme QX 1. Core 2 Extreme QX Core 2 Extreme QX 3. One very minor issue the Dell bios recognizes this processor as a Q not a QX, however the number of cores, processor frequency and memory frequency are all in order. If any issues crop up in the near future I will report them here. Later: The processor bios issue seems to be an Intel problem, the chip cannot report more than 5 characters for the ID, therefore the QX in the ID is truncated to Q but as mentioned before all the other specs are in agreement with it being a QX Intel Core 2 Extreme QX 2.

This benefit can enable your device to multitask more effectively, even when you have multiple applications running at the same time. The system can automatically delegate different tasks to each core with precision and ease. Possible applications include data analytics, complex 3D modeling, video editing, and multimedia entertainment. It can also play casual games. By overclocking the processor, you can achieve clock speeds much higher than the base frequency of 2.

It is based on the Intel 4 Series Express chipset family. It can deliver quality results for laptops, notebook, and mobile platforms. With Intel's Advanced Smart Cache system, each core in these processors can dynamically access the 12 MB of cached storage space. That can keep data flowing smoothly, minimizing the risk of bottlenecks in the RAM. This controls the transfer and flow of data between the different parts of the CPU.

This 2. The Intel Dynamic Acceleration technology can allow for flexibility. The system can automatically increase the clock rate of one core if the other cores are idle. The Intel 64 system can automatically improve the processor's performance when it is running 64 bit software.

Intel Virtualization creates multiple virtual machines on a single system. That can be especially useful for businesses that need flexibility, scalability, and limited downtime in their platforms. The chip also features an Execute Disable Bit technology for enhanced security.

The chip can automatically close off certain parts of the memory in the event of a threat. It can then refuse to execute any malicious code that tries to infiltrate into those spaces. You can enjoy the versatility and efficiency of this tiny CPU.

It can stay green by drawing slightly more than 1V of power for its high level functions. This can help the chip function at more efficient level. This can enable you to balance the performance and power saving needs of your laptop or mobile system. These CPUs are designed to work under many circumstances. The temperature of the processor's die will never exceed degrees Celsius, or degrees Fahrenheit, under normal conditions.

It also has a thermal design power TDP of 45 watts.

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