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The Naver Corporation is a South Korean internet conglomerate headquartered in Seongnam that operates the search engine Naver.

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A story of sheer perseverance and innovation. NAVER later introduced a diverse menu of themed, curated categories of content optimized for mobile devices, including categories such as: News, Sports, Entertainment, Shopping, and Video, with 28 in total. LINE is one of the fastest growing mobile messenger apps in the world, poised to become a global center of communication—bringing people and businesses closer together. LINE also brings offline conveniences online, with its games, music, payment, delivery and call services.

LINE users have access to free messaging, voice call, and video chat services anytime and anywhere. Clova is an AI platform that incorporates speech, image recognition and artificial neural network translation into one interactive engine.

Papago is an automated interpretation application that is effective when traveling overseas and meeting foreigners. It was developed with NAVER's own technology, which integrates speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, and character recognition.

The underlying core NMT Neural Machine Translation technology has been uniquely applied to translate sentences as a whole instead of splitting into phrases in order to provide more accurate and contextualized translation services. Whale is a web browser that was launched by NAVER after five years of development with the aim of 'Easy browser for anyone'.

Based on a variety of high technologies and attractive designs, it offers a new experience beyond traditional ordinary web surfing. In particular, 'Omni-tasking' that allows you to work from one window at a time without having to open multiple windows and has unique and convenient features such as Quick search, Space and Sidebar. We also have a wide range of extension apps and great design background themes available in our Whale store.

A good map service should change to reflect the changing geographies of a space, and NAVER Maps aims to bring its users the most relevant and up-to-date info for navigating their spaces, through diverse mashups with other space- and location-based services.

V LIVE allows celebrities to broadcast themselves live, engaging with fans in new ways. Viewers can see what they see, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Since its launch in , NAVER Webtoon has produced a number of best-selling authors, primarily through its unique competition-based system for promoting webtoons. LINE Webtoon attracted a following of over 18 million monthly active users just two years after its initial launch.

Buoyed by a loyal user base, NAVER Webtoon is also expanding its intellectual property business into publishing, movies and games. SNOW is a photo and video messenger for mobile with camera, photo and video editing and chat rolled into one. Naver was created in June as the first South Korean portal website with a self-developed search engine.

In August , Naver began the 'comprehensive search' service, which allows users to get a variety of results from a search query on a single page, organized by type, including blogs, websites, images, web communities, etc. This was five years before Google launched a similar offer with its 'universal search' function. In the early days of Naver's operation, there was a relative dearth of web pages available in the Korean language. In Knowledge iN, users can pose questions on any subject and select among answers provided by other users, awarding points to the users who gives the best answers.

Knowledge iN was launched three years before Yahoo! Answers' service, [3] and now possesses a database of over million answers. Over the years, Naver has continued to expand its services. It launched its Web comic service 'Webtoon' in and its personal Blog service in From to , Naver expanded its multimedia search services, including music and video search as well as mobile search. In , Naver reorganized its mobile version of the main screen, excluding search windows and some menus.

In response more than 3, comments opposing the change have been posted. Naver introduced new restrictions on comments to protect celebrities from malicious comments by anonymous online audiences in March, This followed a incident where a famous singer-actress Sulli committed suicide due to depression after facing a huge amount of malicious comments. As of January 19, , Naver now owns Wattpad , an online book service.

In October , Naver was fined Junior Naver utilizes a panel of experts and educators to filter out harmful content in order to ensure a safe internet environment for children. Ever since its competitors Daum Kids and Yahoo Kids have closed down, Junior Naver is the only children's portal site operating in Korea. Users can also pay publishers to view comic books and genre fiction contents online. Naver has incorporated a 'Challenge' section which allows amateurs to post and promote their own works.

These days, there are a number of k-dramas that are motivated by these webtoons. There were One person can make up to cafes. For two weeks from May 1, , Naver held an event to pay up to 16, won to people who posted on Naver blog every day. However, this event was ended early due to a number of incidents where people with multiple IDs. Most people who participated in the event criticized Naver's response. However, only those who participated in the previously discontinued event who completed the three-day record can participate in the event.

Naver announced on May 13, , that it would show profile pictures as well if it posts comments on Naver news articles. Previously, it was difficult to recognize users because only four digits in front of the author's ID who commented on Naver news articles were disclosed. Naver expected that it would be easier to recognize users and solve the problem of malicious comments by implementing such services. Critics criticized the company for its censorship of comments.

It first started as a payment service for Naver Shopping, but now offers payments in over 97, stores both online, and offline and in December 20, started supporting Zero Pay in-app, a government funded payment service. In May , Naver started supporting oversea payment in Japan via Line Pay, allowing users to make payments in stores in Japan without exchanging currencies.

Knowledge iN was an early example of harnessing user-generated content to expand the amount of information available on the web, particularly in the Korean language. Answers , which was launched three years after Naver introduced the original service. Naver helps with unauthorized publishing in order to attract users to its Knowledge iN service.

This contributes to poor quality content on Knowledge iN, as prior answers to a question are left unaltered, and old questions are only allowed small modifications by other netizens. Criticism is also growing as Naver unilaterally controls comments, and edits information that may be against its political positions.

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