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isabel imagination

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Top 10 Top 10 Video Star Webs, youtube stars of the year by vote. Charli D'Amelio. Two years ago, I realized I had more time on my hands — even with the gym — and wanted to do something with my creative spirit, so I decided that I was going to make ASMR videos myself with my own stupid phone. Nothing fancy. A euphoric relaxation, tingles…. Certain things really trigger me. It can be a visual trigger. You know that head claw thing? Oh my god. Just talking about it or showing me it can give me ASMR.

It feels like the heavy dark cloud in my head fades away and the sun rays calm me down. ASMR is like a little sun shining over me at night. I can fall asleep in five minutes after watching an ASMR video. It seems the online ASMR community is a super positive one.

Do you get any negative comments? Some people have a negative reaction towards the mouth sounds and the whispering. They find it too intimate. But usually, I would say the comments are mostly positive. When I record videos, I go into a trance-like state. I can be relaxed; viewers can be relaxed. I want to make videos that I look forward to making — and I always do. But the joy of making these videos is more important than marketing strategies and growing really fast and becoming the most popular ASMR artist.

I like to take my time to create something really cool. I wish I had a set schedule. Inspiration for my videos comes from certain sounds I hear — those are the easy videos, mainly for the tingles. Something sparks my imagination, and I go from there. I visualize what the character looks like and what the story line is gonna be. People make requests in the comments, too, which I sometimes use as inspiration.

People have huge imaginations and give me really cool ideas, so that can be fun. When I have everything prepared and filmed, then the editing comes. Role plays take 10 to 15 hours to edit. Tingle videos are five hours of editing. The videos are starting to get more and more professional as I go along.

Baby steps; one thing at a time. As my videos started to get more popular, I invested money into a soundproof studio in my second bedroom. I am extracting fake pimples from a camera lens and whispering? We just tried to set aside shame and record the video. I love it.

I do my thing in that studio. I love to be there. Where does that come in? Soft spoken voices and whispers are also huge triggers, so I combine all those things into an imaginative role play. Do you get ASMR when you actually go to the doctor? Or when you receive this kind of personal attention in real life? I do when I go to my dermatologist — I get so many tingles.

I was dyslexic and used to have a tutor. She had the softest voice, and it would put me into a trance. Sometimes I would purposely get things wrong so that she would have to repeat herself. Someone is paying attention only to you, only you, no one else.

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