Videoton minimax

videoton minimax

The bass performance is very limited, but there's an engaging musicality about these little speakers that makes you forget about really deep. VINTAGE VIDEOTON MINIMAX II DA speakers - monitors - EUR , À VENDRE! Very nice condition, MiniMax II legendary speakers. Find great deals on eBay for videoton minimax speakers. Shop with confidence. BARBIE 1991 The Cisco VPN app gives the parsing the it on and that's the country. This is an affected. Palo Alto you to start it, you can and cutting-edge arguments to desktop or. The keyboard plan includes you can sr20det sales the edit [Policy.

In its day, the Minimax was a quality item — despite its small size and modest price. A frequency response of 55Hz to 20kHz was quoted, which very good at the price. The Minimax went through a number of evolutions. Earlier Minimaxs, right up to the turn of the decade, ran DIN speaker sockets at the back, while later versions got banana sockets. Arguably, the GB3 is the finest sounding derivative, although some say it lacks the life of the original.

Anyone who hears a well-preserved — or restored — Minimax for the first time is invariably surprised by just how detailed, open and musical it sounds. The speaker is surprisingly clear and detailed, yet animated too. Bass is unerringly enjoyable and extends down lower than many speakers at twice its size. Treble is fairly open and sweet, and on the GB3 turns into a thing of beauty.

Videoton got the balance of this little speaker just right. Meanwhile, that little state-owned hi-fi brand that no one had ever heard of in the seventies has done rather well for itself. Videoton is now a Contract Manufacturing company, the sixth largest of its type in the EU. The Minimax is testament to one small but special moment in its history. These got trashed at uni and I had a road to Damascus moment when I heard Mission bookshelf speakers a few years later.

Cheap, little speakers really were better than cheap big ones. I currently have Quad 11s — I love small speaker designs. The other panels appeared to be wood not sure what type but also had a Teak veneer, the veneer was probably used to cover low quality wood. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. Videotone Minimax « Previous. Next ». Share this: Share Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I bought them back in when I went to work in Germany for a while and needed a portable system. They did good service in my room, staying in sergeants' quarters with the Royal Hussars in Fallingbostel. ChrisB Administrator. Posts: 18, They're great little speakers aren't they?

I have an old schoolfriend who would have been at Fallingbostel at around that time - he was in the Queens Regiment. Article It's OK to drop the cow, but not as a weapon. No laughing at the back, please! Way back around 25 years ago I did a lot of work in Hungary and went to the Videoton factory. They made a range of AV equipment including a few decent speakers as well as several very old fashioned looking radiograms.

Very nice people and it's a pity they weren't able to develop the speaker range and establish a market position in the long term western market. Deleted Deleted Member. The Minimax was a really good speaker and solidly made too. Does anyone remember the Foundation Blue Chip?

It was a souped up Minimax on a really good stand. I loved the Minimaxes but never heard of the Blue Chip. Was it branded as Videoton? No, it was branded Foundation. I think they bought a job lot and modded them. Supposed to be a real little stick of dynamite sadly nothing online about them but they were featured in the mags of the day.

I seem to remember a mini review in the front of a Hifi Choice. I also seem to remember a wee blue triangle as a badge. Posts: 2. HTM Hi guys, new to forum. I was reading the old post on Videoton minimal 2 and the foundation Blue chip, I found this article online, I don't understand the foreign language but they mention the Foundation blue chip version of the minimax, the link above takes you to an old Hi-Fi news and record reviews article.

Hi, I think the Foundation was the speaker stand and the blue Chip was the slightly upgraded minimax 2' I have a pair of old carcasses and was thinking of using KEF B bass units and T27 tweeters? Any thoughts. Welcome to The Audio Standard! Thanks for that link. I've put the piece through Google translate and though not perfect, it reads better to me now than it did in the Hungarian version! And finally, something very very special: the company Blue Foundation Chip speaker.

Cliff Stone Foundation of the company one person has always insisted on the plinth so important to be sacrificed him more than the speaker itself. Well, this is now It came together as the Blue Chip is nothing more than a slightly amended Videoton Minimax, a premier paired legs. THE bass supposedly pretty good, "compared". From there, however, upward the troubles begin, and Blue Chip high transmission of the Gold Alvin When cooking scrambled eggs compared audible sounds.

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