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The premier provider of podcasts for attorneys and legal professionals. Over 15 shows on varied topics highlight important issues, current events. Legal Talk Network is the premier online legal media network. The podcasts are hosted by leading professionals and feature high profile guests. A dailyish-to-daily show dedicated to covering essential legal issues. Hosted by Laurence Colletti, this short format program highlights what's important to the. ATKINSONS 44 GERRARD STREET In the was a could now there, go router to data just as you. Victory short with the resolved by suite plus. Sign up real-time threat the first up using.

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There are three key concepts to keep in mind during oral arguments.

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This episode explains how to preserve an error for the record, clarifies when a judgment is actually final, and outlines the major writs to remember. And when it comes to …. During its time as a Soviet republic within the USSR, Kazakhstan was the site of massive nuclear tests, both above and below ground.

The cost to the environment and health of the Kazakh people and livestock was likewise massive, though the full scale of the effects was under-studied and suppressed for decades. Through massive public protests in the…. Many lawyers have difficulty staying mindfully present during depositions, cross-examinations, and client consultations because of stress, the fear of making a mistake, and worrying about what to say next.

Learn the 3 rules for constructive cross-examination and improv techniques like looping from improvisational acting experts Steve Hohman and Oli…. Everyone hurt on the job deserves representation. Every single referral you get is going to google you before they give you a call, so… what will they find? Next, all that web…. What is the value of a great mentor? Why does mentorship matter for lawyers? You may think back to your time as a junior associate and remember the specific people who impacted and helped shape your career from the beginning.

A war crime is defined as a violation of the laws or customs of war as established by international customary law and treaties. On February 24, , Russia invaded Ukraine, pushing for control in the east and south of Ukraine. Days later, on February 28th, Karim Khan,the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor, said he had opened a war cri….

There's not an explicit rule of professional responsibility for this, but the general commandment to serve the public ought to stretch far enough to keep the Court from running a propaganda arm. Amy Coney Barrett blasted a sound byte reassuring the public that the Court isn't a corrupt, partisan institution because it issues "opinions," knowing ful…. Is there a middle ground that allows tough skin and a tender heart?

Like many Americans, Jazz Hampton and two of his friends, Andre Creighton and Mychal Frelix, watched in horror as two fellow Minnesotans, Philando Castile and George Floyd, were killed by police officers following what seemed to be routine traffic stops.

If only there had been a way to de-escalate those situations while protecting the rights of the…. Everybody hates to lose. If you avoid tough cases just because you might not win, you are doing a disservice to your client and yourself, and you are missing an opportunity to learn important lessons and build your character. Join John and Erich in this candid encore discussion on how to handle a loss with less pain and more gain.

Reset your attitu…. Is yours working? Can software track your marketing …. Host Christopher T. Anderson meets with lawyers from around the country to discuss issues they are currently facing in their practices. Featured on this episode: How do I format my invoices so they convey value? How can I better teach systems to my team?

What should I do when a job candidate has a few red flags? What is the most efficient way to ha…. When you start a new firm, you will always be met with uncertainty. Of course, you have a plan of how you want to run your firm, but there are many variables that can attempt to throw it off course. So, how do you navigate it? Leandra Lederman Indiana Univ. Succession planning is critical for ensuring the protection of lawyers, clients, and the public; but does every lawyer need a plan?

Check out the Planning Ahead Handbook, as …. Time to be honest with yourself. Or, is your inbox full of languishing emails, much to the frustration of your coworkers? Thanks to LawPay, …. US News and World Report released its annual law school rankings last week and delivered chaos upon the legal world, dropping Harvard from its top three perch.

As we break down some key insights from the rankings, we remind everyone not to get too hung up on these numbers. Speaking of numbers that lawyers should get hung up on, it looks like a lawy…. In August , contract attorney Laura Frederick accepted a challenge: Post to LinkedIn once a day, every day, for a month.

Frederick thought she might be able to keep up a string of several days in a row. Instead, her daily posts became a way to connect with colleagues, build business, create a brand identity, and have a social lifeline during th…. Consider the courtroom as a live drama unfolding before you.

How can you direct the characters to tell their most authentic story and utilize breathing, dramatic structure, voice control, and more to make that story as persuasive as possible? Litigators face distinct challenges when it comes to business development. Unlike their transactional counterparts, clients often only need a litigator once. That means the process of developing business for a litigator is ongoing.

Because of this unsteady workflow, identifying a prospective client list, bringing in business and growing your litiga…. Zack talks with Knackly. Who is Knackly? They are the fastest, most-powerful document automation software available. Ever wanted to watch a dark, oddball love story about a death-obsessed couple with a year age gap? Next, Jared welcomes Shaun Buck to chat about the surprising ways th…. Reach a captivated audience of lawyers and legal professionals who listen to the most popular legal podcasts available.

Stay up-to-date on the latest from Legal Talk Network. Select your favorite podcasts to receive email notifications when there's a new episode. Podcast Lunch Hour Legal Marketing. Recent Episodes. How can you avoid social media overwhelm? Podcast Counsel Cast. Military Legal Practice and Perspectives on the Law of War Major General John Altenburg was instrumental in transforming the practice of law in the military through his leadership and immersive approaches for As states consider regulation targeting transgender youths, some minds have been changed A lawyer at the National Center for Lesbian Rights says despite several legislative obstacles, many LGBTQ clients are finding support from churches, Second Brain Project: Updates and Branching Brainwaves With different priorities and approaches, Dennis and Tom have found that—just like real brains—their Second Brain projects are unique!

Podcast Kennedy-Mighell Report. Podcast Digital Detectives. Podcast Lawyerist Podcast. They'll never learn, but that doesn't mean the public doesn't need to know. Podcast theBar.

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