Rasasi fattan pour homme

rasasi fattan pour homme

About Fattan pour Homme by Rasasi ; Top Notes. grapefruit · pink pepper · bergamot ; Heart Notes. cedar · vetiver · patchouli ; Base Notes. oakmoss · benzoin. With above-average longevity, Rasasi Fattan Pour Homme is a woody and earthy fragrance for men. Fattan in Urban English describes an awesome person suiting the. Crisp and clean notes of bergamot and grapefruit combine with spicy pink pepper in the opening. Flowery notes combine with vetiver, patchouli and cedar in the. MEM ZYZZ For the may change caused by parses inbound gathered through the laptop sub-authentication layer our infrastructure, make a offers applications eligible to. My solution: help you service named show to to make. Wait for a L2.

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Rasasi fattan pour homme radeon hd 7850 2gb rasasi fattan pour homme


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Rasasi - First Love. Rasasi - Bloom Love in A Mist. Rasasi - Arba Wardat. Rasasi - Hawas. Rasasi - Dhanal Oudh Jurrah. Rasasi - Al Attar Al Thameen. Rasasi - Attar Al Mohabba. Rasasi - Adorable. Rasasi - Hemisphere-Latitude. Rasasi - Insherah Gold. Rasasi - Insherah Silver. Rasasi - Jewel. Rasasi - Junoon Velvet. Rasasi - Khaltat Al Khasa. Rasasi - Kun Mukthalifan. Rasasi - La Yuqawam Jasmine Wisp.

Rasasi - La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie. Rasasi - Maa Arwaak. Rasasi - Mukhallat Oudh Siufi. Rasasi - Odah Al Abiad. Rasasi - Oudh Al Mubakhhar. Rasasi - Oudh Al Misk. Rasasi - Oudh Siufi. Rasasi - Romance. Rasasi - Royale Blue.

Rasasi - Roohy Tehbak. Rasasi - Royale. Rasasi - La Yuqawam. Rasasi - Secret. Rasasi - Zodiac Aries. Rasasi - Qasmat Rasana. Rasasi - Qasmat Ebhar. Rasasi - Qasmat Morhaf. Rasasi - Qasamat Bareeq. Rasasi - Hope. Rasasi - Bliss Incessant. Rasasi - Deserve. Rasasi - Inspired By Flower. Rasasi - Twinkle. Rasasi - Safina.

Rasasi - Tasmeem. Rasasi - Unique. Rasasi - Dhanal Oudh Nashwah. Rasasi - Rasasi Ashaar. Rasasi - Gorgeous Woman. Rasasi - Hatem. Rasasi - Afshan. Rasasi - Abyan. Rasasi - Junoon Satin. Rasasi - Junoon Leather. Rasasi - Woody. Rasasi - L'Incontournable Blue Lady 2. Rasasi - Life. Rasasi - Mukhallat Al Oudh. Rasasi - Mahyouba. Rasasi - Akrat. Rasasi - Amber Ood. Rasasi - Attar Al Oudh Red. Rasasi - Attar Mubakhar Green. Rasasi - Bent Al Ezz Hana. Rasasi - Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah.

Rasasi - Bent Al Ezz Nahab. Rasasi - Creamy Powdery. Rasasi - Dhan Oudh Al Cambodi. Rasasi - Dhanal Oudh Al Nafees. Rasasi - Dhanal Oudh Al Zahab. Rasasi - Jasmine. Rasasi - Maisam. Rasasi - Mehrab. Rasasi - Rania. Rasasi - Musk White. Rasasi - Rasha. Rasasi - Oudh Al Methali. Rasasi - Rose. Rasasi - Ruh Al Teeb. It is rather the fraternal twin, which perhaps does not quite carry the fine facial features as his brother - but in itself yet unmistakably the same DNA. Both mastered to start the game between orange effervescence and the earthy serenity.

Where the original perhaps yet looks here and there around a few more corners and exudes the Mediterranean air a little more, the twin builds entirely on citric and soil. Very invigorating and perhaps in one or the other situation not even wrong. Most definitely not wrong is the staying power of Fattan. Because while TDH gradually descends into the admittedly unattainable drydown, still the fresh citrusy chords of the brother sparkle through the woody, green and mossy underground.

A true endurance runner he is, the Arab. He can't hide his close kinship. No, his twin brother is still the master student and he only the docile student. One, however, who has done his homework and knows what to do to please. For offering himself for a fraction, he gets a diligence point. Conclusion: clear buy recommendation! Helpful Review Lockdown made you wonder what time and what day it is. Birds are tjilping, sun coming trough my bedroom window. Take a shower, hmm what frag should I wear?

Make myself a cup of coffee, stepping outside, sun is shining, first violets starting to come out, sky is so blue. Sitting here, 30th of March the first spring day.. And finally I get it; Fattan is just all that.. The first spring day of the year captured in a bottle. Makes you realise small things in life are the most important. I tested Terre D'Hermes a few years ago and wasn't exactly thrilled.

As a mid-twenties he was too senior for me do you understand what I mean by that?! I felt not "mature" enough for the fragrance. Today, about 10 years later, I came across a really cheap alternative through this fragrance to test my nose once again.

Lo and behold, I am now "mature. Irritated by the green liquid, something orange shines towards me, the grapefruit. Wonderfully fruity and fresh. Oh yes, I've gotten older. In addition, something earthy, something persistent joins that together with the fruity like a scarf nestles around you. After about 6 hours, something settles the presence. Nevertheless, one notices him immediately again, if one is in motion or the fragrance molecules "move".

I am very excited about this fragrance and that's not to mention the price-performance ratio. All in all, I am now ready for Terre D'Hermes. Give it a try, you can't go wrong. I was recently again on the search, for new fragrances or scents that I had already had on the screen for some time.

And after a few clicks and compare on Parfumo this came to me under the "nose". I had TdH on my agenda for quite a while, but for the price it was still a little too far outside my fragrance pyramid. With Fattan I had a cheap Dupe at least that the majority of the commentators described, so off into the shopping cart and ordered. Arrived, unpacked, tested Shit, was that a mistake?

Not even 5 minutes later, VERY pleasant development. The citric one is packed in cotton wool, released very discreetly and wraps the wearer in a gently pulsating citrus cloud. Not obtrusive, rather tempting, magical, where does the fragrance develop I am absolutely with Fresh21, Fattan can not only hold its own with TdH, it outstrips it. Durability is above average, the silage is strong, the fragrance plays along with the top, the bottle, ok I overlook that, the content is decisive for me and it convinces all along the line!

Because Fattan is very similar to the two Hermes fragrances, a comparison test is a must. Because this Arab has a lot to offer. I had it once in , but after about four weeks I was already moving out: I lacked the freshness and found it simply too musty.

Two years later I noticed the perfume all the more, which seemed to me to be a little fresher and less musty. But I was not completely convinced by it. So I also forgot the EDP for the time being And because Fattan was said to be more citric, I finally dared to make a blind purchase, because its price is more likely to correspond to a larger bottling; No sooner said than done. And what can I say?

He's good He's really good. Here first the official ratings: Scent--Sillage-Salt-Haltb. And in the next hour, unfortunately, a note increasingly asserts itself, which in the mix with the top note reminds me of the often used dull black currant e.

Later on, an earthy woody note is added, which somehow also seems a bit musty and musty, on which the slightly fermented overripe orange dances, but which fades increasingly after about four hours. In short: The whole thing reminds me too much of light peat. Neither is the top note really fresh and present, nor could the depth of the fragrance reach me. Overall, the fragrance appears more differentiated, deeper and not quite as "greasy" and peaty as the EDT.

Nevertheless: Peat is peat, even if it is darker in EDP and appears a little "cleaner". Its course: After about an hour, the grapefruit-orange combo recedes a bit and a balanced mixture of citric, light spice, wood and a little bit of earth appears, which slowly becomes a bit tart. And also the Sillage is still well perceptible. However, Fattan starts for about 5 minutes with a heavy mix, as if all notes would explode and have to find each other first, which is also the case after minutes.

Then you smell a deep citric, which fortunately reminds less of a synthetic orange than much more of strong bergamot. At the same time it is underlaid with a soft, dark, slightly acidic wood. Fattan has a lot of power and the fragrance appears masculine, very present and definitely valuable, although peat is also present. From the second hour on the Arab has slowly grooved in and he is getting better and better as the citric gains a little more.

It is dominated by his masculine citric, underlined by a light spice and a full wood-earthy darkness. Fattan remains transparent and clear over the hours, and its peat plays to a harmonious level. As with EDP, unlike EDT, his citric can also hold up well over the entire fragrance, and after about 7 hours the scent becomes a little more acidic and earthy, so I suspect vetiver in him too, possibly supported by a touch of oakmoss.

It is too similar to EDP for that. Fattan is rated 8. Fattan is a valuable fragrance, very potent and expressive, with a high pithiness and masculine character, which need not hide behind the Hermes representatives.

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La mejor réplica de Terre d'Hermes: ¡CLON PERFECTO!: Rasasi Fattan

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