Border model bt 015

border model bt 015

AMMO/BORDER Model Kits. Presenting the AMMO/BORDER model kits. BT Ammo 1/35 BRITISH CRUISER TANK & GERMANY V (E). £ each. €52,00 VAT included (22%). Item code: BT MARCA: BORDER MODEL. scale: SCALE material: plastic. Availability: in stock. Border Models II Luchs Lynx German Tank Model Kit BT Border Model BT Crusader MkII Model British Tank Kit. SAMSUNG FINO 20S Reviews are generated by. Ease of servers establish a secure your graph, you to open multiple. Beautiful view for the to make.

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border model bt 015

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Border Models PANZER IV AUSF J. Initial thoughts 1/35 part 1


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The PzKpfw IV was created as a result of a competition announced at the end of by the German Armaments Department for a medium tank weighing up to 18 tons and armed with a 75 mm gun. The competition was won by the Krupp company, whose vehicle was put into mass production - as it turned out, it was a vehicle that can be safely called the "workhorse" of German armored forces during World War II and one of the most intensively developed and modernized Wehrmacht tanks.

Numerous variants of the PzKpfw IV were created in the course of production. Chronologically, the first was the A version, armed with a 75mm short-barreled gun and a hp engine. The main armament has not changed significantly it was still the KwK 40 cannon , as well as the engine and chassis.

On the other hand, the armor was slightly strengthened, and from the beginning of armored screens Schurzen were installed on them. If an item is marked as available, does that mean that it is in stock? Usually yes, but whether we send the order the same day we receive it depends on many other factors. For this reason, more important is the estimated shipping date. This is shown in the table above, which also indicates inventory availability, reservations for other orders, delivery schedules, courrier pick-up times, and more.

What are the chances that my order will be sent on time? See more information and statistics on the punctuality of order fulfillment. Scale: Manufacturer: Royal Model di R. Scale: Manufacturer: Tamiya Product code: tam Availability: in stock! Scale: Manufacturer: Trumpeter Product code: tru Availability: in stock!

By subscribing to the newsletter, you consent to the sending of marketing messages and the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. Report a problem. You are here: www. IV Ausf. J Late. This website uses cookies.

By using the website without changing your browser settings, you consent to their use. Border Model BT Pz. Scale: Manufacturer: Border Model. Availability: in stock! Estimated shipping date: monday, Add to shopping cart. Purchase with points. Customer reviews. Add a review of: Pz. Sprue J and K are the turret and hull details. The turret has no interior aside from the gun breech. Some of the parts are very finely cast, including the tension adjuster and MG gun barrel that approaches PE level thinness at the muzzle.

I typically just sand them down. Unlike Dragon the main part of the muffler are cast in two halves and is the only part that requires seam handling. The armor edges are in-scale thin. The engine deck has the doors molded shut. Of course you cannot open it as a result. That's about it with the sprues, there aren't a lot of them.

The hull has to be the highlight of the kit. I have never seen anything like this, with the hull almost completely molded, and part of the superstructure as well on the sides. This thing alone were tens of parts in Dragon. As an engineer I find this piece demonstrating the marvel of modern slide molding and ingenuity of CAD design. This is not just a gimmick however, because these crucial pieces were not the easiest to obtain perfect fit in other kits.

The e stowage bin cover with some internal details, but big ejection marks. You probably want to close them. The kit is billed as a mid-late production 2 in 1 vehicles and attempted to provide options for them, but due to a number of missing options such as air filters and rear placement of aerial, it is difficult to model an accurate late vehicle without AM additions. And the instructions don't tell you which part goes with which version, you may want good references to target your vehicle.

Construction The instructions are generally clear but there are some mistakes. Most of the text is supplied in English but some isn't. The assembly starts with the optional parts curiously. In step 2 they have a confusing diagram for the engine bay exhaust covers. With the PE parts you can pose them closed, otherwise use the styrene parts G5 and G6 which they didn't label.

In fact it's puzzling why they're asking you to do it here, because the cover sticks to the tiny hinges which is guaranteed to come off until you have the side fenders in place. So I recommend holding these off until later. They also ask you to remove a couple of conical pins below the side view ports, the diagram was very confusing.

Steps have you assemble details on the hull. The side view ports have no periscopes inside so I'm not sure why they don't just give you the covers for it. There are two options for barrel cleaning rods Steps assemble the wheels and rear plate. The wheels are cast nicely without mold seams in the middle which makes clean up a breeze.

The suspension parts F38 and F39 have a bit of play unfortunately and they may not cause the wheels to not align completely. I recommend gluing F40 and F41 to the hull first and let F38 and F39 snap into them without gluing. They have a very tight fit so you don't need to worry about them falling off.

Then adjust the wheels so that they are level before you glue everything in. There are two choices of auxiliary mufflers in the back. The kit provides copper tow cables for the back. Steps are side fenders and front. As mentioned earlier you need to hollow out the handles if you use the molded-on tool clamps. You have a choice of welded-on or bolted-on armor for the front hull. I recommend you jump to the tracks first before adding the side fenders, it would make the whole thing easier.

The Bosch lights have the cables molded in which is awesome. Steps constructs the rest of the hull and superstructure. Step 16 are the tracks. It was hard to read but you want 9 H4 for the idler wheels vs. My approach to doing the track are as follows, using Tamiya quick setting glue: First glue all the H4s around the idler and drive sprocket. You can just glue them a bit curved and fit them onto the curved surfaces to set. I then worked on the top so that the top part of the track will drape correctly over the return rollers.

I then attach the H4 curves and finish the bottom. The brackets are very thin so be careful don't break them, I did break a couple of pieces while sanding. The rear mudguard springs F30 looks incorrect, with one end sticking to the bottom of the mudguard rather than the side. Step 20 and 21 are the turret assembly. This is where the kit seems to have a number of issues. First the side hatches have an opening F6 that seems incorrect if you want to pose the hatches open.

The hinges themselves are also in accurate, their tops should have the axle protruding. Then the hatches themselves don't fit in the space alloted for F6, you cannot close them without sanding down the hatches themselves.

The hatches are also missing the fine nubs at the bottom for padlocks. I recommend using the styrene smoke discharger rather than the metal ones if you don't use AM parts since you can thin the rims; the metal ones are too thick. Finally you have a choice of L43 and L48 barrels, the metal one is L If you use the metal barrel, it is missing the part that goes into the gun breech assembly K You have a few choices, either omit the gun breech altogether with a buttoned up tank, or cut the missing part from styrene.

Step 22 is the rest of the turret. Note that in the "Q" diagram the part K5 was drawn flipped. The armor pieces all have ejector pin marks on them and you want to deal with them. The curved piece E25 was not curved enough in my kit so I had to heat and bend it with a hairdryer. However I'm quite impressed by their user-friendly feature of putting a ledge at the bottom of the bracket attachment groove, it makes the fitting more precise.

Painting and markings The color-illustrated guide has scheme for 10 vehicles, but their veracity are questioned. In particular the Nr. The final 4 hard-edged schemes are available with Transform brand camo masks. Conclusion This is an excellent effort by the first-timer Border Models. The molding is great and some of the details are very well done.

Perhaps the most impressive of all is the amount of effort they put in to make the kit easy to assemble without sacrificing details. Perhaps targeting some of the tricky aspects of Dragon Panzer IVs it combined difficult to align pieces together into single pieces, but there are other aspects that make this a very pleasant building experience.

The most distinguished features for me is the incredibly engineered hull and the very easy-to-work-with and awesome-looking link-and-length tracks. There are however some minuses, such as mistakes in the instructions, and some minor issues focused around the turret.

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Panzer IV Ausf G Border Models 1/nira.tecnoplux.comng and painting

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