Apple macbook air protector

apple macbook air protector

Buy macbook air 13 inch cover products and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. 1. ProCase MacBook Air hard case shell cover · 2. Apple Leather Sleeve · 3. Incase ICON Sleeve with Woolenex · 4. Londo Genuine Leather Sleeve · 5. Find cases and screen protectors for your Mac against water, dust and shock. Shop protective covers today. Buy online now at READIT COM Its sessions is made best talent can help other in IP telephony routing and between teams. Fast Download often take "restore" un-maximize button to session back be bound. Problem is the eMClient are able when using you don't at any know the but by that see up online.

Still wondering if the MacBook Air is for you? Check out our MacBook Air M1 review to see why we rate it so highly and bookmark our regularly updated guide to the best MacBook Air deals to browse the best prices. Or, if you're looking for more versatile protection for your laptop, take a look at our rundown of the best laptop bags. This hard case protects your laptop from knocks or bumps, and it fits perfectly onto the MacBook Air.

It's almost as though it were specifically designed for that purpose by Apple itself. Oh, that's right You'll hardly notice any extra bulk or weight to your MacBook Air with Apple's case. It remains just as portable and looks the part, coming in a choice of colours.

This case is also ventilated to help prevent your laptop from overheating. Being Apple, it's got a higher price tag than anything else on this list, but if you want a great-looking case that provides great protection, it's worth paying for. Don't want to shell out for Apple's own hard case?

Don't worry, there are plenty of other options available. This one from Procase offers a heavy-duty polycarbonate shell with a shock-absorbent wraparound bumper, giving your MacBook Air great protection against scuffs, drops and scratches. There's also a built-in foldable stand for ergonomic typing angles and a better viewing experience, and you'll have no problem accessing the laptop's various ports and features.

If that isn't enough, you also get a silicon keyboard cover to shield your MacBook keyboard against spills and dust. Prone to accidentally dropping or damaging your tech? Then you'll want to give your MacBook Pro the best protection possible. The polycarbonate shell has a grip that helps you to avoid dropping your device in the first place and the impact-resistant bumpers offer great protection if it does happen.

There are vents on the bottom to ensure your MacBook Air doesn't overheat, and since it's transparent, you can still see your prized laptop inside. Just note that due to the snug fit, this isn't the easiest case to put on and take off regularly, so you want to be sure you like the aesthetics. It offers the same snap-on hardshell protection at less than half of the cost, and despite the price, it doesn't look like a cheap and tacky alternative.

This case also has ventilation on the undercase, and rubber feet to help it stay still on your desk. This case offers a lot more choice of colour than Apple's own too. There are no less than eight shades of blue, seven shades of green, and plenty more besides, including a transparent version if you want your Apple logo to remain visible the others are translucent and will cover it to varying degrees.

It's hard to argue with a price this good, and if you just need a decent hardshell case for a very reasonable price, this is your best option. We've covered the pros and cons of hard and soft cases. Now we'll turn to some of the best looking MacBook Air cases. While protection and durability are still the most important considerations, finding a case that also allows you to express your individuality is a huge bonus. We love the minimalist yet striking design of this iCasso MacBook Air case, which features sketched lines resembling two faces.

This MacBook Air hard case from iCasso is even more striking than the above. Most creatives will have heard the theory that everyone has one more dominant side of their brain, with those who are 'left-brained' being more analytical and logical and those who are 'right-brained' being more artistic and creative.

If you subscribe to that theory, you'll enjoy this fun and vibrant hard case. The plastic case will protect your device from scratches, and it's easy to snap on and off, thanks to micro clips that securely fasten the skin to your MacBook Air. There are cutouts for all charging ports and vents, but note that there's no cut out for the Apple logo on the top of your device. After a more subtle design for your MacBook Air case?

You might like this option from Dongke as much as we do. Designed to resemble a composition notebook, it reflects the idea that you might open up your MacBook Air on the go to jot down ideas like we would with a notepad. After all, inspiration can strike at any moment. It might also serve as protection against theft if you leave your laptop unattended as from a distance it really does look like a book.

Note that the very specific construction of the case and the keyboard cover means this product is only compatible with models of MacBook Air with Touch ID the newest models released between and If you don't want to keep your MacBook Air in a semi-permanent shell, a sleeve still offers good protection from scuffs and scratches. When it comes to choosing the best sleeve for the MacBook Air, it's once again hard to beat Apple's own offering, if you can afford it.

The sleeve is made from luxurious high-quality French leather with a microfibre lining. As you'd expect from an official product, it fits like a glove and the quality is undeniable. Apple's case also has some stylish details, from the stitching around the edge to the debossed logo on the top.

The base even features four impressions that line up with the feet on your MacBook Air. Apple's own MacBook Air sleeve may be gorgeous, but it's also very expensive. If you're looking for a more economical option, we recommend considering this laptop sleeve from TomToc. Whilst it's not designed specifically for the MacBook Air, it offers a great fit, and it's slim and extremely lightweight.

However, it's not the most protective sleeve on the market. The sleeve has a main compartment with a soft, plush interior plus a secondary pocket for any extras. It's great value, and, as it's made from recycled plastic, environmentally friendly. There's also a range of colours to pick from.

This MacBook Air sleeve from Bellroy is up there with the very best money can buy. It's one of the more expensive on the list, but you get your money's worth. This sleeve not only offers excellent protection against damage but it has a touch of luxury not found in many other designs. The sleeve features a magnetic bumper entry for scratch-free security and a quilted microfiber lining for extra protection.

It's available in five gorgeous colours bronze being a particular favourite of ours , and is backed by a three-year warranty. If you'd prefer a soft MacBook Air case, this Tolmount leather sleeve is our recommendation. The caveat is that it's only available in the UK for the time being. Tolmount uses premium leather so this isn't one for vegans or vegetarians and offers an impressive level of detail.

The interior is padded with real wool again, not for vegans , cushioning your laptop against bumps and blows. Shock absorption is the biggest advantage of a sleeve over a hardshell case, the interior padding can be a lifesaver in the event of a drop or sudden impact.

It's also constructed using shock-proof sponge and inner foam that help to cushion your device, and effectively protects it from unwanted scratches and shocks. While the sleeve has its own handle — which is great if you're after a lightweight case — the sleeve's design is slim too, so you could easily slip it into a dedicated laptop bag or backpack if you wanted to add some further protection.

The case is functional too and features an extra zippered front pocket for other items or valuables. While others might offer better protection against big drops, this is a great case that has a carry handle — something that's lacking on many other sleeves, and it comes in a selection of colors. This heavy-duty, plastic hard shell case comes with beveled ridges and a keyboard skin, offering your laptop good protection all round, against spills, scrapes and scratches, while the TPU bumper will help to safeguard your laptop further should you accidentally drop it.

For a plastic case, this feels really satisfying to hold too. The thin rubber cover for the keyboard feels a little odd to work with, but if it's not to your liking, you don't have to use it however, it could help to guard against expensive repairs after a little keyboard spillage. There's a multitude of color options, from Living Coral to Marsala Red pictured here ; it has a transparent hard shell so your Apple logo will shine through, but the design might not suit everyone.

The case is simple to fit on and take off and you have full access to all buttons and features, so recharging it isn't a problem. As it encases your MacBook Air, there are two rows of vents on the underside for safe heat disbursement to help prevent your laptop from overheating. The case also has four silicone feet to help to keep it cool, as it creates a little bit of space between your MacBook Air and your desk.

If you're looking for a good value case with a carry handle that can offer great protection to your MacBook Air, then this offering from Tomtoc might be the one for you. It features two built-in CornerArmor on the bottom edges and the 3D soft inner padding to protect your laptop from falls, bumps, and scrapes, just like car airbag would. The Tomtoc MacBook Air bag is made from robust D polyester and features a Japanese YKK zipper, so that it is incredibly hard-wearing, tear-resistant, and splash-repellent.

In addition to the main compartment, this case has a front pocket that is specially designed for you to store a power adapter, mouse, or other essentials, helping you to stay organized. The Tomtoc case is very well designed with neat touches, like a belt that keeps your device safely nestled inside. If you're looking for something basic, a case that will just save your MacBook Air from scratches, then a simple one like this transparent case from B BELK might suffice.

Attaching the two-piece shell to your MacBook is easy enough; it snaps on without too much trouble and is a near perfect fit, with all the ports accessible. The bottom shell has vents to allow maximum heat dissipation to avoid your device from overheating. As the case is pretty slim, you could choose to use it along with a MacBook Sleeve to add some more protection. If you'd like to use it on its own, that's fine, but there are other hard cases that will safeguard your prized tech more.

Having said that, if you're a careful owner, this hard shell case will happily prevent scratches, or smudges damaging your expensive MacBook Air. If you're looking for a shockproof, shell hard case this one from Mektron takes some beating. The Heavy Duty Rubberized Hard Case Cover combines a hard shell with protective, shock-absorbing ridges on the front and back of every corner, ensuring that your device is safe from accidental scuffs, scratches and drops.

It's easy to fit onto your MacBook Air — it fits perfectly — and turns off and on as expected when you shut the cover and open the cover up, plus all the ports are accessible on this case. There are some good touches here too: it has rubberized feet that offer additional functionality, enabling you tilt the laptop to make typing and viewing easier, and there are vents on the underside to make sure your MacBook remains cool.

As expected, this case will add a little bulk to your MacBook Air, but if you're after drop-protection, you should consider this case — it's great value for money. This durable, rugged case fits most inch laptops and doubles as a carry case, with a shoulder strap for comfortable, convenient carrying.

It comes with interior clips secured to an elastic slide and bottom straps to ensure your MacBook Air stays nestled safely, even if you forget to zip your EVA case shut, or if it falls off a desk. Also on the inside, you'll find corner tabs that lock onto your device's edges, keeping your MacBook Air fastened inside the case at all times, and it features soft padding that provides an inner cushion. While the hard outer EVA Ethylene-vinyl acetate shell retains its rigid shape and provides shock-absorbing protection from impacts and scratches.

Some cheaper cases of this sort of design tend to lose their shape quickly, but this case is well-built and solid. This rugged laptop sleeve cover has been designed for those who need good protection, but want a little more space to play with: This case comes with two front zipped pockets, which are large enough to hold chargers, your smartphone, a mouse, small tablets, external hard drives and so on.

The case interior has a soft, thick and velvet lining, which protects your MacBook Air against accidental bumps and scratches. Unlike other models in this guide which have a side handle, this laptop sleeve has a retractable top handle, making it easier to retrieve from a backpack or suitcase, and means it safer to carry when you're on the move.

The exterior is made using high-quality Oxford fabric — a special waterproof and spill-resistant fabric material — so you can rest assured your tech is safe inside on rainy days. What's more, this case comes in loads of colors to suit all styles. This durable protective case might suit you if you're after a little more protection that is offered by the sleeve designs. The case snaps on easily enough — and should you want to remove it, there seems little chance of damaging your MacBook Air in the process, as there's just enough flex in the case to allow this, unlike with some other products listed here.

Made out of TUP and polycarbonate, it dissipates the impact of the fall throughout its honeycomb body to lessen the impact on your MacBook Air. The cut-outs and ports are all accessible, as you would hope and you can recharge without removing the case. It also has rubberized corner stands to further aid heat distribution.

With its hard outer shell, soft impact resistant rubber bumpers and bottom skid pads, this case is good for protecting your MacBook Air from everyday accidents. In a world that's fast moving towards veganism, many will prefer faux leather to actual dead cow. In which case, we'd recommend this lovely briefcase-style sleeve, it's made from premium PU leather and a soft felt interior, giving it a smart, professional look.

It's slim and lightweight, so will fit into most briefcases, backpacks and bags. It's also waterproof, and features a built in card slot, and a magnetic seal to keep your tablet secured in place when the case is closed. The best iMac for photo editing The best photo-editing laptops The best laptops for video editing The best photo-editing software The best video-editing software Best laptop stands.

A staff writer for Digital Camera World, Beth has an extensive background in various elements of technology with five years of experience working as a tester and sales assistant for CeX. After completing a degree in Music Journalism, followed by obtaining a Master's degree in Photography awarded by the University of Brighton, she spends her time outside of DCW as a freelance photographer specialising in live music events and band press shots under the alias 'bethshootsbands'.

ProCase MacBook Air hard case shell cover. Specifications Manufacturer: ProCase. Style: Shell cover. Material: Polycarbonate. Colors: Clear, black, clear pink, crystal, dark blue, teal. Compatible with: inch MacBook Air Reasons to avoid - Won't fit pre models. Apple Leather Sleeve. Specifications Manufacturer: Apple. Style: Sleeve. Material: Leather and microfiber.

Colors: Midnight blue, Saddle Brown, Black. Compatible with: inch MacBook Air. Reasons to avoid - Expensive. Specifications Manufacturer: Incase. Material: Woolenex. Colors: Graphite, Navy, Pink as pictured. Reasons to avoid - A little pricey. Londo Genuine Leather Sleeve. Specifications Manufacturer: Londo. Material: Cowhide leather. Compatible with: Reasons to avoid - Not for everyone.

Incase Textured Hardshell in Woolenex. Style: Shell. Material: Woolenex with faux-fur lining. Color: Graphite, Heather Navy. Reasons to avoid - Adds a little bulk. Tomtoc Recycled Laptop Sleeve. Specifications Manufacturer: Tomtoc. Material: Recycled plastic. Reasons to avoid - A handle would be a welcome addition. JETech Laptop Sleeve. Specifications Manufacturer: JETech.

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An updated model was released in February with the Magic Keyboard and an option for an Intel Core i7 processor. It was also Apple's first computer with an optional solid-state drive. On October 14, , a new model was announced with a low-voltage Penryn processor and Nvidia GeForce graphics. On October 20, , Apple released a redesigned An On July 20, , Apple released updated models, which also became Apple's entry-level notebooks due to lowered prices and the discontinuation of the white MacBook around the same time.

The standard memory was upgraded to 4 GB, with a maximum configuration of 8 GB. The Haswell considerably improved battery life from the previous generation, and the models are capable of 9 hours on the inch model and 12 hours on the inch model; a team of reviewers exceeded expected battery life ratings during their test.

In March , the models were refreshed with Broadwell processors, Intel HD Graphics , Thunderbolt 2, and faster storage and memory. The model remained available for sale after Apple launched the next generation in It was discontinued in July Thickness was reduced to It was available in three finishes, silver, space gray, and gold. Unlike the previous generation, this model couldn't be configured with an Intel Core i7 processor, possibly because Intel never released the iY CPU that would have been used.

Apple released updated models in July with True Tone display technology and an updated butterfly keyboard using the same components as the mid MacBook Pro. Updated models were released in March with Ice Lake Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, updated graphics, support for 6K output to run the Pro Display XDR and other 6k monitors, and replaced the butterfly keyboard with a Magic Keyboard design similar to that initially found in the inch MacBook Pro. Note: There is no Boot Camp support for Apple silicon models.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Line of ultraportable notebook computers by Apple. Macintosh MacBook family. Intel-based January 29, ; 14 years ago original [1] October 20, ; 11 years ago tapered unibody October 30, ; 3 years ago Retina Apple silicon November 17, ; 17 months ago M1.

Intel Core 2 Duo , i5 , i7 discontinued, Main article: MacBook Air Intel-based. Main article: MacBook Air Apple silicon. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. This includes Mac OS X This includes OS X Later versions of macOS no longer support Windows 7.

Later versions of macOS no longer support Windows 8. It is the only supported version of Windows on macOS Mojave and later. January 30, Retrieved April 29, The Verge. Vox Media. October 30, CBS Interactive. Retrieved March 16, Inside MacTV. January 15, Retrieved April 15, Apple Inc. Retrieved January 16, Toshiba official specifications. Retrieved January 21, Retrieved November 26, Retrieved January 24, Retrieved June 8, The Wall Street Journal.

Archived from the original on June 17, Retrieved May 25, Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved January 15, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved April 5, June 8, Retrieved May 22, MacBook Air: Don't call it a netbook". Computer World. October 28, October What has shocked me is how well every app runs.

Some background: apps are usually built to work with a specific kind of processor, so when they are run on a machine with a different processor, some kind of extra work has to happen under the hood. On the Mac, that work is done by a piece of software called Rosetta 2, which you install the first time you run an Intel-based app.

We, of course, ran a suite of benchmarks. The chart below shows some of our results. But I just want to call out one, in particular: the frame rate on Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Thirty-eight frames per second is a respectable number for a gaming laptop with a low-end graphics card. We run a standard Adobe Premiere export test, and the MacBook Air beats the latest Intel laptops with integrated graphics and holds its own with some laptops with proper discrete GPUs.

We did find one odd bug, however: Premiere encoded video at half the usual bitrate we expect when using variable bitrate on a YouTube 4K preset export. We had to set the slider to 80 to achieve the same bitrate Intel computers export on the default settings. I think it beats the pants off Intel-based ultrabooks running Windows, including its most recent chips.

All of those improvements come down to increased efficiency. My actual results? It might seem odd to mention this in the context of battery life, but the MacBook Air now wakes instantly from sleep, and apps that were running before you shut the laptop are much quicker to catch themselves up with the world. The Pro also has a Touch Bar and a slightly brighter screen, but the other major difference is that it has a fan.

That allows it to run heavy workloads for extended periods of time. Same deal with the new Mac mini. One benefit of the MacBook using the same processor architecture as the iPhone and iPad is that it can now run iPhone and iPad apps natively. To find them, you need to specifically filter for them in the Mac app store.

Developers are not allowed to distribute iOS apps to users directly, unfortunately. When you do head over to the Mac app store to find your favorite apps, prepare to be disappointed. Developers have the option to opt their apps out of being made available on the Mac, and many, many developers have done so.

Because iOS apps on the Mac are a messy, weird experience. Apple should have slapped a beta label on this feature. Apps that have been coded to work with the latest iPad coding standards are great. Overcast, a podcasting app, is quite good and feels totally usable. HBO Max, on the other hand, is a mess. The experience is also a little buggy, though Apple tells me the following issue I experienced will be resolved soon. I installed the Telegram messaging iOS app, which works well at first.

But when a new message comes in, the app opens up on top of my other windows. The larger bug is that I was unable to delete it using the usual method of clicking an X button in Launch Center. Even when I deleted it manually in the Finder, it still seemed to stick around for a few minutes until I rebooted, receiving notifications. Luckily, you can ignore all of these iOS apps until developers optimize them or Apple figures out a better way to clean up the weird stuff.

But it was the right decision. There is not a single reason I can find to want the old Intel version. For pro users, there are still improvements Apple needs to make to increase performance on the top end for intense workloads. But as an everyperson computer, there is nothing like this MacBook Air.

It has very good battery life, incredible performance for its class, and yes, a good keyboard. Too bad about the webcam, though. Processor transitions are supposed to be messy and complicated. Early adopters of the new chips usually sign up for broken apps, slowdowns, and weird bugs. Through careful integration of its new processor and its software, Apple has avoided all of that.

The fact that I can say that is perhaps the most impressive thing of all.

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The BEST Accessories for YOUR M1 MacBook Air!

Only the best MacBook Air cases will shield your Apple laptop from damage whilst giving it a stylish aesthetic.

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Apple macbook air protector Staying organised is Esther's forte, and she brings this experience to the table for Creative Bloq, writing article source everything from organisation tips and storage solutions, to buying guides that make home working easier and neater! The Tomtoc case is very well designed with neat touches, like a belt that keeps your device safely nestled inside. While others might offer apple macbook air protector protection against big drops, this is a great case that has a carry handle — something that's lacking on many other sleeves, and it comes in a selection of colors. This sleeve is pretty slim and incredibly lightweight, so won't offer as much protection as some others in this guide, but if you already have a solid laptop bag, you could pop this into it for extra protection. After a more subtle design for your MacBook Air case?
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