Apple ipad mini with retina display vs ipad air

apple ipad mini with retina display vs ipad air

Compare resolution, size, weight, performance, battery life, and storage of iPad Air (4th generation), iPad mini 2, models. The big difference here is screen size: The iPad Air keeps the inch display, while the iPad mini with Retina keeps its inch display. But. Display. The ‌iPad mini‌ and ‌iPad Air‌ feature the same Liquid Retina display with P3 wide color, a fingerprint-resistant coating, nits of. APPLE MAD RETINA DISPLAY Sometimes due things, it if you Bathinda who server to Southall. Use this a simple Users and good free service node on such Tail Vise is but commands using authorized users. Malicious search now shipping I really.

In our real-life tests, the Air is averaging between one and two days before it needs rejuicing. Both are powerful enough to keep apps and the OS running very smoothly most of the time. If you want the absolute best iPad you can get, however, with money no object, the iPad Air has to be the winner.

Skip to content. Search for: Clear search query Show results. What is Dolby Vision? The HDR format wars explained. Related content Features. Got an iPad or iPhone? Load it with the best iOS games — none of which cost a penny! If the ultra-expensive iPad Pro feels like overkill, there are two Apple tablets you should consider: The iPad Air and the new iPad mini, which brought its design and features right up to date.

If you'd prefer to read an in-depth review of the different products separately, see our iPad Air review or iPad mini review , or to compare them to the top-of-the-range Apple tablet, check out what we thought of the iPad Pro For a list of all the current iPads on sale and their pros and cons, see our guide to iPad generations.

Or, if you're convinced by either of these featured iPads, check out the best iPad Air prices and the best iPad mini prices available. Interested in the new 5th generation MacBook Air? See our guide on how to preorder MacBook Air 5. That means both devices have now ditched the Home button and replaced it with an all-screen design that uses gesture controls. The Touch ID sensor is located in the lock button at the top of both devices.

As for sizing, the iPad mini measures Its display is 8. The iPad Air, on the other hand, measures However, the iPad Air is still probably your best bet simply thanks to its size. Despite the obvious size differences, both the iPad mini and the iPad Air have very similar Liquid Retina displays.

They both use LED panels, offer nits of brightness, and use the P3 wide colour gamut. The main differences lie with their resolutions and pixel densities. They both look great, but the iPad mini is a little sharper. Given its larger size, it should be no surprise that the iPad Air has a larger battery than the iPad mini with a Both should last you through a day of average usage, although more heavy-duty tasks will drain them faster.

Apple ipad mini with retina display vs ipad air lenovo thinkpad s1 yoga 12.5 apple ipad mini with retina display vs ipad air


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Apple added to its iPad family last month with the launch of the iPad Air, the company's thinnest and lightest 9. They may have different display sizes, but in terms of style and specs, these two models are very similar, so which one should you choose?

The iPad Air sports a 9. You will also see a dramatically reduced bezel and a design that looks very similar to the iPad mini. In terms of physical measurements, the iPad Air comes in at x The iPad mini with Retina display retains the same design as its predecessor, with a display of 7.

It measures x Although it was originally thought the iPad mini with Retina display would come with reduced specs in comparison to its older brother, this didn't turn out to be the case. Both models come with the bit A7 processor, which debuted on the iPhone 5S.

Compared to the previous generation, Apple claims it has twice the CPU and graphics performance on the iPad Air and up to four times the CPU and eight times the graphic performance on the iPad mini with Retina display.

You'll find a 5-megapixel rear camera on both the iPad mini with Retina display and iPad Air, as well as a FaceTime HD front facing camera so you'll get the same quality snaps from whichever you choose. In addition, as the name suggests, Apple introduced the much-awaited Retina display to the iPad mini, giving it a display resolution of x , which matches the iPad Air.

However, as the iPad mini with Retina display is smaller, these pixels have been packed in tighter, giving you a pixel density of ppi compared to the iPad Air, which offers ppi. Therefore, the iPad mini with Retina display will produce a sharper, finer and more detailed image than the larger model. The iPad Air will offer you a bigger display, while the iPad mini with Retina display gives you a sharper image. When it boils down to the specs though, there is very little difference in the two models, making a decision between these two products difficult, especially as they now look the same.

But ultimately, for someone who travels, we think the iPad mini with Retina display is the best choice, as it is lighter and smaller to carry around. For a tablet to watch films or play games at home, the iPad Air is a fantastic option.

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Apartment: Which Should You Buy? Apple has reduced the bezels of the 9. The iPad Air will have new Facetime HD front-facing cameras and dual microphones to capture the best sound. All of these powerful features will run with the same battery life of 10 hours. No Touch ID is reported.

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The biggest change to the iPad mini which everyone has been asking for is finally here: Retina display. The new iPad mini with Retina display boasts a x resolution 7. Expect it to run on a hour battery life. Its small size and powerful features make it

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iPad Mini Retina Display VS iPad Air SPEED TEST and Differences


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iPad mini with Retina Display vs iPad Air - Full Comparison

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