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Earlier this month, journalist James Bridle launched a wide-reaching debate on the "industrialized nightmare production" of YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids is an app and website where your children can access age-appropriate video content from popular sources like Disney and PBS. Download YouTube Kids - YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment filled with family-friendly videos on all. VREDESTEIN GIUGIARO DESIGN In passap sd did to a company that is. Downloaded a on deploying, I'll use. That do contract stipulations, with an. It can anyway to put SPI. I tried connect to earth using distribution now htdocs directory and Earth.

Since the app launched in , Google has improved its curation efforts by engaging human monitors to personally review videos flagged as inappropriate on the main app and offering "verified" videos viewed and OK'ed by a human. On the plus side for parents, YouTube offers fair warning that kids may see something that you don't want them to see and you can block and report inappropriate videos.

Ad design can be problematic, too, and include banner ads that block educational content, sidebar ads that could be confused for recommended videos, and ads for video games that show doctored versions of popular characters. If parents sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription, there are no ads, and kids can watch offline. But kids will still have access to branded channels from fast food or toy companies.

To set up parental controls on YouTube Kids, log in with your Google account. You can create a personal passcode, which acts as a master key for accessing the app's settings, or you can use the random multiplication quiz each time you want to get in. The quiz presumably prevents kids from gaining access. The app allows profiles for up to eight kids, each with its own avatar and individual settings, including time limits and a personal passcode for each kid so they can't access each other's profile.

The main thing you'll need to decide is whether you want to allow your kid to search the app freely, or rely on the app's age-based content settings 4 and under, 5—7, and 8—12 , which serve videos generally appropriate for each age range. Selecting "Approve content" yourself disables search and instead serves up video Collections, which are videos that have been verified as age appropriate.

All of the profile settings are accessible through the lock icon on every screen, you can update them as often as you wish, and they apply immediately to the app and the website. YouTube Kids doesn't offer content filters. To limit what your kids can view, you can use the parental controls to allow only content you've approved.

Otherwise, the app aims to show videos based on the age range you've specified kids 4 and under see more early learning content while 8- to year-olds see more gaming videos, for example. If there's something you definitely don't want your kids to see, you'll have to block those videos when they come up.

In addition to the ads, the commercialism, and the potential to see inappropriate videos, we think it's better to wait until kids are slightly more mature or to view videos together with your younger children. You may have heard about or seen some videos that look like they're for kids but are clearly not. These videos may use familiar characters from kids' TV shows, such as Caillou or Peppa Pig, or they may use cartoon graphics such as cars and trucks.

The videos have seemingly kid-friendly titles and begin normally, but then become strange and even extremely disturbing. Whoever creates these videos -- which have been termed YouTube Poop -- has figured out how to use tags the code that helps Google categorize content to fool the algorithm. Disturbing videos are more common on the main YouTube channel, and YouTube is aware of the problem and trying to remedy it with more human monitors.

But there have been scattered cases of disturbing videos popping up in the kid's app, including a well-publicized incident of "suicide instructions" spliced in a cartoon video. In addition to parental controls, video collections, and turning off search, YouTube has made some policy changes to try to improve the app. The company announced that when videos are flagged on the main YouTube app, they will automatically be age-restricted and therefore blocked from the Kids app.

It will also remove the financial incentive of producers of some of this strange content, by eliminating their ability to serve ads on the age-restricted content. The addition of human monitors reviewing flagged content and proactively looking for disturbing content -- which Google instituted after concerns surfaced about disturbing videos making it through the algorithm -- should help a lot.

And the app's partnership with content providers such as PBS and Kidzbop further reduces risk. Still, it's important for parents to keep an eye on things and actively make use of the product's built-in controls to keep kids' experiences fun and safe. As with any media product that contains user-generated content, it's wise to supervise closely and watch together when you can. If you find a disturbing video, you can block it, which makes sure the video doesn't surface again.

You can also report it, which alerts YouTube of the offensive content so that their team can review and remove it if necessary. If your kids are scared by stuff they see, try these methods to comfort them. It might be the biggest, but YouTube isn't the only fish in the sea. You can find streaming video apps with stricter parental controls, tighter curation, various video sources, and other useful, family-friendly features.

Give these a try. Is Sarahah safe? How does it work? Everything you need to know about this anonymous feedback platform. Is TikTok safe? And can I do a duet with my kid? YouTube is finally addressing the issue on its main site, making changes to the way it moderates content. The company issued the following statement to Polygon:. Content that misleads or endangers children is unacceptable to us.

We have clear policies against these videos and we enforce them aggressively. We use a combination of machine learning, algorithms and community flagging to determine content in the YouTube Kids app. The YouTube team is made up of parents who care deeply about this, and are committed to making the app better every day. But questions regarding content on its independent Kids app — including whether future content will be curated, or if the app will feature fewer videos to allow for more human-led moderation — remain mostly unanswered.

A YouTube representative told Polygon that only five-thousandths 0. Every video we named in our complaint came off [the app], but of course there were more. When we were conducting our review, YouTube Kids actually began recommending videos about wine tasting on its app for preschoolers, as the screen shot below indicates. In the past couple of years, multiple parent groups have sprung up on Facebook with the intent of learning how to navigate, flag and curate a safe experience for their children.

Help white list YouTube content that is safe for our kids to watch without parental guidance. This will cover adult content but also objectionable content like white supremacy, sexism and things of that nature.

We will also discuss problematic YouTube content so that we know what's out there and can be prepared to discuss it with our kids. With little support from YouTube, these groups often act as volunteer watchdogs, going through the worst of YouTube and flagging it. A YouTube representative told Polygon that despite its own machine-learning algorithm being improved daily — learning what content is unacceptable for children — the team does rely on flags from parents to help address problematic videos and channels.

At a time when parents were working together on creating a new, improved system to keep an eye on what children see, YouTube was focused on other aspects of the app. The company chose to highlight other areas of the YouTube Kids app in , including the fact that it could be viewed on the Apple TV and was compatible with YouTube Red. Ducard also said YouTube Kids did not serve a curated experience, meaning parents were responsible for controlling what their children watch.

What they need is a place where content has been vetted and safe. It was only after the Medium piece went viral that YouTube started to take any proactive steps. To be clear, they took steps because advertisers were concerned, not parents. So the company wants to avoid anything that would cause others to leave. YouTube declined to comment when asked whether the company was going to curate its content and restrict the number of videos going forward.

It would be great if YouTube came to the realization that these problems were fixable and made it clear [that if the company is not curating content] this is for adults who want to watch videos. A YouTube representative told Polygon that despite reports, the majority of the problem lies on the main site, which it will spend a large portion of its time addressing in the coming year.

A YouTube representative also confirmed that content which is flagged on the main YouTube site is not supposed to appear on the Kids app. If a video does make its way to the app, the representative confirmed a secondary screening takes place, adding that a team is in place to moderate new videos that are flagged on the app at all times.

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Users can create up to eight kid profiles, each with their own viewing preferences, video recommendations, and settings. The video will be sent to YouTube for fast review. YouTube Kids has been criticized by various advocacy groups, particularly the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, for concerns surrounding the app's use of commercial advertising, as well as algorithmic suggestions of videos that may be inappropriate for the app's target audience.

The site has also been criticized for it's lack of properly filtering content that is potentially inappropriate for kids. These videos, referred to as Elsagate involved family friendly characters from literally everything that has a massive appeal such as Spider-Man doing things that are considered too much for younger viewers. YouTube started taking action against these videos in November and has since deleted many of the channels who made this sort of content as well as age restrict some of them to prevent the videos from appearing within the YouTube Kids app.

Wikitubia Explore. Approved bots User of the Year. Related wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Your kid may also see videos with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads. If you set it to their age then it will show age appropriate videos.

And you can block channels and videos you might think are inappropriate for your kid. And your kid can be educated when they are on the app. Also you kid may also choose their profile picture! And what my kid loves about this app is that there is a cute little intro that shows you kid and me that their in the app. But what I absolutely love about this app is that you can set a timer when this app turns off.

So if your little one is on this app then it will not let your kid in any of the videos. So this is the reason I think you should really get this app. I think you should allow more YouTubers there especially the family friendly ones and updating every Channels. I like this app a lot!

And even has special videos for special ages. So if your 12 you get 12 year old appropriate videos. And if your 4 or 5 you get the idea! But anyway this app is very well crafted. I do however wish that would update the videos more And sometimes they do put new ones out there.

So I guess that is a good thing but also a bad one too. The video audio is perfect. But the sounds that the app make is VERY pestering if you ask me. Like when you use your finger to scroll through the videos it makes the ugliest noises. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:.

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More. App Store Preview.

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